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4 Signs you’re on the Tantric Path

Have you been going to Tantric workshops for a while? Feel a mysterious calling to the Tantric Path?

Many of us are part of an international Tantra tribe, learning about awakening of the heart and Third Eye, as well as the physical/sexual path to awakening.

Here are some signs you’re making progress on the Tantric Path:

1. You’re engaging in meditation. According to Osho, Ramakrishna would ask his wife to sit on a high stool, naked, while he was in advanced stages of meditation. At the end he would touch her feet and thank her–he was able to transcend his sexual urges in meditation with her help. In other words, though the primal sexual urges that are usually the fast track to go to an “unconscious” state, he was able to transcend through meditation.

Also, Osho talks about how the statues in sexual postures like the ones seen at the temple in Khajuraho were meant for a similar purpose. Upon gazing on the statues, making a round around the temple before entering it, one could get “right” with oneself and be ready for what was inside the temple, “emptiness.” In other words, the statues got one ready for meditation.

Lao Tzu spoke about the evolution of sexuality as refining gross energies, sublimating them and sending them up the body’s energy centers. He spoke of evolved sex as a kind of “dual cultivation”; in it he says “spirit unites with spirit, mind with mind, and every cell of one body with every cell of the other body. It is the spirit, not the sexual organs, which directs such intercourse.” So, both of these masters are talking about cultivating energy and awareness, with the beginning and the end of the path as meditation.

2. You’re seeing the other, and the world, as Divine.  According to writer Ramesh Bjonnes, “When we are attracted to the Divine, it is called prema, or spiritual love. When we are attracted to money, land, fame, sex, it is called kama, or desire. In Tantra, the yogi is advised to turn kama into prema—to see everything as sacred, as Divine.”

Tantric seekers often attend Tantra Pujas, where attendees “eye gaze” with different people in rapid succession; eliminating the “clouds of the mind” that keep us separate. Attendees often report getting glimpses of the Divine love that transcends sexual attraction and ego based thought processes. Seeing everyone as beautiful–this is a glimpse of Prema.

Just like through the eyes of a child, there is an ecstatic feeling that comes with humility and wonder. The world turns soft, and your cells become soft, experiencing the beauty in everything, beautiful and “ugly.” You experience what Abhinava Gutpta called “Jagadananda, or world bliss,” attaining a “realization of the Self [that] includes everything, within and without.”

3. You feel Bhakti, or Devotion. At the heart of Tantric love is Bhakti, or devotion. You alchemize the passionate love that can keep you apart from spiritual liberation, to a passion for love itself.

American poet Robert Bly describes Bhakti Yoga as the path where “the bee of the heart stays deep inside the flower, and cares for no other thing.”

Writer Bjonnes talks about driving Bly to the airport and asking him a question “Do you know what this country needs?” Without much hesitation Bly said: “Praise!”

A simple mantra for Bhakti love is “Love is God, and God is Love.”  Considered the “Religion of Love,” Bhakti finds love of your lover and everything in your path as love for the Divine–alchemizing passion into praise.

4. Tantra is Cosmic Union.  The Tantrics body is joined with the cosmic body. The Tantric couple is joined in cosmic union. The Cosmos has an infinite supply of power to draw from. Breath, awareness and dual cultivation bring “liberation” for the limited sense of the finite self. One of the translations of Tantra is “liberation”.

I once heard a wise man say, “The trouble with the spiritual path is the spiritual path!” In other words, trying to be spiritual and on the right path can be tossed away, in favor of some simple practices–awareness, relaxation, meditation and a double dose of devotion. <3


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3 Ways to Improve Intuition

Are you ready for a brand new you? That’s what you’re going to get when you increase your intuition. You’ll be living the most soulful life when you use your intuition, with less baggage, and more fun.

This is something that happens when you:

  • practice, practice – every Psychic Reader or Intuition Teacher will tell you this
  • turn your attention toward it – once you start noticing all the times during the day that you get a hunch, or feel like one choice feels better than the other, you’ll see how much intuition you have to work with, and
  • validate it – the more you “love up” on your intuition, the more it will work for you. Even ESP studies done by the military show that the more “valid” people think their intuition is, the more they get from it.

So how do you turbo-charge your intuition so it can help you lead your best life?

