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How to Manifest in One Click | Law of Attraction

Spiritual ManifestingThere is a secret to manifesting that is ages old, which is to dream your best life into being. Here is the secret to your very best life: let Spirit paint the picture of your best life.

Why does this work?

  • We have the power to “invite.” We are magical beings, and when we invite Spirit’s help that’s when miracles happen–they happen for healers, intuitives, shaman, and they happen for you! So sitting down with a blank notebook or canvas and letting “Spirit paint your life” is inviting Spirit in, a bold invitation.
  • When we are in service, abundance is guaranteed.  The Qabala, an ancient oral tradition of over 5000 years, says that when we are in service abundance is guaranteed. When we trust Spirit we get information that is for the Highest Good of all and has the definition of service–following Spirit is being in service automatically.
  • We have access to real time manifestation. Our lives are holographically related to our “good pictures” that we can dream up with Spirit’s help. Just ask a miracle healer like Adam the Dreamhealer that heals rock stars and astronauts on the phone by just picturing a small replica of the healing client in front of him. The same way our pictures can reach out and touch a client, the pictures we make of our future life can holographically touch and transform our life.
  • This is Universal, Ancient Wisdom coming back to us. The Kogi Tribe in Columbia, famous for disappearing for 500 years, teaches their children about two realities, 1) ordinary reality and 2) magical reality. With magical reality, you can dream great dreams like a “happy family” that you ask Spirit to bless and transform. Your magical vision is part of your birthright as the Kogi Tribe is well aware of.

Want to try manifesting right now? Just ask Spirit for a picture of your most blessed job or business, the place where you do service, starting with a “blank” space on your sheet of paper, but letting Spirit fill the picture in.

For me I’m getting the picture of teaching more weekend retreats. What are you getting? Keep going until you get a picture, the great news is that Spirit does all the work, and with just a sprinkling of faith, you’re getting guidance for your best life!

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Author that’s been featured on Women’s Radio and Para-X Radio.

Increase your Mojo!

Psychic Training | Increase your MagicIf you are on a spiritual path, you have ways to work your “mojo” or magic. 🙂

What are examples of “mojo?”

  • healing for others
  • manifesting or praying for others
  • doing psychic or intuitive readings for others
  • healing for the self
  • manifesting or praying for the self
  • doing psychic or intuitive readings for the self.

What are reasons to increase your magic in your life? There are numerous ones today!

  • to live with intention
  • to live in the positivity of this intention throughout the day
  • to incorporate rituals or routines for shifting to more power in life.

One question you can ask yourself to increase your magic is:

  • What are you good at?

I just went to a healer friend, Kriyanna Chimera, who has a phenomenal talent for setting a safe sacred space, calling in her “Divine Helpers,” and changing your energy field to be more solidly yours, and more whole. I was shocked when after I got a healing from Kriyanna, my mind was completely quiet. She told me this might happen. I’m not only happier and healthier after seeing this master healer, I also have more of a meditative mind!

So what is Kriyanna’s talent, what is she good at? Kriyanna is a good example of working “mojo” or magic, in this case as a healer:

  • she has the ability to set a protected and intentional space
  • call in “Divine Help”
  • cause positive change.

Isn’t the above list what working with the Divine is? It’s a combination of the things we humans are good at, and the way we’ve learned to call Divine Help.

Let’s look at another example. I’m a Psychic Reader who really enjoys doing readings. However, there is one thing I am good at that I’d like to offer as another example. I’d call it “invoking” things through my voice. Invocation is a form of positive prayer. Here are some of positive changes I’ve been able to do for myself and others with “invocation:”

  • Call off stalkers
  • Call back missing children
  • Call back mentally ill adults
  • Call back together families separated by religious “shunning”
  • Call people to be stronger friends and reconcile
  • Call off lawsuits.

So this power to invoke is something I do well, that I would call “magical.”

What about you? What kinds of magic are you good at? Anything on the list above, like reading or healing? Invoking? Something else not mentioned here?

Intuitive Exercise for Increase your Magic | Psychic Training

What can you do to increase your magic and get your “mojo working?” Hey these are changing times, and a little magical power is awesome right now. Here is a suggestion:

  • Take a few long, restful breaths and close your eyes
  • Breathing behind your forehead, ask for a word or symbol that can show you how to increase your magic
  • Keep breathing and wait for an answer; imagine your spiritual guidance giving you a gift of a word or symbol on how to increase magic.

For example, after I did this exercise I saw a masculine side of me carrying the feminine side of me, kind of like you would carry someone over a threshold. Images often have “meanings” that come with them; I felt the meaning of this was that I could do a lot more self care–no sense “powering” through life without time to heal, and feel more joy. “Give yourself more self care,” the message seemed to say.

