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How to Let Go in 77 Seconds | How to Let Go

How to Let Go in 77 Seconds

How to Let Go Hey you’re going to like this! As a Spiritual Counselor and Psychic I’ve talked with several thousand women on how to let go of ones that they love, including letting go of those pesky addictive thoughts they’re having about them. This is what I’ve learned about letting go so far:

  1. The person you love gets “branded” in your mind as giving you a certain feeling. Think of an old advertisement that you’ve heard where you get an old feeling. I had a class one time and I said the advertising jingle “Winston tastes good…” and many responded back “like a cigarette should!” The advertising industry knows about stickability, how words and pictures can stick in your mind. So when you think about your lovely ex with a specific feeling like “oh, he’s the guy who fixes my house siding…ahhh” that feeling “sticks” to your mind.
  2. Remember how that person made you feel and make that stick instead. So remember when your ex ran into the bathroom with his cell and didn’t come out for 20 minutes, and it was midnight? Or when he kept bringing shoot em up videos over even when you said you dislike those intensely? Remember when he ran away with the fortune teller at your party (not me somebody else). Anyway, remember how your ex made you feel and make that “sticky.”
  3. Now, take all that beauty and shininess that you assign to your ex and put it back on you. Remember how you are better looking than what you credit yourself. Remember how you actually turn your phone off for the evening on a date with your honey. Remember how you’re a really great listener. Remember that you are a really great “brand.” Make that stick in your mind. ;O)

Noelani Rodriguez is a Spiritual Counselor and Psychic that has predicted 10 marriages she will talk to you about  how to let go and much more – find out more at 503-967-7018.

How to Self Love

How to Self Love
How to Self Love | How do you Self Love anyway?

How to Self Love

Everyone says to have more self love, but how?

Benefits of self love are numerous including finding more success and more intuition.

Here are some tips for enhancing self love:

Self love exercise:

  • find an emotion or physical feeling in your body and treat it like an old family member.
  • ask it for information and for how you can love it more.
  • treating parts of ourselves like “part of the family” is a great exercise for “ninja self love” that helps us feel strong and highly intuitive.
  • being in the body – wiggle those toes, remember your spirit lives in a body. You can even say “I request my spirit to be in my body!”

See if you can sense the feeling of centeredness and strength. Focus on what you can do – Ah that’s better.

Just a slight re-focus on what you can do to help yourself and your family is life giving. Why focus on what we can’t control right? ;o)

Noelani Rodriguez is a Love Psychic and Business Intuitive known for finding inspiring words – see her reviews here.

The Power of your Aura

What is a Psychic Healer? A Psychic's Best PracticesThe ancients thought of the Aura as your shield of protection and glory!

Here’s some other things they teach about the aura:

  • that you can harmonize it with sound, including humming a note
  • that you can make a “shower” of love and affection towards your aura
  • that you can clean harmful emotions like fear or malice from your aura
  • that you can know how to wash and cleanse toxins away
  • that you can have the best protection ever, the “fire of the heart” to banish dark forces entirely, and even get stronger
  • create spiritual virtue

Here are some quick exercises for your aura. Ready?

Blue light – this is a Tibetan exercise that is as old as the hills. Relax and imagine a blue light in the center of your head in midnight blue. Visualize it getting bigger and bigger and cleansing your etheric body (an inch around your physical body, there for your health). Picture your etheric body regenerating itself. Then picture the blue light filling your emotional body (a few inches to a few feet beyond your body). Picture your emotional body letting go of glamors, illusions and emotions and being replaced with joy. Repeat with your mental body just beyond your emotional body. Say “I am the blue light” and repeat three times.

Energy shower – picture yourself near a waterfall, bathe the physical, emotional and mental bodies one at a time. Picture the waterfall becoming love and affection. See how physical, emotional and mental bodies benefit from this waterfall of love and affection. See emotions like jealousy or sadness, anger, get replaced with contentment. Any sticky substances that are stubborn can be entities, but will also be removed, both by the water and by any other removal you want to imagine. If you imagine “cutting away” a stubborn entity from your emotional body it will fill in like new in that area. In this way you are doing “spiritual surgery” on your aura.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader that’s been featured on global Para-x Radio. She conducts spiritual training in Portland and globally about subjects like the aura.

How to Marry Yourself | Inner Marriage

Did you know that you can “marry yourself” for self love, and even to attract somebody else?

