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Intuition – Why it’s good for Businesspeople

Intuition might be the most underused resource in a businessperson’s life. You might get that intuitive gut feeling once in a while when you’re making a business decision, but how many times do you access your intuition a day when working with your business life? What if you could know exactly what the best course of action is for your business?

Intuition has two parts to it: the mundane part and the Divine part. The mundane part is your “survival instinct;” it’s that feeling in your gut when you don’t like a certain customer or business partner. On the other hand, your Divine intuition is from…well, somewhere else. Many people think they are accessing a Higher Power, when they work with this latter form of intuition–we may get an overwhelming feeling, that something is the “right” thing to do.

When we use our Divine Intuition, the same thing that Psychic Readers, Shaman, Christians doing Prayer Work, and other Spiritual Practitioners use, we get answers, and with practice, we can hone this type of intuition.

Different from the active imagination artists use to paint, it’s the kind imagination we get when we sit and “wait” for answers, especially the kind that feel Divinely or spiritually inspired. We need our imagination, the stuff our intuition is made of, to talk to “God” or our Higher Power. The same skill it takes to talk to our Higher Power is the same skill that will put us in our best spiritual direction. Is this good for businesspeople? You bet it is!

How are you going to access your soul and spiritual “knowing” for the best business life ever? It is through intuitive development. I put businesspeople in my classes together and we just start using our intuition together–no psychic development course, no pre-requisites. I find that no matter who comes to class, anyone can close their eyes and get a word or symbol on how to help someone else’s career. Yes that’s right, people right off the street are doing intuitive readings for each other. Anyone can close their eyes, “intuit” a little bit, and come up with a word or symbol for someone else. It warms my heart to see a group of people “journey” intuitively on someone’s business goals. Anyone can do this.

So I took six years of psychic development, including 2 years of Berkeley Psychic Institute training, but that doesn’t mean you have to. You just have to be open to how much your business can grow into a happy, soulful, spiritual enterprise. All it takes is a little more intuitive practice.

Noelani Rodriguez is an Author and Professional Psychic. She is the Author of “How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.”

Why Psychic Readings Can Cause Shift To Happen

Although Psychic Readers get teased for being “Fortune Tellers”, what they actually are are people that help you talk to your soul. With the exception of the occasional “huckster,” there are an incredible amount of accurate psychics that have honed their craft and that enjoy pointing the way towards your “soul path,” helping you see more soulful choices in love, health and career for yourself. They can gently provide clarity (usually about something your soul already knows) on new creative ways your soul is ready to express itself.

When people go to Psychic Readers, they are usually feeling ready to start a new soul chapter. The most asked questions a Psychic hears are how to get a “soul mate” or how to find “soul purpose.” These questions come from a universal fear we all have that we are not going to get our needs met. However our soul is more powerful than that fear, and wants to shine, in the form of travel, creative pursuits, performing, moving to a new cool place, and talking more to Spirit through your Intuition. The soul becomes “married” more and more to spirit in you over time. As developing human beings we learn to talk to our soul and spirit more, and they learn to talk to each other! Have you heard of Kundalini Rising in Hinduism, or Yin and Yang in Taoism? They are all talking about the “inner marriage” of soul and spirit. As you learn to walk a more soulful path, and consult spirit with your intuition, over time,  your soul mate and your life purpose all come naturally!

Speaking to your soul and spirit is something to learn about, though it gets easier over time. It takes using your intuition. A Psychic Reader can help bridge the gap of the learning curve and just share intuitive space with you so you feel really comfortable that you’re hearing your inner voice. This is something you can do on your own as well. My passion is to help people know they can use their intuition on their own. They are doing it all the time. And I absolute love doing psychic readings with them.

I’ve been doing readings for six years, as well as studying psychic development. This includes 2 years of formal Berkeley Psychic Institute training. I’ve had over a dozen teachers– and each one of them is a a little bit different, but they have definitely kept me on a “blessed path”. Each reader is different too. My specialties lie in reading relationships, alot of times I’ll read like I’ve known the person you’re talking about for years, even if I’ve never met them. I also specialize in what I call Divine Communication–communicating with challenging parties etherically for more harmonious relationships. I’ve called off stalkers, called back missing mentally ill children, I’ve called off lawsuits, and called back children separated from parents by religious shunning, a practice in certain religions–all of this within days most often. Working with Spirit is amazing!

