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Master Cleanse Revisited | How to do Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse | Master Cleanse DietThis is a tribute to Stanley Burroughs, the Creator of the Master Cleanse–the cleanse often called the “Maple Syrup-Lemon-Cayenne Pepper” diet.

Mr. Burroughs passed away recently but I was lucky to know his friend and neighbor, a healer friend of mine named Carol Sue that interviewed him numerous times and took his classes. I want to honor their work today. Here are some things most don’t know about the Master Cleanse diet:

  • While Stanley made lemonade, life gave him lemons. Stanley Burroughs was actually a ‘martyr’ for this diet you could say. He actually went to jail for 3 years in his 80s, for ‘practicing medicine without a license.’ He had a healing modality called Vitaflex that combined color therapy with reflexology and he was thrown in jail for it, right in Oregon. He was beat up his first night in jail. He’s not the first person to be “punished” for practicing alternative medicine and being a threat to traditional medicine.
  • It’s Nutritious. Many have lived off of the Master Cleanser tea, I just recently met someone that drank it for 10 months. Stanley Burroughs would go on it months at a time. Apparently both the maple syrup grade B suggested in the diet and the fresh lemons are highly nutritious for you. The instructions are to take it for 7-10 days.
  • It’s not the Master Cleanse unless you use the salt water. While the diet is known for the Master Cleanser tea made of maple syrup grade B, fresh lemon or lime, distilled water and cayenne pepper, it is not the full “Master Cleanse” unless you drink 2 liters of distilled water with sea salt as well. The salt water is thought to have a “scrubbing” effect inside the colon.
  • It’s best if you fast. The Master Cleanse tea is better when you fast, not just to wash down a burger. It is believed that your body reaches a “fasting cycle” after 3-4 days and then really starts to release toxins and clean out your digestive system.
  • There’s lots of benefits. Expect a better immune system. Your immune system usually “fights” the residue inside your colon all day long. This will give your immune system a boost. Expect surprises too. One gentleman observed a watermelon seed coming out of him and realized he hadn’t eaten watermelon in 20 years. It can be good for your insides to clean out plaque, toxins and old residue from the past, both energetically and literally.

I’m about to start the Master Cleanse again, hope some of you join me!

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Wellness Retreats, Big Island | Banyan Tree Sanctuary

Wellness Retreats, Big Island Hawaii

Occasionally I blog about travel when it is worth it–when there’s a really hot, affordable wellness retreat, it’s really worth it.

Wellness Retreats, Big Island







With just my luck I happened on a true find, a place that excites spiritual travelers that love to flock to the Big Island. Here is what is exciting about Banyan Tree Sanctuary:

  • Ocean View – Not any ocean view, but a luscious panoramic view from every spot on the property, to put you in a dream sequence of joy
  • Saltwater / Chlorine Free Pool and Jacuzzi – Bathing in salt water is even more grounding and clearing than epsom salt, and the detoxifying effects of the water are amazing.
  • Affordability – Tents that are beautiful, with carpet and bed start from $33 a night. There are tiki style rooms and temples at affordable prices.
  • Infrared Sauna – My new fave, it is like a brilliant dose of “psychic healing” energy, but more than that, the infrared technology has won Nobel Prize in Science for reversing cancer and inflammation related conditions like diabetes.
  • Organic Fruit and Vegetables – There’s nothing like free food, and the chance to be one with nature, picking a papaya, or a fig from a fig tree.
  • Detox Retreat – You can definitely create your own “cleanse” or detox retreat. Just create a few smoothie from fruit off the land, and enjoy the sauna and saltwater jacuzzi for detox pleasure.
  • Gorgeous Yurt Facility – With plush carpets, furniture and pillows this is a great place to enjoy celebrations (I enjoyed a surprise costume party), classes like Yoga, Tibetan Meditation and Tantra, and Streaming TV.
  • Fun, friendly staff – there’s nothing like some like minded companions to enjoy the grounds and kick it in the clubhouse with. There’s frisbee golf every day at 5pm.

The Banyan Tree is a definite paradise, a great resting place on your way to ascension. Enjoy the ocean view from the pool, just minutes from swimming with dolphins at the bottom of the hill.

It’s a joy to blog about an affordable fun place near Kailua-Kona, Big Island, one of my favorite places for health, transformation and fun.

The Banyan Tree Sanctuary can be reached by calling Raybo at 808-217-5915 or giving them a Facebook Like here. Enjoy a fun wellness retreat, and tell the staff “Aloha” for me.