In my Psychic practice,  I talk to women about how the Universe always rewards self care.

I knew a teacher in Hawaii that ran dolphin retreats with her life partner for 20 years, a great life!

She told me that she found her partner after she went into a cave in Harbin Hot Springs with her teacher,  and married herself with a ceremony!

She said that once she got very clear about what she wanted, including a life partner, and she got clear that she wanted to take care of herself, she did this “self wedding” ceremony and her partner appeared four months later.

I heard this kind of story more than once — Katalin Koda, the Author of “Fire of the Goddess” and a resident of Portland, has created ceremonies for women to work on the “divine marriage” with themselves (video). She also corroborates the story that she and other women felt better in life and love after they did their ceremony.

Why does inner marriage work?

According to Tibetan Bon and Buddhism teachings, the inner marriage is where you learn to become aware of your Soul on the higher planes. This is the part of you that has been around for eons, like “your own ancestor.” (Hawaiians have a similar teaching about this part of you; they call it the Aumakua). In this teaching your Soul sits on the upper planes, available to talk with you and guide you.

I love this perspective because:

. When you become aware of your Soul, you have an inner guardian.
. It is easy and powerful to talk to your Soul in the morning a few minutes a day, with cumulative effects.
. You start to feel more: independent.
. You start to have an ongoing conversation with your Soul about what your life is about and what to do next.
. You feel more calm, and positive about life.
. You feel like your own best friend.

So I’m enjoying other women’s stories about what “self marriage” is about along with ceremonies you can do, but also Tibetan / Eastern perspectives that talk about your inner marriage as a daily practice, saying that your inner marriage is your marriage to your own Soul, as well as your romance with it through the inner voice.

The inner marriage can fund success for a love search as the love seeker can be stronger, and in a more focused perspective about love to attract good love. In terms of lightwork, the inner marriage can provide a better foundation for attracting helpful guidance for bring a more loving and divine presence to the planet, the purpose of lightwork.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Harvard-educated Psychic and Author. She is known for predicting marriages and has been featured on shows like global Para-x radio. Check out her reading specials at

What’s your Love Bonding Style?

Psychic Healing - What is it?

What’s your Love Bonding Style?

Hello, my name is Noelani Rodriguez, I’m a Love Psychic that has predicted 10 marriages and has been featured on global radio programs like Para-X Radio.

Talking with over 2000 people in love readings, I have noticed that sometimes it is useful to know your own “love bonding style” or what they refer to in Modern Psychology as “attachment style.”

So for example, John Knowles the father of Attachment Theory, saw that there were three attachment styles. Books like “Hold Me Tight” or “Attached” explore these three types also:

  • secure attachment style – 50% of the population, tends to feel a secure attachment bond with a partner. Knows how to be present to the relationship and reassure someone that they are in the relationship securely.
  • anxious attachment style – 25% of the population, tends to feel anxious with distance. Needs reassurance. Tends to swallow needs and requests instead of honoring her needs. The culture also tends to put down this style of love as “needy,” while attachment is part of our biological feedback system and some “protest” more when they feel lack of closeness. This type can be validated and also learn to communicate needs effectively.
  • avoidant attachment style – 25% of the population, tends to need space and distance but can start out close. Can also project the problem onto the partner, thinking the partner is “needy” or “overthinking” the relationship. Can be in the dating pool more because they tend to idealize the idea of finding a perfect “soulmate” but they lose interest more quickly because of their avoidant style. They can learn to validate partners, communicates needs effectively and ask for more space.

What I find is that by knowing your attachment style or what I like to call “love bonding style,” you can choose what love bonding style you’d like in your partnership. Certainly anxious types can attract avoidant types because opposites attract, plus we tend to attract according to our love wounds.

By the way, here”s an example of attracting according to our love wounds– I’ve seen an anxious attachment woman that constantly wonders where she stands, with an avoidant attachment man that goes in his cave and wonders about the relationship from a distance. But looking at their wounding helps see what is happening: she never got enough validation in early childhood and got controlled instead, while he got criticized constantly in childhood and learned to become distant. Now the woman he is with criticizes him for being distant (his wound) and he distances from her making her feel invalidated (her wound).

People become medicine for one another and their wounding although the  medicine can be a bitter pill to swallow. Each one learns that they are not stuck thinking that love is like their childhood, and they can choose partners that want to relate in their style.