Give yourself time to do that exercise. Your intuition, and magic, come with practice.

There’s lots of fun exercises to increase your “mojo” which is your intuition and your magical rituals and routines for more success. Check out the blogs on this site for more ideas, I also offer psychic training on Skype.

Audio: Prosperity Happens…Online!

Have no fear, prosperity is always here.

Listen to this free 20 minute audio I recorded called Prosperity Happens…Online.

4 Ways to Know You Have A Bestselling eBook

Some people know I’ve made $1M lifetime sales in ebooks online, and that I’ve been selling ebooks for 15 years. I”ve also been a Certified Consultant in Google Advertising and Webtrends for over 7 years, so I am an old soul in the Online Marketing business.

I’ve been marketing online a long time. I’m also a maverick, that has consulted for other mavericks. I’ve had bestselling ebooks and so have my clients, selling more than the Publisher’s Weekly amount for a bestseller, or more than 35,000 copies.

So, how do you know you have a bestselling ebook? Here are four ways:

  • It’s in the title–a good title is responsible for 50% of book sales. It is no different with ebooks. The good news is, if you have a great title for an ebook, you’re 50% on the way to a bestselling ebook online, and early retirement.
  • It’s in the volume–if there are more than 50,000 searches of your topic online on search engines like Google, then I tell my ebook consulting clients you have the kind of volume of traffic that can ensure lots of sales. For example, the word credit score gets a ton of traffic, 350,000 searches a month last time I checked. Here’s a very successful credit score ebook that has sold 70,000 copies. How do you find out how many people are typing a phrase like “credit score” into a search engine like Google? Try the Google Keyword Tool.
  • Don’t sell an ebook, sell a solution. Look at the bestselling ebooks with hot titles that fly off the shelves–“Four Hour Work Week,” “Love for No Reason,” and classics like “Win Friends and Influence People.” They are not just book titles, they are “propositions” that you will find a solution to your problems, not just a good read. There’s an infomercial I just saw that fits the same bill, it is called “6 Week Body Makeover.” It is a hit, and it wouldn’t be the same if it was just called weight loss. People want solutions even more than books, or ebooks.
  • Know how to market your ebook. This may not seem simple but it is! The best way to market your ebook is to find out what’s already working for other people, and do that. Right now ebooks are sold by having a blog, having affiliates that link back to you and collect a commission, advertising and winning the prospects’ email address, writing articles, and doing what it takes to appear on the internet–winning links back to your site with great blog articles and some affiliates, directories and articles all linking back to your site. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Advertising or any kind of free traffic when done in combination with a good web page can really make you rich.

Want to see how I made a new blog go from 60 to 500 visitors a day? Click here and I’ll email you my tasty new marketing secrets.

I wish you a great book title, high volume traffic potential for your topic, a book that promises a solution and some ebook marketing friends that will tell you what works for them lately. Hopefully I’ll become one of them.

Noelani Rodriguez is a bestselling Author and Ebook Publisher. She consults on the topic of  marketing ebooks. She also has a book called “Write a Best Selling eBook” that includes her step by step marketing secrets for selling ebooks successfully online.

Want to Write a Hit eBook? Think of a Good Title and the Work’s Half Done

Some of you know that I’ve been an eBook Publisher for the past 14 years, and have had over $1M in lifetime sales in ebooks.

The best is yet to come in eBooks, what with Kindle, Barnes and Noble Reader, Sony Reader, Google Reader, IPad, ITunes and Mobile Phones all waiting for your new ebook these days!

Here’s the juiciest news–did you know that when you think of a title for your ebook, the ebook is half sold! 50% of book sales in a bookstore are from the title alone. That means us buyers are often sold by just the title and concept of a book we buy.

In my manifesto about selling ebooks online, “Write a Best-Selling Ebook,” I talk about “5 Us” of choosing a good title–the first is Urgency.

I try to ask my clients and/or readers about urgency, since urgency sells books. Some topics are inherently urgent, i.e. preventing diabetes, fixing credit. However, there are ways to create more urgency in book titles since urgency sells books.

For example, I might tell you I have book on “Tips for Knitting a Cool Hat.” You might think that’s cool. But if I tell you I have a book called “How To Knit Your First Hat in One Night,” that might create a more vivid picture of your success, and it might create more demand for your book.