Are you ready for a change and looking for a Psychic Reader? I’ve been reading for 6 years and have been honing my craft for 20 years. My testimonials are below. I absolutely am passionate about doing psychic readings and also showing you how to do them also. Thanks!

Contact info: email me at Noelani_Rodriguez [at], or call 503-867-8439. If I am doing a reading I will call you back. Try a 10 min. reading free!

Here are some testimonials of my work:

For Psychic Readings:

“I have never seen anyone provide a psychic reading with healing work like that before. I felt and saw so much celestial light around us and felt energy shifts immediately. I also felt like you were explaining the bigger picture of my soul’s path and having my guides clear some brush away along the journey. I feel more expansive and loving and solid in some way. Thanks again.” -T. B.

“Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for you sweet Goddess. My heart is full, and my soul is at peace. Your connection to Spirit is truly amazing.” -B. A.

“I’ve been meaning to thank you for that psychic reading you gave me on Halloween. it was clever and insightful. the things you pointed out really helped me gain clarity. you are truly gifted.” – L. S.

“Thanks ever so much for sharing your psychic passions and talents w/ me recently by giving me a psychic reading over the tele.

“WOW! I’ve loved your mind for sometime now, but what a treat and blessing to be w/in the easy and safe psychic space you created. Your reading was honest, funny, big-hearted, clear, ace-on-target, and propelling me to my next level of love and success……and, um, this is something you do part-time??????!!!!!!!” – J. K.

“Lani, You are amazing. Still dwelling in the blessings of your reading…!” -K. G.

To book a reading email Noelani_Rodriguez [at] Thanks!

Psychic Awareness: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

The Invisible World is Fun
When I was 10 I wanted to be a magician. I collected card tricks and bought my own magic set. I was thrilled by the world beyond the visible, and I loved magic. This type of magic was just an illusion.

At age 42, I became thrilled with psychic phenomena. I remember my first teacher asking me, why do you want to be a psychic? My eyes grew wide like saucers. All I could think of was that I loved “magic”, and I became 10 years old again.

Psychics are in the business of helping people, and I was sorry I didn’t have a better answer for my teacher’s question.

Feeling the Call
Although I couldn’t think of a better answer to why I wanted to be a Psychic, I knew I was feeling “pulled” to learn about psychic awareness, almost unbearably so. Later I found that many Psychics feel this “pull” towards their own version of a Divine voice within.

One of my beloved teachers, Janeen Marie, talks about how “invisible forces” caused her to get psychic training. Sylvia Browne, a famous psychic, didn’t become a psychic until age 50, saying she “felt called” to make a difference.

You might even feeled “pulled” to this article, or this topic in general. 😉

Old Paradigms Are No Longer Dominant
Let’s face it, psychic awareness is talked about in every culture. In Shamanic tradition, they talk about the gifts of “seeing”. In Hindu tradition, they talk about Kundalini and the awakening of psychic gifts. In Christian tradition they talk about gift of prophecy.

The last 2000 to 4000 years, religions have merged and created domination, blanketing the Earth with Crusades, Inquisitions and other missions to stifle indigenous traditions and stifle individual power. At some point the power of “seeing” got a bad rap, especially in a non-Christian context. We are taught to be suspicious of psychics, as we have been taught to be of pagans, witches, shamans and other people acting on a different, but valid truth.

Now is the time that the world is opening up to validation of psychic awareness.

Numerous studies show that anyone can be psychic. There have been ESP studies that when done on thousands of people that show that people can “read” valid information just from a name and address of an unknown 3rd party. People will give accurate readings in a statistically significant way.

Anyone Can Do Psychic Readings
It is time to reclaim our gifts and abilities to use our sixth sense. There are many teachers in Portland that can help you amplify the gifts you have. If you have ever told yourself “I have a feeling” or “I have a hunch” this is what it feels like to feel your sixth sense.

What starts out as an occasional hunch can be turned into a living stream of Divine Information that helps focus relationship, career and spiritual ambitions.

World is Changing
Our world paradigms are all changing. How we use energy, manage fresh drinking water, protect wildlife, many things are in question. Our World Economy is shifting, many of us are looking at ways to grow income and stay in balance.

