3 Ways to Increase Online Marketing “Juju”

Let’s face it, when a business is hot, it has “juju”. You’ve seen restaurants with lines around the block, or service people like masseuses that are always booked solid. How do you get good marketing “juju”?

1) Have Classes – Everyone is doing classes nowadays, because people are in the mood to learn. Often times people are changing careers and want to start a new life. A class is a way for you to market to them, building word of mouth and creating class material that you can use again and again– I use classes to gather material to sell books later on. You can also attract more consulting clients with classes. If you are a Designer, teach a Feng Shui class. If you are a Lawyer, teach a class on aspects of law. Everyone is doing classes nowadays, with Facebook or Meetup.com you can promote your classes for free.

2) Have a 9 Second Elevator Speech – These days, you may only have 9 seconds to tell people what you do. With the advent of media like Facebook and Twitter especially, there is little room to talk about your new service or class. People’s attention span is very short, especially in a recession–people want to understand what you do and quickly. Can you say what you do in 9 seconds? Friend and Psychic Sarah Lambert has popular psychic readings, we changed her website to say “Psychic Body Readings for your Next Direction”. This is an example of getting alot of meaning across in little time. Her site used to say Sarah Lambert, LMT, so we added more meaning for her website visitors.

3) Be a Social Media Darling – Social Media like Facebook is a big “party”, where you get to mingle with potential customers, potential word of mouth referrers, and big influential people in your industry. Best of all, Facebook is free! It’s also easy to learn. Learn how to be at the “party” and even be the life of it. It just takes a little time and there’s lots of bang for the buck. Inviting people to Facebook events is a nice way to get people to see what you do. Create a class or social hour at your business where people can benefit. Friends turn into Customers with Social Media.

Online Marketing isn’t as hard as you think. By staying current with trends, you can gather new customers and have fun doing it!
Noelani Rodriguez is an Author and eBook Publisher with over $1M of lifetime sales. She is Founder of the Online Marketing Meetup in Portland.

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