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Online Marketing: Quickest Way to Double Your Sales

Some of you offer a service. In fact, many of you do. Many I know offer a service–for instance I know Shamanic healers, Sound Healers, Reiki Healers, Psychics, Massage Therapists. I also know people that offer business services like Social Media Marketing, Writing and Editing, things like that.

I am going to talk to you about increasing your business in this New Economy, and how you increase business, even double it.

Some of you know I’ve sold a ton of electronic books online–my most popular one has sold 70,000 copies.

Here’s a tip from selling online: online you see who comes onto the website, and who buys from there. So if 100 people visit my website, 2 buy my books.

What’s the “Quickest Way To Double Your Sales?” In my world, it is making my website sales page more powerful so that it gets double the sales. Double the effectiveness of your words, double your sales.

So, let’s think about your business. What if you’re a Massage Therapist? You probably get alot of word of mouth business, and some business from ads with testimonials. Now, your customers didn’t start the word of mouth, you did. You found the first customer that told the second and so on. So let’s concentrate on your efforts for a moment, rather than the referrals your customers give. We can talk about” word of mouth programs” separately.

I teach people 6 things that start with the letter U, that they need to market their service. I’ll give you the first 2 now, it is Understanding, and Unique. So, do people understand what a Massage Therapist is? Great! That’s the Understanding part. Your prospects have to understand what you are offering.

The 2nd U is Unique. As a Massage Therapist are you unique? What are you saying when you are at a party and people want to know what you do? You can say:

“Hi, I’m Dick/Jane, and I’m a Massage Therapist”

or you can say

“Hi, I’m Dick/Jane, and I’m a Massage Therapist for 7 years. I have a 95% client retention rate.”

This is a bit off the cuff mind you, but I am trying to illustrate what you would do to enhance your presentation online and off.

Here’s another example:

“Hi, I’m Lani and I do credit repair”

or you can say

“Hi, I’m Lani and I show you how to improve your credit score in 24 hours.”

If you’re a sound healer, you might go to a party and tell people that you are a sound healer. They may then go what’s that? If so, that’s because of the first U I was talking about earlier, understanding, Prospects have to understand what you do. You want to make them understand quickly so that you can get to the good part, which is why you find what you do really valuable. Here are two versions of what you might say, before and after:

Before – “Hi, I’m Denny and I’m a sound healer” or

After – “Hi, I’m Denny and I journey with people to find their best health, wealth and direction, using sound as an aid.”

Noelani Rodriguez is a Business Consultant specializing in eBooks and Online Marketing. She is also an Adwords Certified Professional since 2004.

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Am I Psychic? How To Know If You Have Psychic Ability

If you’ve watched Celebrity Psychics like James Van Praagh or Sylvia Browne, it is easy to be impressed. James Van Praagh, a Psychic Medium, talks to people’s departed loved ones on TV, getting tearful smiles of recognition from those inquiring about their loved ones. Sylvia Browne gives readings to many people in rapid succession on TV shows as well, to a pleased crowd. So, being psychic is rare, and it’s a gift that you have to be born with–right? Not at all!

Both James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne say that anyone can build their psychic awareness, and so do many other teachers of Psychic Development. Schools like the Berkeley Psychic Institute have been training people for 40 years on how to develop their psychic abilities–they all agree that anyone can learn.

Not convinced yet? That’s OK, the fact that everyone is psychic has been proven in numerous studies. ESP studies with thousands of participants run by the US government, the military as well as other institutions all over the globe have showed that anyone can do psychic readings. One study with 1700 participants showed that people walking in off the street could make <span>accurate psychic predictions</span> about medical symptoms in complete strangers, if you gave them just a few things like name, birth date and location of a person with an illness.

I myself am living proof that you can know little to nothing about giving psychic readings, and with practice and training become a Psychic Reader like I did 6 years later. Now I teach people to give themselves readings all the time, in as little as a few days.

How do you become a Psychic Reader? Here are some key points:

  • Practice. Every teacher says it takes practice! Developing psychic skills is a journey, it takes practice. Sometimes we practice without knowing it. I have found with my students that many of them “play games” with their intuition even without being conscious of it. For example, if the phone rings, you might find yourself “testing your intuition” and feeling into the call wondering “Is this a call I want to answer? Is it a business call or personal? Is it a friend or a sales call?” It is good practice to play “games” like this, and the more you do it the better. You might be looking for a parking space sometimes and you might ask your intuition, “Should I turn right or left?” This is a great way to start developing your intuition.
  • Work with your Higher Power. Whether you are Christian and believe in prayer and prophecy, or a Native American that believes in Shamanic journeying, all spiritual traditions talk about how the readings are from your Higher Power. You don’t have to take my word for it, just use your own feelings and experiences to help you. Ask the Creator or the Higher Power you like to work with for more reading abilities. Sit in sacred awareness everyday, using meditation or practices from your tradition to ask for more Divine Awareness in your life. Many readers “asked” or prayed for their abilities to increase. It doesn’t take long to see improvements, sometimes weeks or days.
  • Training Material. There are exercises you can do to help yourself “find your sixth sense.” In my book “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days” I have an exercise called “Finding your Sixth Sense” where you can find where your sixth sense is in your body. Here’s a hint: if you remember an intuitive moment when you got a flash of insight, like knowing the phone is going to ring, you can slow that moment down and find that feeling in your body. That’s the way it feels when you have psychic awareness. With a few more exercises to learn how to “receive information” more passively and use breath to amplify your awareness, believe it or not many people learn how to read for themselves or others in as little as a few days.

If you suspect you are psychic, that’s because you already are! Psychic abilities just take a bit of practice.

It is a great skill to develop to be able to give yourself and other psychic readings. It helps you live in a divinely aligned way, and live a life of more peace and happiness. In these changing times, I recommend the lifestyle of more peace and awareness that comes with giving yourself psychic readings.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader, and Publisher of the book “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings She also does Psychic and Medical Intuitive Readings. To see testimonials, click here: