7 Reasons Facebook is Important for your Business

1) Facebook is the #1 site in the US and is #2 in the world. More and more, people are watching less TV and they are watching “social media”. More than ever, Facebook is where the “audience” is for your business message.

2) Facebook markets you for free. If you have 100 friends, and they have 100 friends, your marketing message can be seen by as many as 10,000 every time you post.

3) Facebook automatically gives you what corporations pay billions for, which is repetition. For instance, I ask my Facebook clients if they know how to finish this sentence “Winston tastes good, __________ .” The answer is “like a cigarette should”, and even though that’s an ad that is decades old, many people remember it.

The reason we remember ad slogans is because if we hear an ad message 6 or more times, it “sticks” in our memory. With Facebook, you automatically “stick” in people’s memory. If you are a businessperson that runs a Pool Cleaning business for instance, and you post every so often, even in a friendly manner, people will say, “there’s that Pool Cleaning person I’ve been meaning to call”. Facebook automatically reminds people about you.

4) Events – More businesspeople in this economy are learning that they can give classes, seminars and webinars to promote their business, and if they create a catchy “event” on Facebook, they can attract hundreds of participants. Facebook automatically promotes your event, and gives people reminders about your event.

5) Ads – One hit Facebook ad can make you millions.

6) Notes – A “note” like this one can describe to people more about who you are and where you’re coming from. This can mean alot in terms of winning new customers and word of mouth down the road.

7) Word of Mouth made simple – If you are a healer or practitioner that relies on word of mouth marketing, it’s never been easier than with Facebook. Here are some recent quotes from people that can act like testimonials:

“After watching your video I’ve got you branded in my mind as adorable, likable, and trustworthy…can’t wait to do one of your marketing classes, etc!” -M. Jones

“Noelani, thank you for a great marketing session today. I definitely came away with a lot of pearls. I know I missed more because I had to leave, so you’ll have to wrap it up for me. Brainstorming was wonderful!” -P. Savory

Customers can post testimonials so that hundreds and even thousands of potential customers can see. Also, customers can easily share links or words about you with their friends.

In summary, Facebook is more than just a social networking site, it is one of your richest new sources for leads and testimonials. Think of Facebook as #1 on your business priority list.

-Noelani Rodriguez

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