More than titles, people buy propositions. The proposition tells them that they are going to win if they buy your book. I love the title of the new Marci Shimoff book “Love for No Reason.” It is a book about how to find unconditional love in your life. If it was just called “Unconditional Love,” the title might not create as much urgency to go out and get the book. Marci creates a great proposition out of her title, and it’s a knockout.

Titles include topics, and you need a hot topic. Ebooks are a hotter topic than books, unconditional love (i.e. “Love for No Reason”) is a hotter topic than romantic love. What makes a topic hot? It is something current. I once sold 70,000 copies of a book “Improve your Credit Score in 24 Hours.” Why was this topic hot? It wasn’t because the topic of credit repair is new, but the book promises to show you how to do it in 24 hours. The trick is finding out that every major creditor has a computerized system now where they can delete poor credit marks in minutes.

Finally, your (e)book title has something else built in; search engine terms that people use to find a book like yours. For example, I have a book called “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” I could have called it “Improve your Clairvoyance.” They both mean roughly the same thing.

However, 12K people type “Clairvoyance” into Google every month, but the term “Psychic Readings” gets 40,000 searches.

It pays to do your homework to come up with a good title. Find out more in my manifesto about selling ebooks online, “Write a Best-Selling Ebook–right now it comes with a video on how to get your book on Kindle.

Remember, come up with a hot title and your ebook is 50% sold!

Noelani Rodriguez is a lecturer and leading voice on the subject of selling ebooks online.

Intuition – Why it’s good for Businesspeople

Intuition might be the most underused resource in a businessperson’s life. You might get that intuitive gut feeling once in a while when you’re making a business decision, but how many times do you access your intuition a day when working with your business life? What if you could know exactly what the best course of action is for your business?

Intuition has two parts to it: the mundane part and the Divine part. The mundane part is your “survival instinct;” it’s that feeling in your gut when you don’t like a certain customer or business partner. On the other hand, your Divine intuition is from…well, somewhere else. Many people think they are accessing a Higher Power, when they work with this latter form of intuition–we may get an overwhelming feeling, that something is the “right” thing to do.

When we use our Divine Intuition, the same thing that Psychic Readers, Shaman, Christians doing Prayer Work, and other Spiritual Practitioners use, we get answers, and with practice, we can hone this type of intuition.

Different from the active imagination artists use to paint, it’s the kind imagination we get when we sit and “wait” for answers, especially the kind that feel Divinely or spiritually inspired. We need our imagination, the stuff our intuition is made of, to talk to “God” or our Higher Power. The same skill it takes to talk to our Higher Power is the same skill that will put us in our best spiritual direction. Is this good for businesspeople? You bet it is!

How are you going to access your soul and spiritual “knowing” for the best business life ever? It is through intuitive development. I put businesspeople in my classes together and we just start using our intuition together–no psychic development course, no pre-requisites. I find that no matter who comes to class, anyone can close their eyes and get a word or symbol on how to help someone else’s career. Yes that’s right, people right off the street are doing intuitive readings for each other. Anyone can close their eyes, “intuit” a little bit, and come up with a word or symbol for someone else. It warms my heart to see a group of people “journey” intuitively on someone’s business goals. Anyone can do this.

So I took six years of psychic development, including 2 years of Berkeley Psychic Institute training, but that doesn’t mean you have to. You just have to be open to how much your business can grow into a happy, soulful, spiritual enterprise. All it takes is a little more intuitive practice.

Noelani Rodriguez is an Author and Professional Psychic. She is the Author of “How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.”

Online Marketing – How to Make Money All The Time

Did you know you can make money all the time online?
It’s really not that hard.

1) Answer this question – is your website converting visitors into sales?
When you look at statistics for your website, it will only take you a few days to know if you are making sales.

Let’s suppose you have a product like “Dana’s Nut Loaves”. If every time 100 people visit your website, 2 people buy, then that should stay constant everytime! It’s true! I love that about Online Marketing. Usually the amount of people that buy your stuff compared to the amount of people that visit stays pretty constant. So, if every time 100 people click on your site, 2 people buy, that usually stays pretty much the same, if your website stays the same. If what’s happening is profitable for you great.

Getting 100 visitors to your website is pretty cheap, and in this example if you are making 2 sales that is considered good results. In marketing geek speak, we call this a 2% “conversion rate”, which means you “converted” 2% of the 100 people to a sale. This is considered excellent for most industries selling online.

So whether you sell services like massage, or retail products like “Nut Loaves”, your website is either hot or its not, yes? You’ll know in a few days of testing. Ask yourself, what happens when I get 100 visitors to my site? Do I get sales?

