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Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks | Selling Ebooks Online

Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks | $1M Selling Ebook Publisher Talks about Selling Ebooks

Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks

Are you searching the internet for “Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks?” Several hundred people search for this phrase every month, so I thought I would explain…

Noelani Rodriguez (that would be me, I’m the president and the janitor around here) is a Harvard Graduate and Published Author that started writing ebooks 15 years ago. Since then she has over $1M lifetime ebook sales, and she gives lectures and consults on how to sell ebooks.

Although Ms. Rodriguez has written many books for MacMillan and IDG including high tech classics “ASP Unleashed,” “Microsoft Site Server Bible” and others (I know, these titles can put most folks to sleep– my mom uses my high tech books as a plant holder) her ebooks include general topics like Finance, Relationships and most recently Spirituality.

Noelani Rodriguez  Ebooks |Case Studies

How does one sell ebooks online? One ebook, “Improve Your Credit Score in 24 Hours” has sold 70,000 copies online and still sells daily. Noelani has given lectures where she explains that 1/2 the sale of an ebook is in choosing a good title. See this best-selling credit ebook here.

Noelani has consulted for other winning ebooks and their authors including “Unstoppable Confidence”, “Bipolar Happens” and many others.

Write a Best-Selling eBook | Noelani Rodriguez

One of her most sought after books right now is “Write a Best Selling eBook.” This ebook is her 90 page 8-1/2″ x 11″ magnus opus on “How to Sell Ebooks.” In it, she talks about million selling ebook tactics including 6 things that start with the letter U, Urgency (for instance choosing a topic for your ebook that buyers want urgently, such as how to stop problem behavior in children), Upper income demographic, (for instance choosing a topic for your ebook that appeals to buyers with highest income).

Noelani Rodriguez | Ebooks | Resources

Noelani offers lots of resources for the public regarding how to buy ebooks.  Here are some listed below:

4 Ways to Know that your Ebook is a Best Seller: Video

Sell Ebooks In Your Sleep | Facebook Page on Ebooks

Website: Write A Best Selling Ebook

Noelani Rodriguez also loves being a Psychic Reader the past 7 years, and so some people search online for “Noelani Rodriguez ebooks” and find her page about Psychic Readings and Spirituality instead. Some businesspeople have actually ended up doing a psychic reading on their ebook business. 😉

Although there is one ebook about psychic abilities on her site, she wants people searching for “Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks” online to see a full picture of her offerings on “selling ebooks online.”


4 Ways to Know You Have A Bestselling eBook

Some people know I’ve made $1M lifetime sales in ebooks online, and that I’ve been selling ebooks for 15 years. I”ve also been a Certified Consultant in Google Advertising and Webtrends for over 7 years, so I am an old soul in the Online Marketing business.

I’ve been marketing online a long time. I’m also a maverick, that has consulted for other mavericks. I’ve had bestselling ebooks and so have my clients, selling more than the Publisher’s Weekly amount for a bestseller, or more than 35,000 copies.

So, how do you know you have a bestselling ebook? Here are four ways:

  • It’s in the title–a good title is responsible for 50% of book sales. It is no different with ebooks. The good news is, if you have a great title for an ebook, you’re 50% on the way to a bestselling ebook online, and early retirement.
  • It’s in the volume–if there are more than 50,000 searches of your topic online on search engines like Google, then I tell my ebook consulting clients you have the kind of volume of traffic that can ensure lots of sales. For example, the word credit score gets a ton of traffic, 350,000 searches a month last time I checked. Here’s a very successful credit score ebook that has sold 70,000 copies. How do you find out how many people are typing a phrase like “credit score” into a search engine like Google? Try the Google Keyword Tool.
  • Don’t sell an ebook, sell a solution. Look at the bestselling ebooks with hot titles that fly off the shelves–“Four Hour Work Week,” “Love for No Reason,” and classics like “Win Friends and Influence People.” They are not just book titles, they are “propositions” that you will find a solution to your problems, not just a good read. There’s an infomercial I just saw that fits the same bill, it is called “6 Week Body Makeover.” It is a hit, and it wouldn’t be the same if it was just called weight loss. People want solutions even more than books, or ebooks.
  • Know how to market your ebook. This may not seem simple but it is! The best way to market your ebook is to find out what’s already working for other people, and do that. Right now ebooks are sold by having a blog, having affiliates that link back to you and collect a commission, advertising and winning the prospects’ email address, writing articles, and doing what it takes to appear on the internet–winning links back to your site with great blog articles and some affiliates, directories and articles all linking back to your site. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Advertising or any kind of free traffic when done in combination with a good web page can really make you rich.

Want to see how I made a new blog go from 60 to 500 visitors a day? Click here and I’ll email you my tasty new marketing secrets.

I wish you a great book title, high volume traffic potential for your topic, a book that promises a solution and some ebook marketing friends that will tell you what works for them lately. Hopefully I’ll become one of them.

Noelani Rodriguez is a bestselling Author and Ebook Publisher. She consults on the topic of  marketing ebooks. She also has a book called “Write a Best Selling eBook” that includes her step by step marketing secrets for selling ebooks successfully online.

