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Ask, Believe, Receive | Asking for Miracles


When you work with the Divine getting miraculous results is so simple, you just ask, believe, recieve. Ready to try it with me? What are you looking to attract in your life, is it a soulmate? New abundance?

Let’s take an example like abundance.


First, try “asking.” Asking is a spiritual skill, and the fun part is, the Divine does all the work, we just ask–ready?

“Divine, I would like some more abundance.” There that is better…wait and see what happens next.

Do you feel good or kinda funny?

Are you in full alignment with your request? It takes believing. Let’s try that ok?


Believing is also a spiirtual skill. It helps to have a belief system, whether is it believing in Christian beliefs, Jewish beliefs, etc. Here is what the Hawaiians believe, that you can ask for something and the Divine will do all the work, especially while you sleep. They also believe in rainbows–you can send a rainbow (believed to be a symbol of Heaven on Earth) and send it to your new abundant future. Let’s try it, are you ready?

“Divine, I believe that when my soul vibrates fully in true belief, it lights up the whole universe. I believe you then help me, thank you!”


Receiving is just exchanging gratitude for Grace. It is saying thank you. It is lighting up with joy. Gratitude and joy create good vibes, and this blesses everybody. Ready to try it?

“Divine, thanks for blessing me and helping me in life.”

Wow, that’s fun. Now what if you don’t feel you did something right, maybe it feels funny to believe, or to feel joyful. Well you can just “ask” and start that whole process again, but this time instead of asking for abundance, you can ask for more power to believe, receive, etc.

You a

Don’t forget to ask, believe, receive, and dream your new life into being. Let’s bring our future together!

Aloha Noelani

Noelani Rodriguez is a Popular Psychic Reader that has been featured on Women’s Radio. She does Psychic Readings by Phone for happy clients all over the world. She is the Author of “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days. and How to Read the Akashic Records.
Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader that reads by email, phone and Skype.

Everyone wants a Miracle Healing | Miracle Healings

My friend Carol Sue has always had a special knack: she can listen to person’s story and find a healing solution for that person. Like an angel that makes appearances during a dark night of the soul, she has made several appearances at just the right time for me.

This time I couldn’t breathe. I explained that I felt that some spraying planes in the middle of the country had left my lungs somewhat compromised. I went to Hawaii for six months to alleviate my symptoms but after returning for a while I felt like my lungs were blocked again, sometimes in an “emergency room” type of way.

Carol Sue is not only a great listener and contact person for other healers, she and her husband are great healers in their own right. This time she had a solution right in her own home; her husband Robin and her are effective healers at “NMT”, a neuro-modulation technique taught by a Dr. Feinberg in Hermiston, Oregon. This technique is based on the idea that there are 30 or more pathways in the body that can lead to good health, or to imbalance. The idea is that the nervous system and autonomic control system in the brain can become “out of sync” with the needs of a certain pathway, causing disruption.

As it turned out, my “disruption” had to do with the “morphic field” pathway, something that can become “out of tune” just in the field of consciousness itself. This healing technique is not only heady, it is very much energy medicine and “outside the box.” However, the effects are spectacular. My friends Carol Sue and Robin have helped:

  • heal an autistic child right in front of her mother
  • helped a woman that needed a kidney transplant no longer need one
  • helped a woman’s lupus to vanish
  • helped many others get miraculous healings,
  • helped me to breathe!

This is just a short blog, but everyone wants a miracle healing don’t they? If you are interested in sharing this with someone that needs healing at a modest donation price, please contact me for more info on the Contact Us section of my blog, most healings are remote so don’t worry if you live far away.