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Hello, my name is Noelani, I am an affordable psychic that does affordable psychic readings all around the globe.

Here are some stories about being an “affordable psychic.”

  • One woman called on my first time call special and wanted to when she would find their partner. I felt it would be in June of next year (almost a year away). She found her partner Memorial day weekend (May 31) and then kindly reviewed me on Yelp saying the same.
  • Someone talked to me the day before Mother’s Day, they hadn’t talked to their kids in 5 years since they left the Jehovah Witness church (church practice is to shun members that leave). I explained that we could psychically “talk” to the kids. The first one called in 5 days, the second called in 30 days. They are talking now and the daughter even made plans to move near Mom. Mom was nice enough to review me and that is the last review on my home page.
  • One woman had an adult schizophrenic daughter that was missing for a year and a half. I told the woman we could “talk” to the daughter and call her. She came back in 3 days, to her mother’s doorstep. She now had a boyfriend and was fine.

Affordable Psychic | Special

There’s so many stories. My phone special for new callers is affordable, it’s “try a reading and get 20 bonus minutes,” just $55 for the most affordable psychic reading.

Noelani Rodriguez is an “affordable psychic” that channels spiritual guidance for her many callers– book her and then text her at 808 339 4426.


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