It is easier for an anxious attachment style person to go with a secure attachment style person, and it is easier for a avoidant style person to go with a secure attachment style person.

Whatever person you choose,  it is good to know their style, know your style and negotiate your needs, including saying your needs. The anxious attachment style person has the hardest time saying their needs but they must try. The avoidant attachment style person has the hardest time seeing their needs (the tend to squash their needs and also think problems are their partner’s fault), but with some self knowledge they can ask for their needs too, which often times is to get some space.

One cool thing I ask clients to try is to try and spot a person’s attachment style in 3 seconds. It should obvious what attachment style people have. Is someone not smiling on the bus? Do they seem to shrink into their own corner? (avoidant style).

It’s great practice to spot people’s attachment style for dating and guessing who’s a match.

Even when someone’s not your style, you can still negotiate.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Love Psychic that’s predicted many marriages-here’s some testimonials:

Here’s people that said I predicted their marriages in  readings!

  • “We’re engaged to be married this coming spring. ” Karen L.
  • “Noelani…predicted the relationship I’ve been in for the past four years.Orice K.
  • “She (Noelani) told me I would meet my great love by Summer, and I met him at the end of Memorial Day weekend…” Heather S:
  • “.this is the one.” Sue L:
  • “I wouldn’t be married to this fabulous man if it weren’t for you!” Lauren F

Text or phone 503-967-7018 for a love psychic reading.

Faith | How to Have More Faith

Psychic Healing - What is it?
Faith – How to Have More Faith


When facing challenges, instead of having less faith, we can have more faith.

The Benefits of Faith are:

  • More Joy – Being able to dance through life
  • More Calm – knowing the Universe has your “back.”
  • More Gifts – Being able to heal, pray, get intuition.

Here are some ways to strengthen your faith:

  • Remember all the times your intuition was right, someone’s looking out for you! My friend calls it the Universe, or “Uni” for short.
  • When things have gone wrong in the past, try looking and seeing if  your ego(fear/survival) played a role , like attracting the wrong people, addictions that lead to health stuff, etc.
  • Connect with your Higher Self, that is connected to all that good stuff in the Universe. Energize your mind and intentions with resolve from your Higher Self. ;O)

Intuition has showed me that Faith is worth having. Living in a Universe where you can use intuition for direction and comfort is pretty cool. I find as a Psychic Reader for the past seven and a half years I’ve watched intuition at work consistently.

Here’s people that said I predicted their marriages in email and phone readings!

  • “You did a reading for me back in the Spring that was spot on! After meeting person you said I’d meet at the exact time you said we’d meet, we’re engaged to be married this coming spring. ” Karen L.
  • “Noelani’s romance predictions are ACCURATE. She predicted the relationship I’ve been in for the past four years. I recommend her readings.” Orice K.
  • “She (Noelani) told me I would meet my great love by Summer, and I met him at the end of Memorial Day weekend…” Heather S:
  • “You said I would meet a feminine pagan the beginning of the year…this is the one.” Sue L:
  • “I wouldn’t be married to this fabulous man if it weren’t for you!” Lauren F

Even when things seem uncertain Intuition and Divine Light have answers for us and even healing and miracles for us. With bigger faith, we have better results!

Noelani Rodriguez

How to Manifest Your New Year in 2016

How to Manifest Your New Year in 2016

Manifesting the New YearWant to manifest more love in the New Year? More freedom? Here’s what you do:

1) Manifest from the Higher Self – Put out your left hand and say “connecting to my Higher Self. Then say “With the power of my Higher Self and my Energized Mind I attract ______ to my aura.” What is your Higher Self? It’s your Spirit Body that miracle power, it is a faster way to manifest!

2) Energize your house – You have an energy field and so does your space! Say “With the power of my Higher Self and my Energized Mind I attract ______ to my space.”

3) Take a look at you spend your time – Do you have a favorite obsession or distraction? That’s ok, just know that this usually means we’re secretly insecure about our own worth or power. Remind yourself to treat everyone equally with yourself, no putting people on pedestals. Attract good support system to yourself and you’ll take off in no time! ;O)

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic, bestselling Author and Spiritual Counselor with first time caller specials – text 503-967-7018.

Friends with Benefits | Is It A Good Idea?

Psychic Healing - What is it?
Friends with Benefits – Is it a Good Idea?

