4 Signs you’re on the Tantric Path

Have you been going to Tantric workshops for a while? Feel a mysterious calling to the Tantric Path?

Many of us are part of an international Tantra tribe, learning about awakening of the heart and Third Eye, as well as the physical/sexual path to awakening.

Here are some signs you’re making progress on the Tantric Path:

1. You’re engaging in meditation. According to Osho, Ramakrishna would ask his wife to sit on a high stool, naked, while he was in advanced stages of meditation. At the end he would touch her feet and thank her–he was able to transcend his sexual urges in meditation with her help. In other words, though the primal sexual urges that are usually the fast track to go to an “unconscious” state, he was able to transcend through meditation.

Also, Osho talks about how the statues in sexual postures like the ones seen at the temple in Khajuraho were meant for a similar purpose. Upon gazing on the statues, making a round around the temple before entering it, one could get “right” with oneself and be ready for what was inside the temple, “emptiness.” In other words, the statues got one ready for meditation.

Lao Tzu spoke about the evolution of sexuality as refining gross energies, sublimating them and sending them up the body’s energy centers. He spoke of evolved sex as a kind of “dual cultivation”; in it he says “spirit unites with spirit, mind with mind, and every cell of one body with every cell of the other body. It is the spirit, not the sexual organs, which directs such intercourse.” So, both of these masters are talking about cultivating energy and awareness, with the beginning and the end of the path as meditation.

2. You’re seeing the other, and the world, as Divine.  According to writer Ramesh Bjonnes, “When we are attracted to the Divine, it is called prema, or spiritual love. When we are attracted to money, land, fame, sex, it is called kama, or desire. In Tantra, the yogi is advised to turn kama into prema—to see everything as sacred, as Divine.”

Tantric seekers often attend Tantra Pujas, where attendees “eye gaze” with different people in rapid succession; eliminating the “clouds of the mind” that keep us separate. Attendees often report getting glimpses of the Divine love that transcends sexual attraction and ego based thought processes. Seeing everyone as beautiful–this is a glimpse of Prema.

Just like through the eyes of a child, there is an ecstatic feeling that comes with humility and wonder. The world turns soft, and your cells become soft, experiencing the beauty in everything, beautiful and “ugly.” You experience what Abhinava Gutpta called “Jagadananda, or world bliss,” attaining a “realization of the Self [that] includes everything, within and without.”

3. You feel Bhakti, or Devotion. At the heart of Tantric love is Bhakti, or devotion. You alchemize the passionate love that can keep you apart from spiritual liberation, to a passion for love itself.

American poet Robert Bly describes Bhakti Yoga as the path where “the bee of the heart stays deep inside the flower, and cares for no other thing.”

Writer Bjonnes talks about driving Bly to the airport and asking him a question “Do you know what this country needs?” Without much hesitation Bly said: “Praise!”

A simple mantra for Bhakti love is “Love is God, and God is Love.”  Considered the “Religion of Love,” Bhakti finds love of your lover and everything in your path as love for the Divine–alchemizing passion into praise.

4. Tantra is Cosmic Union.  The Tantrics body is joined with the cosmic body. The Tantric couple is joined in cosmic union. The Cosmos has an infinite supply of power to draw from. Breath, awareness and dual cultivation bring “liberation” for the limited sense of the finite self. One of the translations of Tantra is “liberation”.

I once heard a wise man say, “The trouble with the spiritual path is the spiritual path!” In other words, trying to be spiritual and on the right path can be tossed away, in favor of some simple practices–awareness, relaxation, meditation and a double dose of devotion. <3


Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader, Speaker, Author and a Tantric devotee. See more info at http://www.NoelaniRodriguez.com/

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