The 3 Steps of Intuition

Step one: you’re not exactly an intuition “wuss.” You intuitively know what your family wants for dinner, and you call on the Mother Mary statuette in your car and get a good parking space. But there’s another level.

Step two: you’re able to journey and get detailed info about what direction to take in life; what boyfriend or girlfriend to choose, what business move to make, what to say to a relative you need to talk to.

Step three: you love how your life is going when you listen to your intuition, and you hate how it goes when you don’t. You decide to commit to your intuitive direction. That means picking up and moving to Maui at a moment’s notice, or writing a new book of channeled material. Guess what? Your intuition starts flooding more information than ever, and you’ve never been so prosperous, focused, and happy in your life. The people that love you notice the difference and your relationships shine. Other people committed to their intuition appear to you, and together you help the planet. You feel more satisfied than ever before.

The difference between these steps? Some faith in the power of intuition.

Let me know what you think!

Noelani Rodriguez is Author of the book “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings.” She also does Psychic and Medical Intuitive Readings. To see testimonials, click here. To book readings text/call 503-330-6963.

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  1. Alyse Finlayson says:

    Yes, awakening to a deeper awareness of how intuition is already at “play” in our lives. In bringing a heightened consciousness to your intuitive knowings and “paying” more attention to your soul’s nudges. It is always interesting to discover when and where we ignore this. Fear. Breaking the rules, social, family, and self inscribed. There is so much more to know and learn about ourselves by giving time to our own innate intuitive process.

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