Friends with Benefits

“Friends with benefits” might be a good idea before the age of 25. Research shows that women are most promiscuous under the age of 25. Men are most promiscous before the age of 20.

When I was 24, I remember having a new haircut like Cindy Lauper that boys liked. Men invited me into their convertibles in Los Angeles, I even had a male model that looked like a cowboy, sweet talking me.

I remember the feeling of variety for  variety’s sake at that age, flirting with all the boys, being free to discover new options. This is probably what men feel before they want to settle down.

Friends with benefits is great when you don’t want to settle down. You can tell everyone you’re not interested in committing. You don’t have to hurt their feelings.

There are different categories relationships can be in: one night stand, friends with benefits, friend zone, girlfriend, wife. Hollywood actor and relationship pundit Chazz discusses these categories. He posits that “friends with benefits” rarely makes it to wife.

Lately I have to agree. Now in my 50s, I recently had the “friends with benefits” conversation with someone I considered a partner. She was excited about the idea of being friends with benefits, when she had just pronounced that we were “together” weeks earlier on a vacation. I much rather be in the friend zone. Chazz says you have a better chance of becoming someone’s wife if you are in the friend zone. I like his philosophies and he has a point — a friend has a better chance for respect than a friends with benefits. That is because friends with benefits often means that you fall short of a person’s romantic expectations, while friends means you are valued for who you are, and meet expectations.

I say this after noticing that my partner’s true romance was with her cell phone. Every Saturday night she would dance with the phone like it was the real source of excitement in the room. Although she let peek across her shoulder at times while she checked her phone, she would sometimes grow a “spaghetti arm” so long that I cannot see the phone’s contents.

While I don’t think this behavior was deliberate, I think that there’s times when a woman can feel “gaslighting,” a subtle and ambient form of abuse from her partner. So for example, not only was my partner’s fascination with her phone a bit rude, previous conversations about her checking her phone often during our dates definitely highlighted that at the very least, putting her phone away would have pleased me. And that she had fair warning about.  She continued the behavior and this created some subtle sabotage for my self-esteem and for our connection.

This brings me to my next point which is that friends with benefits is often a category you are in because you do not fit your partners physical or emotional requirements. There is often not much that you can do about this.

Everyone is the perfect match for someone, but not being the perfect match can cause problems because in some cases, the man (or person) that wants to be friends with benefits also has a tendency to place a low value on you because you are not meeting their requirements long-term. They will demonstrate this low value they place on you with their behavior — in my case, my gal checking her phone on our dates, or “looking tres bored” at times.

I have a theory that a man (or woman) that wants to place a high value on you, can want to do so just because they want to do so when they tend to do so. So you can be treated like a goddess no matter whether you are that person’s match for a long-term partner or not. In this society, we don’t tend to teach how to treat women like a goddess. And also, those that place low value on you because you are not their match, can eventually show it through their behavior or speech.

I had hopes my friend with benefits would treat me well or honor me. Eventually, a friends with benefits will behave like they are doing you a favor. And if they are a person of quality, they may know how to provide an environment of honoring for you. But then, if they are a person of quality, they might find occasion to honor themselves by finding a perfect match.

Not everyone wants to be married, and I sometimes wonder myself if relationships suit me. But as I grow older, I find that I can enjoy someone’s company enough to commit, and this person that I liked was my favorite.

Nowadays, my conclusion is, friends with benefits must include honoring. (For me that means putting your phone away). Honoring can’t be defined easily, but you will know if you feel honored are not. And you can probably tell if a man or woman knows how to honor a woman. You’ll know it from the way you feel. And chances are, a person that knows how to honor will find a commitment. Otherwise the benefits in friends with benefits is just B.S.– it’s a man’s or woman’s self-loathing turned outward, where they are procrastinating their life and you are paying the price. You’re the one they don’t need, so now you both get to suffer. Perhaps they haven’t learned how to do anything else except subconsciously prey on the weak, substituting playboy glory for actual self-esteem.

How about let’s make a rule: no friends with benefits after the age of 25, except for that rare exception — a man that loves a woman, that makes her feel like the only one, unless your compersion (permission for a person to love other people) is so high that you can let him be free. So high honoring for the man and high conpersion for the woman, otherwise no friends with benefits, capiche? It’s back to finding a monogamous commitment, and probably the less benefits the better for a little while!