  • play with names – Many Psychic Readers use names to read–they have power! Better yet, names are everywhere! Look on your Skype contacts and see which people you think want a phone call. See which people might need your help, or may want a listening ear. Look in your email. See what feeling you get from the names there. You’d be surprised how you can intuit who can help you, or find the right words to say by “tuning” in to names. It’s great practice.
  • re-discover your body – your body lends you lots of intuition, and many times, more calm. Check in when making a decision and find out which choice feels good in your body. The Taoists believe that the basis of intuition is in the body, in the gut specifically. They believe all the knowledge in the Universe is available in your Lower Dan Tien, or solar plexus. Start with choices, see which ones feel good in your “belly.” This alone can lead you to a more soulful life, living the way you choose.
  • get your ego out of the way – egos keep us safe, and feeling good about ourselves, but we’re more receptive when we tuck our ego away when using our intuition. Try a trick from Kundalini Yoga, put your hands together and imagine your “head is in your hands.” This is a yoga pose that will help you be highly intuitive. Sitting with your hands together, as if they are holding your head (you can imagine your ego is sitting in your hands here), can be a really nice way to really see your intuition increase during a sitting meditation.

Try these tips and let me know how it goes!

Love Psychic

The term “Psychic” gets typed into Google 1,500,000 times a month (!)

While the term Psychic conjures up caricatures of gypsies and Psychic hotline operators like “Cleo” in the United States, in Russia an estimated 80% of the people use Psychics–they even elect them to public office. It’s considered a problem for the Russian government as the people rather listen to tea leaf readers than the government officials.

To me, the church and other elements like capitalism have created some biases against Psychics, however this bias is being lifted. To start over again with constructing the idea of Psychics in this society, perhaps Psychics are just showing us what is possible with our own intuition.

Love Psychic

The term “love psychic” is typed into Google 18,000 times a month globally. That term is the most common term that people type to get to my site, NoelaniRodriguez.Com, a site about being a Professional Psychic.

I love all aspects of using my intuition to help inspire others. The love aspect is richly rewarding. In recent months I have seen the following good news:

* One woman moved in with a partner in eight months as I described
* One woman is getting married to someone after I told her she’d meet someone within a week (!)
* I told someone she would meet someone in four months and she couldn’t believe it. Now she has met someone.

The funny part is, I’ve always felt that doing these readings is something anyone can learn to do, I even sometimes entice the person I am reading for to “feel into” a love situation with me. Alot of times they can!

For example, it is often possible for my clients to “feel” their friend’s or lover’s energy that is not in the room, especially when we are posing a question about them. I once had a client who had a stalking ex-boyfriend. We started to “talk” to him together, and “feel into” his responses to our questions even though he wasn’t in the room. Two days later, he came to her and told her he was sorry for stalking her and wanted to be friends!

Sensing other’s energy is key in relationship readings, and it is something that comes really naturally to me. Sometimes it feels good to know why a person does something, why they leave, why they stay, or what it is they need the most. I love the 6th sense, it is a totally different perspective on understanding.

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How to Create Business Miracles

“I coulds if I wants to.” – Popeye

As you experience Spiritual Evolution, your business will reap the benefits.

Here are some things that happen when you engage the higher spiritual realms in your success, including your business success:

  • Spirit will tell you what to do next in your business, what class to teach, what book to write etc. You will feel “called” to create something new.
  • People will feel “called” to call you, attend your classes, etc., and you will have customers.

Right now I have felt “called” to teach classes the past 2 years, where I actually “receive ” what to teach about. My latest project is to have student groups on Skype, doing intensive and fun “Psychic Development” training. My motto is you can “Learn to Become Psychic in Minutes, not Years.”

According to past experience, when you feel a “call” to do something in your business, the clients always come. How cool is that!

The only trick left then is to turn fear into faith. In the higher dimensions, your thoughts turn into things quite quickly! There’s also spiritual help, your helpful spirit guides that are really happy when you offer something to the public that is for everybody’s highest good.

As you accumulate experiences where you are getting blessed with positive outcomes, because you followed your calling, you will accumulate more faith.

Example: I felt “called” or pulled to do an event called “Juice,” a Tantric Celebration for women near the beginning of last year. 34 people showed up. They signed up within 2 days. The event led to lots of other women’s events and lots of connections, plus I built confidence in my abilities–I had been working on a new “mystery school” and a new career teaching metaphysical topics.

Another example: I felt “called” to teach an “Intuition Workout” at Root and Rise Women’s Fair. This started when I visited the leader of Root and Rise, and she left the room briefly–I told her I would take the time to access my intuition and decide what I wanted to teach about. I heard two words, “intuition” and “self care,” and wrote them down as cues. From the other room, I heard the leader of Root and Rise call out “I”m hearing intuition and self care.” We both heard the same exact words!

I ended up running an event with 75 women, “Intuition Workout.” 75 women attended and it went very well.

Summary: If you follow your calling, the clients will come, and you end up pretty prosperous as well. 😉