What starts out as Psychic Awareness turns into Divine Guidance, and a source of comfort and protection as you expand into open new terrain in the world.

Divine Guidance
Carolyn Myss talks about how Intuition turns into the path of a Mystic, a person that decides to listen and follow the Divine. In my experience, training yourself to develop psychic awareness rapidly turns into a Mystical path, know it or not. I know people that use Faith and Surrender to their Divine Guidance to create a path for themselves full of love, peace and expansion. Divine Guidance opens up your “soul self”. I don’t know where I’d be now in comparison to the happiness I’ve found on this Guided Path brought about through Psychic Awareness.

Nothing Short Of Enlightenment
You might start out just wanting to work with “magic” like I did, but spiritual guidance can bring many gifts including abundance, soul direction, relationship harmony, crystal clear visions of an optimistic future, even ecstatic feelings and even Enlightenment.

There’s so much more available using psychic awareness than cool magic tricks. Even though I didn’t know what I was headed for, I’m so glad for what I found out.

Noelani Rodriguez is an Author and Professional Psychic. She is the Author of “How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.”

If you saw the Secret, this is “Top Secret”

Are you ready for a change?

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction featured in the movie “The Secret”.

But here’s something that’s “Top Secret”.

Have you ever tried using the Law of Attraction with your intuition?

Your intuition knows the Highest and Best Good at all times. With a few intuition practice exercises you can know the answers to your own questions. Then you will always know the best things to attract, and how to attract them. The Divine knows what’s best, so this is the best way to attract things to you.

I have been trying out a technique called “Psychic Manifestation”. I have found people enjoy it and I am very passionate about it. You don’t have to be psychic to use it, maybe just a bit intuitive.

I have a circle getting together Wednesday at Healing Waters, 6:30pm to practice this technique.

In the group everyone gets into a circle, and we take turns going around the circle and asking a question to ourselves and the group about what we want to manifest. We use exercises to access our intuition to come up with answers to questions about our lives. Everyone uses their own intuition to do the exercises and help also. It’s by far the best way to use the Law of Attraction I’ve come across. Why? Because you ask the Divine what your big next step is. Walking in step with the Divine will accelerate your life path.

I do Psychic Readings and I’ll be journeying with people also. It’s addictive and great fun to do “Psychic Manifestation”. I am hosting the Psychic Manifestation Circle event Wednesday at Healing Waters, 6:30pm, along with the Wise Women’s Circle of Healers and Intuitives, who enjoy psychic practice. It’s a win win situation for people that want intuitive practice and those that want intuitive help about their questions. Everyone is welcome, women and men, and even people that don’t think of themselves as psychic at all. We all have an intuition, and it’s a great thing to put to work for our best future.

Want the brightest future? Ask the Divine! Your intuition can help. So can helpful friends. 😉

Online Marketing – How to Make Money All The Time

Did you know you can make money all the time online?
It’s really not that hard.

1) Answer this question – is your website converting visitors into sales?
When you look at statistics for your website, it will only take you a few days to know if you are making sales.

Let’s suppose you have a product like “Dana’s Nut Loaves”. If every time 100 people visit your website, 2 people buy, then that should stay constant everytime! It’s true! I love that about Online Marketing. Usually the amount of people that buy your stuff compared to the amount of people that visit stays pretty constant. So, if every time 100 people click on your site, 2 people buy, that usually stays pretty much the same, if your website stays the same. If what’s happening is profitable for you great.

Getting 100 visitors to your website is pretty cheap, and in this example if you are making 2 sales that is considered good results. In marketing geek speak, we call this a 2% “conversion rate”, which means you “converted” 2% of the 100 people to a sale. This is considered excellent for most industries selling online.

So whether you sell services like massage, or retail products like “Nut Loaves”, your website is either hot or its not, yes? You’ll know in a few days of testing. Ask yourself, what happens when I get 100 visitors to my site? Do I get sales?

2) Next step – answer this question – what’s next for me and my business?
If you know that every time you get 100 visitors, you get 2 sales of your “nut loaves”, great! This is probably profitable for you, as new visitors come cheaply. The next step if your website is turning a profit is do it over and over again! Get visitors (clicks) to your web site! Have teleseminars! Promote events on Facebook! Write articles like I’m doing now! If your website is profitable, and 100 clicks always turn into a couple of sales, you just need more clicks!