Oh and there’s just one other thing about friends with benefits: usually when someone asks you to be friends with benefits after you’ve been dating, it means that they have someone else in the wings. Otherwise why would they let you go free?

Listen to your spirit — my spirit told me I couldn’t trust this person I was with even though I loved her dearly. A few days later, and a lot of “phone checking” later, she said she wanted friends with benefits.

She’s a darling as a friend, with a whole lot of reasons I haven’t gone into here, so let’s just say I chose the friend zone.

Enjoy mating season this year.


Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Author featured on Women’s Radio and global Para-X Radio, discussing “friends with benefits” and relationships with clients around the world.

Love Relationship Not Serious? 3 Ways to Tell | Love Psychic

How do you know a love relationship is not serious?

There are several signs that love is not serious, but good news, you can take your power back by realizing that you yourself got into this situation, probably for your own growth.

Firstly, love is not so serious if the person is taking 6 months, 1 year, even 10 years, and there is still no commitment. A person is not serious about taking the relationship further, otherwise they would pounce on the juicy opportunity to commit to you!

Secondly, love is not so serious if you are always leading separate lives. Research shows that when two people fall in love, they start to think as one–picking up each other’s kids, meeting each other’s parents, showing up as a couple at parties and so forth. Are you finding it has been months or years and you still haven’t met a person’s friends or relatives? This could be a sign that the partner is not really so serious about a committed relationship.

Moving to Portland | Portland Moves

Third, the “I don’t know” syndrome, when a person you are dating constantly says “I don’t know” when you ask what your relationship is, or what they want in the future. If the person you are with can’t tell you what they want in the future, have no plans, and constantly say “I don’t know” when you ask what they want in the future, they are probably not so serious.

Good news! Often times you are not so serious either! Let’s face it, when we date we put our best face on for a while, but in a commitment we have to keep our best face on. Some of us are not ready to meet someone’s parents, show up to another’s life in good times and bad, add value to their life at the same time we are adding value to ours. The good news is sometimes we are not so serious as we think about commitment either.

Noelani Rodriguez is a well-loved Love Psychic that has predicted many marriages and has been featured on global radio-she wishes you a serious love relationship if you want one.

Are you living your Soul Purpose? | Akashic Records

Merkaba | Light ChariotAre you living your Soul Purpose?

Sometimes we first have to answer this question:

What is the Soul? There’s three parts to us:

1) Your Spiritual Self: the “real you” – our divine counterpart, who we truly are, the spiritual self, the higher self, I am presence, superconsciousness.

That’s our true self.

It is our source, and it is also our destination of what we are returning to.

2) The Soul –  Our “responsible self.” The soul is responsible for the life we are experiencing and each of the lives in the past we have experienced.

3) Our Physical Self – the “reflected you” – we are human reflections of the Divine.

We are journeying from life to life. From source to source.

As with every journey there are three main components.

1) destination – ever travel without a destination? That can be fun once in a while but if you travel  if you don’t know your destination, you can go around in circles or chasing dead ends.

2) map – you can choose good avenues to get to where you are going

3) signposts – this is all the “coincidences” that can happen, the synchronicities, or people magically drawn to you to teach or learn something from you.

The soul can give us the map and the signposts.

The soul gives us every experience from every lifetime. It remembers the karma that we have created. It imprints the Universe with it. This is known as the Akashic Records.

The soul has a reason it’s here, it’s the calling that you answered when you imagine people needing help on this Earth at the moment you were born. What did the Earth need help with that your soul decided to be here? You do know the answer. And that’s your destination, your Soul Purpose.

Signs you are living on Soul Purpose?

  • Life is quiet – it’s not loud, talkative or “busy.”
  • Life is simple – you know what you’re doing and why, you’re not just doing it for exploration or kicks, you know your choices, you’re not stuck with “too many choices
  • Intuition increases – you know which direction to go if you ask your intuition
  • Choices are conscious – you know what your conscience is telling you to do, and you do it as much as possible.
  • You get a calling and you follow – you “hear” or feel you’re supposed to do more art, helping professions, or any profession that helps humanity. You follow the call and you “at home” in your career. Abundance follows.
  • You know why you’re in a relationship – you know why you are in your relationships and what the soul purpose of each relationship is.