2) Next step – answer this question – what’s next for me and my business?
If you know that every time you get 100 visitors, you get 2 sales of your “nut loaves”, great! This is probably profitable for you, as new visitors come cheaply. The next step if your website is turning a profit is do it over and over again! Get visitors (clicks) to your web site! Have teleseminars! Promote events on Facebook! Write articles like I’m doing now! If your website is profitable, and 100 clicks always turn into a couple of sales, you just need more clicks!

If, however, you are not converting your visitors into sales (hey 97% of the websites out there don’t make money), then your next step is to make your website sparkle more! The marketing geekspeak for this is “make your website convert”. Convert! Convert! It is the word that is music to my ears. It means that “Ka-Ching” is happening and your website’s visitors are “converting” to buyers.

Whether you sell “nut loaves” or services like massage, healing, psychic readings, retail products, (I sell electronic books), your website either goes Ka-Ching or it doesn’t, yes?

How do you get your website to create more sales? Easy, you use all the marketing tricks in the book. Here are some:

.Have a bold proposition – I was working with Psychic Sarah Lambert recently, and her website said she was an LMT but nothing about the amazing psychic readings she does. We came up with a proposition “Psychic Body Readings for your Next Direction”. She reads her clients on a massage table, and has a unique service. We wanted to get what she does across with some sparkle. You can do it people! Come up with a unique proposition about what your business can offer. Want to know an example of a company that made it to #1 with their proposition? Domino’s Pizza – “We deliver in 30 minutes or less, or the pizza’s free.” Separate yourself out from the pack with a sparkling proposition.

.Use marketing colors – When I work with clients I sound like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. If I see that electric blue color for a website background I shriek as loud as any of the queer guy designers–“oh uggh!” Blue is not a marketing color. Neither is green. Look at your bookshelf at home, most of the books are red or orange, not blue. There is a reason for that. Reds and oranges sell. McDonald’s knows it, Burger King, just about any large corporate logo has red or orange. Sorry but it’s true, just sayin’…

.Say it in 9 seconds or less – The average web visit is 9 seconds or less. What you do in that 9 seconds could make you millions, or your website could just stay lonely and underappreciated. Alot of that is your “9 second factor”, are you making a bold proposition in 9 seconds or not.

Hey, it’s easy to make money all the time with Online Marketing. By the way that nut loaf is starting to sound pretty tasty…

Noelani Rodriguez is an Online Marketing Consultant and the Organizer for the Portland Online Marketing Meetup group. She is an eBook Publisher with over $1M in online sales.

3 Ways to Increase Online Marketing “Juju”

Let’s face it, when a business is hot, it has “juju”. You’ve seen restaurants with lines around the block, or service people like masseuses that are always booked solid. How do you get good marketing “juju”?

1) Have Classes – Everyone is doing classes nowadays, because people are in the mood to learn. Often times people are changing careers and want to start a new life. A class is a way for you to market to them, building word of mouth and creating class material that you can use again and again– I use classes to gather material to sell books later on. You can also attract more consulting clients with classes. If you are a Designer, teach a Feng Shui class. If you are a Lawyer, teach a class on aspects of law. Everyone is doing classes nowadays, with Facebook or you can promote your classes for free.

2) Have a 9 Second Elevator Speech – These days, you may only have 9 seconds to tell people what you do. With the advent of media like Facebook and Twitter especially, there is little room to talk about your new service or class. People’s attention span is very short, especially in a recession–people want to understand what you do and quickly. Can you say what you do in 9 seconds? Friend and Psychic Sarah Lambert has popular psychic readings, we changed her website to say “Psychic Body Readings for your Next Direction”. This is an example of getting alot of meaning across in little time. Her site used to say Sarah Lambert, LMT, so we added more meaning for her website visitors.

3) Be a Social Media Darling – Social Media like Facebook is a big “party”, where you get to mingle with potential customers, potential word of mouth referrers, and big influential people in your industry. Best of all, Facebook is free! It’s also easy to learn. Learn how to be at the “party” and even be the life of it. It just takes a little time and there’s lots of bang for the buck. Inviting people to Facebook events is a nice way to get people to see what you do. Create a class or social hour at your business where people can benefit. Friends turn into Customers with Social Media.

Online Marketing isn’t as hard as you think. By staying current with trends, you can gather new customers and have fun doing it!
Noelani Rodriguez is an Author and eBook Publisher with over $1M of lifetime sales. She is Founder of the Online Marketing Meetup in Portland.

7 Reasons Facebook is Important for your Business

1) Facebook is the #1 site in the US and is #2 in the world. More and more, people are watching less TV and they are watching “social media”. More than ever, Facebook is where the “audience” is for your business message.