If, however, you are not converting your visitors into sales (hey 97% of the websites out there don’t make money), then your next step is to make your website sparkle more! The marketing geekspeak for this is “make your website convert”. Convert! Convert! It is the word that is music to my ears. It means that “Ka-Ching” is happening and your website’s visitors are “converting” to buyers.

Whether you sell “nut loaves” or services like massage, healing, psychic readings, retail products, (I sell electronic books), your website either goes Ka-Ching or it doesn’t, yes?

How do you get your website to create more sales? Easy, you use all the marketing tricks in the book. Here are some:

.Have a bold proposition – I was working with Psychic Sarah Lambert recently, and her website said she was an LMT but nothing about the amazing psychic readings she does. We came up with a proposition “Psychic Body Readings for your Next Direction”. She reads her clients on a massage table, and has a unique service. We wanted to get what she does across with some sparkle. You can do it people! Come up with a unique proposition about what your business can offer. Want to know an example of a company that made it to #1 with their proposition? Domino’s Pizza – “We deliver in 30 minutes or less, or the pizza’s free.” Separate yourself out from the pack with a sparkling proposition.

.Use marketing colors – When I work with clients I sound like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. If I see that electric blue color for a website background I shriek as loud as any of the queer guy designers–“oh uggh!” Blue is not a marketing color. Neither is green. Look at your bookshelf at home, most of the books are red or orange, not blue. There is a reason for that. Reds and oranges sell. McDonald’s knows it, Burger King, just about any large corporate logo has red or orange. Sorry but it’s true, just sayin’…

.Say it in 9 seconds or less – The average web visit is 9 seconds or less. What you do in that 9 seconds could make you millions, or your website could just stay lonely and underappreciated. Alot of that is your “9 second factor”, are you making a bold proposition in 9 seconds or not.

Hey, it’s easy to make money all the time with Online Marketing. By the way that nut loaf is starting to sound pretty tasty…

Noelani Rodriguez is an Online Marketing Consultant and the Organizer for the Portland Online Marketing Meetup group. She is an eBook Publisher with over $1M in online sales.

3 Ways to Increase Online Marketing “Juju”

Let’s face it, when a business is hot, it has “juju”. You’ve seen restaurants with lines around the block, or service people like masseuses that are always booked solid. How do you get good marketing “juju”?

1) Have Classes – Everyone is doing classes nowadays, because people are in the mood to learn. Often times people are changing careers and want to start a new life. A class is a way for you to market to them, building word of mouth and creating class material that you can use again and again– I use classes to gather material to sell books later on. You can also attract more consulting clients with classes. If you are a Designer, teach a Feng Shui class. If you are a Lawyer, teach a class on aspects of law. Everyone is doing classes nowadays, with Facebook or you can promote your classes for free.

2) Have a 9 Second Elevator Speech – These days, you may only have 9 seconds to tell people what you do. With the advent of media like Facebook and Twitter especially, there is little room to talk about your new service or class. People’s attention span is very short, especially in a recession–people want to understand what you do and quickly. Can you say what you do in 9 seconds? Friend and Psychic Sarah Lambert has popular psychic readings, we changed her website to say “Psychic Body Readings for your Next Direction”. This is an example of getting alot of meaning across in little time. Her site used to say Sarah Lambert, LMT, so we added more meaning for her website visitors.

3) Be a Social Media Darling – Social Media like Facebook is a big “party”, where you get to mingle with potential customers, potential word of mouth referrers, and big influential people in your industry. Best of all, Facebook is free! It’s also easy to learn. Learn how to be at the “party” and even be the life of it. It just takes a little time and there’s lots of bang for the buck. Inviting people to Facebook events is a nice way to get people to see what you do. Create a class or social hour at your business where people can benefit. Friends turn into Customers with Social Media.

Online Marketing isn’t as hard as you think. By staying current with trends, you can gather new customers and have fun doing it!
Noelani Rodriguez is an Author and eBook Publisher with over $1M of lifetime sales. She is Founder of the Online Marketing Meetup in Portland.

7 Reasons Facebook is Important for your Business

1) Facebook is the #1 site in the US and is #2 in the world. More and more, people are watching less TV and they are watching “social media”. More than ever, Facebook is where the “audience” is for your business message.