A little contemplation and meditation goes a long way to find out your Soul Purpose. Do a quick meditation in the morning where you imagine you are holding your head in your hands ( to put your thoughts aside ) , and talk to your intuition about your Soul Purpose for 8 minutes. You can also learn to do an Akashic Records Reading or get an Akashic Records Reading to get clear about Soul Purpose – it’s fun!

Noelani Rodriguez is an Akashic Records Reader that will talk with you about Soul Purpose – Mobile 503-967-7018.

What’s wrong with Mr. Right Now? | Soulmates and Twin Flames

Soulmates, Twin Flames and Mr. Right Now
Twin flames

What’s wrong with Mr. Right Now?

From a more spiritual point of view, everyone is a Mr. Right Now or Ms. Right Now. Why is that?

Look at Tibetan Bon Tradition that has been around for 17,000 years. They say that a soulmate is a friend or lover that you have a “feeling” is meant to be in your life. Why? For spiritual growth (!).

That is because we all have a soul purpose and a spiritual path we are on. We even have an amount of time we are supposed to be on the spiritual path with someone else.

Here’s an example. Say someone is really great at putting vitality and fun in your life. Maybe you’re really great at putting contemplation and meaning into their life. Not a bad trade eh? You might do very well with this person for a while.

What about when things are meant to end or just change? The Tibetans talk about this too, they say that we have a “feeling” of how long our closeness is supposed to last with somebody.

What if there are certain ways they refuse to grow? It might be time to learn all you can from then and then go to your highest calling from there.

There’s also times when we have different intentions long term. One might like to marry, one stay single, one date a few or have an open relationship, one more closed relationship.

With friends, one might need to travel, one stay put, one concentrate on their marriage, one concentrate on their business.

Hopefully, it is all part of our soul journey, what we decide to do with others. In this way, just about everyone is a Mr. Right Now or Mrs. Right Now (although a few last forever). Not a disappointment, but a very sacred fellow soul traveller!

Noelani Rodriguez is a well loved Psychic that talks about Soulmates and Twin Flames.

What is Abundance?

How to Have Abundance
How to Have Abundance

In an intuitive moment, I caught a glimpse of abundance. It looked like the energy that I could describe as “charisma.” Charisma is an energy that you can draw to yourself anytime and spread around.

Charisma in this case means “aliveness.” When we have aliveness, we attract abundance–we attract customers, business partners, prospects and so forth. We generate new ideas. Everyone wants to be around someone that helps them feel their own aliveness.

We can tap into this energy at any time.

If you notice abundant people, they are buzzing with aliveness.

For spiritual people in service, abundance takes on a very interesting character. We become “space holders,” for spiritual help to arrive. The spiritual help seems to provide the attraction factor for our service as well as the customers. People seem synchronistcally drawn to our spiritual service.

So in summary, take a look at the ways that you can move in the energy and “charisma” of abundance, as well as to create space for your spiritual service.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic featured on Women’s Radio. For her latest reading specials text her at 503-967-7018.

How To Let Go

How to Let Go
How to Let Go

How To Let Go

Obsessions and possessions are some of the easiest ways to veer off the spiritual path.

Tibetans say your guides can actually leave you if you get obsessed with a person.

Here are some ways to let go of a person:

a) imagine that person sitting in chair. Ask them why they are not in a relationship with you. You will hear the answer!

b) imagine yourself sitting in a chair and ask yourself why you still want to be in a relationship with this person after what they have said. Usually a pattern from childhood says you have to settle for less love and even what feels like hate.

c) calling your soul energy to yourself, offer blessings and self-awareness to the other person, as well as awareness of your own feelings. Then visualize your adult self committing to love and worship your inner child, the remedy for unhealthy attractions.

After you do this exercise, you’ll feel a lot better about letting go,  and here’s another tip: try looking at a person through your third eye, the seat of the soul, to see what the soul purpose is in your relationship. Usually when it is time to let go, your soul is saying it it time to be done, and you can see the reason why. This can add lots of comfort. The best way to fall in love is spiritually, and that is going to show you how to best handle your relationships, even when it is time to let go.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic that’s been featured on Women’s Radio. Check out her first time phone reading special.

Why People Disappear and What To Do About It

Why Do People Disappear?
Why Do People Disappear?

Why People Disappear

Psychics  get phone calls about people that have disappeared, temporarily or permanently. Usually it is temporary. After doing more than 1000 psychic readings in my career this is what I have to say about disappearing.

