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Be Psychic | How To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

Ever worry about bad hair? I am a Puerto Rican from NYC and sometimes my hair curls one day, it frizzes the next day. Have you ever been concerned that your hair was scattered? Flying? Frizzy? Baking in the sun? Whipping in the wind (and not in a good way).

Here’s a way to feel rBe Psychic |edeemed. I am a Psychic Reader that teaches about Intuition also. I’ve just uncovered some news about government studies that show that hair and intuition are interlinked.

A writer named Cee Young talks about how studies were done in the Vietnam War, showing that long haired participants could “sense” an approaching enemy and wake out of their sleep in tests, but that once their hair was cut off, the participants would fail the test.

The blog “Indian in the Machine” talks about how the government used “Indian Trackers,” because their extrasensory perception was so good. When these trackers had their hair shaved off, they had the same problem achieving the same 6th Sense.

Apparently the government kept this secret up until now.

And to think that all this time, I’ve been concerned about my frizzy, superfine, flyaway hair. Now I’ll think of these hair strands as electrical antenna.

What do you think? ūüėČ

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How to Light Your Spiritual Fire | Psychic Blog

Spiritual Blogger | Psychic Reader | Noelani RodriguezLet’s face it: the spiritual path takes some willpower. Nowadays there’s studies that humans are on “autopilot” at least half the time. With a few more good habits, you’ll be lighting up your spiritual path in no time.

What is the spiritual path exactly? I love what Kathi Elder, a senior Yoga Teacher in Hawaii says about the path of Yoga. She says there are two goals, to be kind and to be present. I love the simplicity of this: 1) be kind 2) be present.

Of course it is not as easy as it looks. Crossing paths with a few Hawaiian Huna teachers recently like Stewart Blackburn, I came across his interpretation of Hawaiian spiritual principles–“be happy.” Joy is a great indicator of spiritual life for Hawaiians. So how about putting this all together? 1) be kind 2) be here 3) be happy. I can hear Stewart now, saying that if you take care of being happy, everything else will take care of itself. But for right now, let’s specify all three goals on the spiritual path: 1) be kind 2) be here 3) be happy.

What practices do we adopt for making progress on the spiritual path?

1) Get music that raises your frequency. Try Hemi-sync Music, which you can sample on Youtube, for “raising the frequency” around you. Try getting a CD to play around the house. If you have headphones, try binaural beats that put you into theta wave, a wave that is refreshing and has spiritual clarity for the mind. These are available to sample on Youtube as well, along with Solfeggio music, a pre-modern musical scale used by monks that is thought to “raise your frequency.”

2) Make a Mind Movie. My friend and manifesting queen Omnia Halhoul told me about this technique–you can make a musical slide show of your very own affirmations, accelerating positive results in your life. You have probably heard of Bob Proctor from “The Secret,” the movie about Law of Attraction. Bob and other associates created — they’ve created free software and tutorials so you can get started making movies about your dreams before they come true. Remember actor Jim Carrey taped a 5 million dollar check to his bathroom mirror 4 years before his first film earned him a salary of 5 million. Daily reminders of your deepest desires work. Try creating a Mind Movie or a slideshow of your dreams. You can even put some slides into your PC screen saver.

3) Do an Invocation everyday. You have to have Spirit to have the best spiritual path. Invite the Higher Power that works for you into an invocation space, with a humble and grateful heart. Ask for any messages to come to you about your next steps in life. Ask for more faith, more patience, more peace inside your heart. The old adage “ask and ye shall receive” is simple yet effective–having a spiritual path is less about doing and more about being. Be with Great Spirit a little more each day, not just on those special occasions when you need something special.

4) Meditating works. The way to learn meditation is to collect tips that work for others, and then go for it. For me, some of the Hemi-Sync music and some Taoist or Kundalini Yoga poses that put you in a receptive state work really powerfully. Here’s a really simple Kundalini Yoga pose from Yogi Bhajan: put your head in your hands. When you imagine your head (and therefore your ego and habitual thoughts) out of the way, you have a clearer path to Consciousness.

Noelani Rodriguez does Psychic Readings in Portland as well as globally on the phone and through email…she is also a traveling¬† Spiritual Blogger.

4 Ways to Know You Have A Bestselling eBook

Some people know I’ve made $1M lifetime sales in ebooks online, and that I’ve been selling ebooks for 15 years. I”ve also been a Certified Consultant in Google Advertising and Webtrends for over 7 years, so I am an old soul in the Online Marketing business.

I’ve been marketing online a long time. I’m also a maverick, that has consulted for other mavericks. I’ve had bestselling ebooks and so have my clients, selling more than the Publisher’s Weekly amount for a bestseller, or more than 35,000 copies.

So, how do you know you have a bestselling ebook? Here are four ways:

  • It’s in the title–a good title is responsible for 50% of book sales. It is no different with ebooks. The good news is, if you have a great title for an ebook, you’re 50% on the way to a bestselling ebook online, and early retirement.
  • It’s in the volume–if there are more than 50,000 searches of your topic online on search engines like Google, then I tell my ebook consulting clients you have the kind of volume of traffic that can ensure lots of sales. For example, the word credit score gets a ton of traffic, 350,000 searches a month last time I checked. Here’s a very successful credit score ebook that has sold 70,000 copies. How do you find out how many people are typing a phrase like “credit score” into a search engine like Google? Try the Google Keyword Tool.
  • Don’t sell an ebook, sell a solution. Look at the bestselling ebooks with hot titles that fly off the shelves–“Four Hour Work Week,” “Love for No Reason,” and classics like “Win Friends and Influence People.” They are not just book titles, they are “propositions” that you will find a solution to your problems, not just a good read. There’s an infomercial I just saw that fits the same bill, it is called “6 Week Body Makeover.” It is a hit, and it wouldn’t be the same if it was just called weight loss. People want solutions even more than books, or ebooks.
  • Know how to market your ebook. This may not seem simple but it is! The best way to market your ebook is to find out what’s already working for other people, and do that. Right now ebooks are sold by having a blog, having affiliates that link back to you and collect a commission, advertising and winning the prospects’ email address, writing articles, and doing what it takes to appear on the internet–winning links back to your site with great blog articles and some affiliates, directories and articles all linking back to your site. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Advertising or any kind of free traffic when done in combination with a good web page can really make you rich.

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I wish you a great book title, high volume traffic potential for your topic, a book that promises a solution and some ebook marketing friends that will tell you what works for them lately. Hopefully I’ll become one of them.

Noelani Rodriguez is a bestselling Author and Ebook Publisher. She consults on the topic of¬† marketing ebooks. She also has a book called “Write a Best Selling eBook” that includes her step by step marketing secrets for selling ebooks successfully online.