2) Facebook markets you for free. If you have 100 friends, and they have 100 friends, your marketing message can be seen by as many as 10,000 every time you post.

3) Facebook automatically gives you what corporations pay billions for, which is repetition. For instance, I ask my Facebook clients if they know how to finish this sentence “Winston tastes good, __________ .” The answer is “like a cigarette should”, and even though that’s an ad that is decades old, many people remember it.

The reason we remember ad slogans is because if we hear an ad message 6 or more times, it “sticks” in our memory. With Facebook, you automatically “stick” in people’s memory. If you are a businessperson that runs a Pool Cleaning business for instance, and you post every so often, even in a friendly manner, people will say, “there’s that Pool Cleaning person I’ve been meaning to call”. Facebook automatically reminds people about you.

4) Events – More businesspeople in this economy are learning that they can give classes, seminars and webinars to promote their business, and if they create a catchy “event” on Facebook, they can attract hundreds of participants. Facebook automatically promotes your event, and gives people reminders about your event.

5) Ads – One hit Facebook ad can make you millions.

6) Notes – A “note” like this one can describe to people more about who you are and where you’re coming from. This can mean alot in terms of winning new customers and word of mouth down the road.

7) Word of Mouth made simple – If you are a healer or practitioner that relies on word of mouth marketing, it’s never been easier than with Facebook. Here are some recent quotes from people that can act like testimonials:

“After watching your video I’ve got you branded in my mind as adorable, likable, and trustworthy…can’t wait to do one of your marketing classes, etc!” -M. Jones

“Noelani, thank you for a great marketing session today. I definitely came away with a lot of pearls. I know I missed more because I had to leave, so you’ll have to wrap it up for me. Brainstorming was wonderful!” -P. Savory

Customers can post testimonials so that hundreds and even thousands of potential customers can see. Also, customers can easily share links or words about you with their friends.

In summary, Facebook is more than just a social networking site, it is one of your richest new sources for leads and testimonials. Think of Facebook as #1 on your business priority list.

-Noelani Rodriguez

Self Publishing Secrets – What’s Important To Know?

I will talk about four steps to Self Publishing Secrets, as excerpted from my book “Write A Best Selling eBook,” my magnus opus on publishing ebooks online after 14 years and a million dollars in sales.

What are the four steps to creating a best selling (e)book online?

.Target your (e)book – Does your book have 50,000 people searching for your topic on the Internet each month? If so it is a hit book idea. I am consulting with a client today that has a book “Loan Modification Secrets.” The term “loan modification” has 550,000 searches a month online on Google alone! Jiminy Cricket! A topic with this many internet searches is “Self Publishing Gold”. How do you find out how many searches your topic is getting? Google “Google Keyword Tool.” This tool will show you how many Google Searches your topic is getting.

.Title your (e)book – If you are selling something online, 80% of your traffic will come from some kind of Internet search. I have a book “Write a Best Selling eBook” for a reason. That is because people are typing phrases into Google (and Facebook Search) like “Write an eBook” or “Selling your eBook.” These people can find my book easily online, whereas if I titled my book “Kick Butt Online with eBooks,” there aren’t that many people typing that into the Internet. Or are there? 😉

.Type your (e)book – This is the productivity stage, but not to worry, there are massive productivity stories about people writing a book in just a few days. Remember, online, an ebook can be as short as 13 pages and still have valuable information. If you are doing a print book, there is no “minimum amount” or pages to your book online. I recently completed a book in 7 days! I videotaped myself, put it online, and then transcribed what I was saying. The result was an eBook “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” This book is available for $27 right now, email me, it is hot off the press. Taping yourself and transcribing is massively productive.

.Take it to Market – You might sell an ebook yourself online like I did, creating a sales page and then buying advertising to insure traffic. This is still one of the best ways to go, although there are also Amazon’s programs like CreateSpace, Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Barnes and Noble’s and Sony Readers sites, Itunes and many other places. I’m not concerned with you listing your book someplace, I’m concerned with you getting plenty of traffic, and marketing. If I could say how to do this in one sentence, it would be “make your book title and sales pitch irresistible in the first 9 seconds.” The average web visit is 9 seconds. Learn how to make it count and you’ve got a hit book.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Speaker, Author, Publisher and Consultant on the subject of eBooks and Print On Demand Publishing, with over a $1M of lifetime sales under her belt. Learn more from her 90 page ebook, Write a Best Selling eBook, which tells all about her marketing philosophy.