Unpredictable People Can Make Us Say Ouch

Ancient Astrologers defined heartbreak as unpredictability. Some people are unpredictable — an Astrologer might call this having an influence of Uranus, the unpredictable planet. But one thing you have to remember is that unpredictability is sometimes a personality trait, and this can be the culprit sometimes.
Whether an unpredictable departure is just part of a person’s personality, or the sign of some other issue, if we can come to embrace unpredictability, even if we don’t prefer it, we are one step closer to emotional well-being. In any case, unpredictable disappearances can really hurt. It’s better to understand them.

Who Disappears and Why?

Here are some of the reasons why someone disappears:

— A person has unpredictability built into their character, like a person with Aquarius or planet Uranus prominent in their Astrology chart. This type of person thrives on change, and can build up hidden resentments into a critical mass. Don’t be surprised when they surprise you because they are all about surprise! Just know that even if the change is a shock, it was building up for a while.

— A person bent on peace. The personality quiz called the Color Code is lauded by Oxford University Psychologists. Out of four personality types listed, one type is most likely to disappear. This type is motivated by “peace,” hates conflict, and holds a secret scoring card to see if they think you’ve been fair. Once they decide that you haven’t been fair, they disappear, even after years. Once in a while this type of personality type shows up in my readings.

– A person that exists in chaos. There are people with very chaotic childhoods, and their inner life becomes a revolving door of emotions, drives and exit strategies. There may be a psychological disorder like one of the “cluster B” personality disorders like narcissism, borderline personality, sociopathy and so forth. There may be something like schizoaffective disorder. These are extreme cases, but remember that people that seem to live in chaos or even like it usually have profound abuse. They may really want to connect and then find themselves uncomfortable with the responsibility of connection. Also, a person with an addiction problem can be managing deep seated emotional problems, creating chaos also. Drug addicts and also sex addicts create chaos! Just know the chaos isn’t about you.

— People that spot an obnoxious side of you. Hey we’re not perfect and sometimes a person thinks you’re too controlling, too angry, talk too much, are too cloying, or  basically have some kind of dysfunctional patterning that is gonna last a while. One of the most common reasons people disappear is because they find that you have an unhealthy pattern that you’re not ready to confront. There’s no lack of love! They just want you to create a more healthy environment for them.

— The man cave. While I don’t want to normalize disappearing, short disappearances that last 3 to 6 weeks can often be a man that wants to go in his cave. Men are different from women. They build testosterone all month long and likewise they build energy to confront their emotions and yours. They can place emotional issues on the shelf until they are ready to deal with them. There’s a shelf in every man cave where he can temporarily store his emotions until he’s ready to deal with them, kinda like a spare part of a car.

There is something else that women can remember about men, that is that men in research are found to get more stressed out around women’s emotions than other women tend to be. That means that men get their heart racing and their blood pressure rising when they don’t understand woman’s emotions or know how to make a woman happy. Because of this they tend to do fight or flight. It helps for women to build positive requests and easy instructions for men to help satisfy their needs. Men love to have a job that they can do well and instructions to get you happy easily. Just remember that there can be relatively legitimate reasons why a man goes in his cave, as us women can sometimes talk in terms of repetitive  complaints instead of positive, clear requests.

What to Do about People that Disappear | Disappearing Acts

The Tibetans have a saying that a friend who disappears was never a friend in the first place. In other words, sometimes a person that disappears has been keeping up a front or a deception about who they are. You want to see if this is the case.

Often a person has been pretending to be someone, pretending not to be a cheater, pretending to be committed and so forth.

You want to take a look at people that disappear and see if they have a tendency towards pretending something, or just disappearing every so often!

Another thing to do is just accept if a person is just a naturally unpredictable person. Some people are unpredictable and that is all. Look at their Astrology chart and see if they have some indicators of unpredictability like prominent Aquarius or Uranus.

Also check if a person may have disappeared as a way of avoiding conflict, or a way of starting conflict. Either way, disappearing may be built into their personality.

If the person thrives on chaos or even worse, they thrive on hurting you, then consider that they may have a lack of empathy or personality disorder that can equate love with meanness. This is not likely to improve. If they are an addict, just know they can have significant work to do on themselves to improve their chaos.