Want to Write a Hit eBook? Think of a Good Title and the Work’s Half Done

Some of you know that I’ve been an eBook Publisher for the past 14 years, and have had over $1M in lifetime sales in ebooks.

The best is yet to come in eBooks, what with Kindle, Barnes and Noble Reader, Sony Reader, Google Reader, IPad, ITunes and Mobile Phones all waiting for your new ebook these days!

Here’s the juiciest news–did you know that when you think of a title for your ebook, the ebook is half sold! 50% of book sales in a bookstore are from the title alone. That means us buyers are often sold by just the title and concept of a book we buy.

In my manifesto about selling ebooks online, “Write a Best-Selling Ebook,” I talk about “5 Us” of choosing a good title–the first is Urgency.

I try to ask my clients and/or readers about urgency, since urgency sells books. Some topics are inherently urgent, i.e. preventing diabetes, fixing credit. However, there are ways to create more urgency in book titles since urgency sells books.

For example, I might tell you I have book on “Tips for Knitting a Cool Hat.” You might think that’s cool. But if I tell you I have a book called “How To Knit Your First Hat in One Night,” that might create a more vivid picture of your success, and it might create more demand for your book.

More than titles, people buy propositions. The proposition tells them that they are going to win if they buy your book. I love the title of the new Marci Shimoff book “Love for No Reason.” It is a book about how to find unconditional love in your life. If it was just called “Unconditional Love,” the title might not create as much urgency to go out and get the book. Marci creates a great proposition out of her title, and it’s a knockout.

Titles include topics, and you need a hot topic. Ebooks are a hotter topic than books, unconditional love (i.e. “Love for No Reason”) is a hotter topic than romantic love. What makes a topic hot? It is something current. I once sold 70,000 copies of a book “Improve your Credit Score in 24 Hours.” Why was this topic hot? It wasn’t because the topic of credit repair is new, but the book promises to show you how to do it in 24 hours. The trick is finding out that every major creditor has a computerized system now where they can delete poor credit marks in minutes.

Finally, your (e)book title has something else built in; search engine terms that people use to find a book like yours. For example, I have a book called “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” I could have called it “Improve your Clairvoyance.” They both mean roughly the same thing.

However, 12K people type “Clairvoyance” into Google every month, but the term “Psychic Readings” gets 40,000 searches.

It pays to do your homework to come up with a good title. Find out more in my manifesto about selling ebooks online, “Write a Best-Selling Ebook–right now it comes with a video on how to get your book on Kindle.

Remember, come up with a hot title and your ebook is 50% sold!

Noelani Rodriguez is a lecturer and leading voice on the subject of selling ebooks online.

Self Publishing Secrets – What’s Important To Know?

I will talk about four steps to Self Publishing Secrets, as excerpted from my book “Write A Best Selling eBook,” my magnus opus on publishing ebooks online after 14 years and a million dollars in sales.

What are the four steps to creating a best selling (e)book online?

.Target your (e)book – Does your book have 50,000 people searching for your topic on the Internet each month? If so it is a hit book idea. I am consulting with a client today that has a book “Loan Modification Secrets.” The term “loan modification” has 550,000 searches a month online on Google alone! Jiminy Cricket! A topic with this many internet searches is “Self Publishing Gold”. How do you find out how many searches your topic is getting? Google “Google Keyword Tool.” This tool will show you how many Google Searches your topic is getting.

.Title your (e)book – If you are selling something online, 80% of your traffic will come from some kind of Internet search. I have a book “Write a Best Selling eBook” for a reason. That is because people are typing phrases into Google (and Facebook Search) like “Write an eBook” or “Selling your eBook.” These people can find my book easily online, whereas if I titled my book “Kick Butt Online with eBooks,” there aren’t that many people typing that into the Internet. Or are there? 😉

.Type your (e)book – This is the productivity stage, but not to worry, there are massive productivity stories about people writing a book in just a few days. Remember, online, an ebook can be as short as 13 pages and still have valuable information. If you are doing a print book, there is no “minimum amount” or pages to your book online. I recently completed a book in 7 days! I videotaped myself, put it online, and then transcribed what I was saying. The result was an eBook “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” This book is available for $27 right now, email me, it is hot off the press. Taping yourself and transcribing is massively productive.

.Take it to Market – You might sell an ebook yourself online like I did, creating a sales page and then buying advertising to insure traffic. This is still one of the best ways to go, although there are also Amazon’s programs like CreateSpace, Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Barnes and Noble’s and Sony Readers sites, Itunes and many other places. I’m not concerned with you listing your book someplace, I’m concerned with you getting plenty of traffic, and marketing. If I could say how to do this in one sentence, it would be “make your book title and sales pitch irresistible in the first 9 seconds.” The average web visit is 9 seconds. Learn how to make it count and you’ve got a hit book.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Speaker, Author, Publisher and Consultant on the subject of eBooks and Print On Demand Publishing, with over a $1M of lifetime sales under her belt. Learn more from her 90 page ebook, Write a Best Selling eBook, which tells all about her marketing philosophy.