2) Facebook markets you for free. If you have 100 friends, and they have 100 friends, your marketing message can be seen by as many as 10,000 every time you post.

3) Facebook automatically gives you what corporations pay billions for, which is repetition. For instance, I ask my Facebook clients if they know how to finish this sentence “Winston tastes good, __________ .” The answer is “like a cigarette should”, and even though that’s an ad that is decades old, many people remember it.

The reason we remember ad slogans is because if we hear an ad message 6 or more times, it “sticks” in our memory. With Facebook, you automatically “stick” in people’s memory. If you are a businessperson that runs a Pool Cleaning business for instance, and you post every so often, even in a friendly manner, people will say, “there’s that Pool Cleaning person I’ve been meaning to call”. Facebook automatically reminds people about you.

4) Events – More businesspeople in this economy are learning that they can give classes, seminars and webinars to promote their business, and if they create a catchy “event” on Facebook, they can attract hundreds of participants. Facebook automatically promotes your event, and gives people reminders about your event.

5) Ads – One hit Facebook ad can make you millions.

6) Notes – A “note” like this one can describe to people more about who you are and where you’re coming from. This can mean alot in terms of winning new customers and word of mouth down the road.

7) Word of Mouth made simple – If you are a healer or practitioner that relies on word of mouth marketing, it’s never been easier than with Facebook. Here are some recent quotes from people that can act like testimonials:

“After watching your video I’ve got you branded in my mind as adorable, likable, and trustworthy…can’t wait to do one of your marketing classes, etc!” -M. Jones

“Noelani, thank you for a great marketing session today. I definitely came away with a lot of pearls. I know I missed more because I had to leave, so you’ll have to wrap it up for me. Brainstorming was wonderful!” -P. Savory

Customers can post testimonials so that hundreds and even thousands of potential customers can see. Also, customers can easily share links or words about you with their friends.

In summary, Facebook is more than just a social networking site, it is one of your richest new sources for leads and testimonials. Think of Facebook as #1 on your business priority list.

-Noelani Rodriguez

Online Marketing: Quickest Way to Double Your Sales

Some of you offer a service. In fact, many of you do. Many I know offer a service–for instance I know Shamanic healers, Sound Healers, Reiki Healers, Psychics, Massage Therapists. I also know people that offer business services like Social Media Marketing, Writing and Editing, things like that.

I am going to talk to you about increasing your business in this New Economy, and how you increase business, even double it.

Some of you know I’ve sold a ton of electronic books online–my most popular one has sold 70,000 copies.

Here’s a tip from selling online: online you see who comes onto the website, and who buys from there. So if 100 people visit my website, 2 buy my books.

What’s the “Quickest Way To Double Your Sales?” In my world, it is making my website sales page more powerful so that it gets double the sales. Double the effectiveness of your words, double your sales.

So, let’s think about your business. What if you’re a Massage Therapist? You probably get alot of word of mouth business, and some business from ads with testimonials. Now, your customers didn’t start the word of mouth, you did. You found the first customer that told the second and so on. So let’s concentrate on your efforts for a moment, rather than the referrals your customers give. We can talk about” word of mouth programs” separately.

I teach people 6 things that start with the letter U, that they need to market their service. I’ll give you the first 2 now, it is Understanding, and Unique. So, do people understand what a Massage Therapist is? Great! That’s the Understanding part. Your prospects have to understand what you are offering.

The 2nd U is Unique. As a Massage Therapist are you unique? What are you saying when you are at a party and people want to know what you do? You can say:

“Hi, I’m Dick/Jane, and I’m a Massage Therapist”

or you can say

“Hi, I’m Dick/Jane, and I’m a Massage Therapist for 7 years. I have a 95% client retention rate.”

This is a bit off the cuff mind you, but I am trying to illustrate what you would do to enhance your presentation online and off.

Here’s another example:

“Hi, I’m Lani and I do credit repair”

or you can say

“Hi, I’m Lani and I show you how to improve your credit score in 24 hours.”

If you’re a sound healer, you might go to a party and tell people that you are a sound healer. They may then go what’s that? If so, that’s because of the first U I was talking about earlier, understanding, Prospects have to understand what you do. You want to make them understand quickly so that you can get to the good part, which is why you find what you do really valuable. Here are two versions of what you might say, before and after:

Before – “Hi, I’m Denny and I’m a sound healer” or

After – “Hi, I’m Denny and I journey with people to find their best health, wealth and direction, using sound as an aid.”

Noelani Rodriguez is a Business Consultant specializing in eBooks and Online Marketing. She is also an Adwords Certified Professional since 2004.

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