Intuition for Business

With so many world changes and financial unrest in the world, it’s important to make good decisions about our business.

At the same time, the world seems to be undergoing a spiritual awakening–Oprah recently featured the hands on healer John of God, for instance. Sylvia Browne, a Psychic that was often attacked as a pariah in the mainstream media in the 70s is now accepted for her work on TV today.

As a businessperson you’re already intuitive, how can you work with your spiritual gifts in doing your business? How can you work with more intuition

Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Is my choice of business projects in “full alignment” with my soul energy?

To illustrate the idea of “full alignment,” think of someone that is doing a career or a business because their parents think they should (e.g. I come from a family of lawyers, so I’m a lawyer). This is not a decision that the soul makes. The soul inside of you blossoms when you let go of all of these things you think you “should” do, and your natural soul essence comes out.

  • Is my choice of business projects in “full alignment” with my Divine Guidance?

As far as Divine Guidance, most people can relate to having that “still inner voice” inside them that speaks to them–it’s just that some people tune into it often, and some people don’t tune in so much. Cultivating Divine Awareness or taking classes can help you tune in to your Divine Guidance even more.

  • What is my “aligned” proposition? What is my Brand? My Business Plan?

Usually Spirit takes care of finding catchy titles for your classes or products, and even takes care of finding customers for you. With a spiritual approach, you usually end up throwing away “your plans.” I have my own stories of finding outrageous success with this approach, even when I thought it was against all odds. At the beginning of the year after I decided to be in “Divine Alignment” with my career, I received an idea to run a class “Psychic Manifestation.”  I decided to do it even though I thought people might not show up to a class with that title. It got 19 happy people, and I was very surprised, and happy too.

When you are working with Divine Guidance you are plugging into a much larger grid than your own concerns and your own profits, you are tapping into intelligence about what people need in the world. You also run the risk of seeming crazy. Sometimes a “Goddess Energy” has appeared in my life telling me to teach certain women’s classes. Sometimes Babaji, an avatar and spiritual leader from the 3rd Century has popped into my life when I am looking to teach Tantra classes.

So if you don’t mind appearing a bit crazy, living a “guided” life can be a lot of fun, and your business will prosper, with your customers happier than ever.

Psychic Readings – Learn How To Give Them To Yourself

Have you ever suspected you have psychic abilities? You do!

Did you know that every psychic development teacher including famous Psychics James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne, all say that you can do psychic readings?

It is now the current thinking that everyone can do psychic readings. Military studies in the 70s showed that people have “ESP.” WIth studies done on thousands of participants, more often than not, people could give “psychic readings” when presented with basic biographical data of a stranger like name, age and a location of a medical patient. More often than not, people could accurately predict the medical condition of a stranger living thousands of miles away.

These days, many people are reporting that they feel a psychic awakening happening for themselves, and that they are open to using their Sixth Sense more and more. The question is, how do you harness your own psychic power?

Here are four tips from my book “How to Give Yourself Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days:”

  • Ask – Most people believe that psychic abilities come from their Higher Power. When you ask, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll receive. When students join the Berkeley Psychic Institute for instance, they usually start reading within six weeks. Just the act of attending a school like that is like “asking” to be blessed with more psychic ability.
  • Listen – Psychic information is very, very subtle. Sometimes it can feel loud, like a “strong feeling” that you have to go home, for example. However, in most cases you are working with very subtle energy. You need quiet, and the ability to listen within, sometimes with eyes closed, to get guidance.
  • Meditation – Psychic information comes mostly through being in a bit of a trance state. You may have heard that when we’re awake our brains are in beta state, but when we are driving long distances, listening to music, or doing something a bit more relaxed we are in alpha state. Readings are done by putting your brain into a more relaxed state like alpha–the Dalai Lama has an Oracle for instance, a psychic companion that goes into a trance to make predictions for him. Meditation can entrain your brain to be more receptive, and go into these trance states more quickly.
  • Don’t Work So Hard – Believe it or not, you don’t have to work so hard to expand psychic awareness, because the readings don’t come from you! Most Psychic Readers believe their readings come from their Higher Power. Learn how to sit and wait! 😉


eBook – How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days