Try loving unpredictable people — I know a woman that goes on routine vacations and then turns them into two or three year junkets, leaving her family behind. She’s unpredictable but loving all the same. On one of her extended trips, her husband said “you know I’ve always been meaning to cross-dress!” She came back from her trip and he was in a dress! They have been married many years or and are used to each other’s unpredictability.

So the bottom line is, decide whether the disappearing person is:

A) in a man cave
B) a deceiving type of person
C) turned off because of what they perceive as unfairness, hopefully temporarily
D) someone with problems acting chaotic or even mean
E) someone that thinks you need work to do on yourself
F) just an unpredictable type!

No matter what, people that disappear may shock us but they’ll always give us good opportunities — 1) the chance to be in our own skin and value ourselves unconditionally no matter what they are doing and 2) the chance to to see who they are little more clearly, and who we are as well.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic, Author and Radio Guest. Find out more at

The Wisdom of Love | Grandmother’s Advice


My grandmother lived to be the ripe old age of 95. When she passed away I realized that she made love look easy, and that she had the wisdom of love.

For example:

  • She kept all her friends, even for 60 years or more
  • She kept all her connections harmonious

I decided I would look at love through her eyes, and this is what I saw:

  • Looking at people as beautiful – As a grandmother, she looked at people as something beautiful “in the process of becoming,” like a beautiful tree growing. What they were becoming she didn’t know.  It didn’t matter.
  • Honoring people’s differences – Instead of saying “I only love my Christian relatives” or “I only like my relatives with children and family” she loved everybody and accepted people’s differences without prejudice. This creates a lot more love.
  • Caring about people – Caring is a verb, different from loving, it involves encouragement, listening, creating a gentle environment for nourishment and growth.
  • Loving without conditions – Try looking at people without demands. What if they are free to do what they want and need, even if they seem to be doing the wrong thing, or seem distant from the connection at times.

If you want to know love that’s wise, look at a grandmother!

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic that has appeared on Women’s Radio and Para-X Radio.

How to Manifest in One Click | Law of Attraction

Spiritual ManifestingThere is a secret to manifesting that is ages old, which is to dream your best life into being. Here is the secret to your very best life: let Spirit paint the picture of your best life.

Why does this work?

  • We have the power to “invite.” We are magical beings, and when we invite Spirit’s help that’s when miracles happen–they happen for healers, intuitives, shaman, and they happen for you! So sitting down with a blank notebook or canvas and letting “Spirit paint your life” is inviting Spirit in, a bold invitation.
  • When we are in service, abundance is guaranteed.  The Qabala, an ancient oral tradition of over 5000 years, says that when we are in service abundance is guaranteed. When we trust Spirit we get information that is for the Highest Good of all and has the definition of service–following Spirit is being in service automatically.
  • We have access to real time manifestation. Our lives are holographically related to our “good pictures” that we can dream up with Spirit’s help. Just ask a miracle healer like Adam the Dreamhealer that heals rock stars and astronauts on the phone by just picturing a small replica of the healing client in front of him. The same way our pictures can reach out and touch a client, the pictures we make of our future life can holographically touch and transform our life.
  • This is Universal, Ancient Wisdom coming back to us. The Kogi Tribe in Columbia, famous for disappearing for 500 years, teaches their children about two realities, 1) ordinary reality and 2) magical reality. With magical reality, you can dream great dreams like a “happy family” that you ask Spirit to bless and transform. Your magical vision is part of your birthright as the Kogi Tribe is well aware of.

Want to try manifesting right now? Just ask Spirit for a picture of your most blessed job or business, the place where you do service, starting with a “blank” space on your sheet of paper, but letting Spirit fill the picture in.

For me I’m getting the picture of teaching more weekend retreats. What are you getting? Keep going until you get a picture, the great news is that Spirit does all the work, and with just a sprinkling of faith, you’re getting guidance for your best life!

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Author that’s been featured on Women’s Radio and Para-X Radio.

What is Divine Feminine? | Divine Mother

What’s the Divine Feminine?

I enjoyed the Cher concert this week, and am still hoarse from screaming at the concert. I loved how Cher embodies the Divine Feminine, opening her heart to her audience and embracing it with Divine Feminine Power.

What’s DivDivine Mother, Divine Feminineine Feminine Power and how can you have more?

  1. Hawaiians are in touch with Divine Feminine Power – Believing in the power of love to heal, spreading love Hawaiian style is getting in touch with Divine Feminine energy
  2. Divine Mother – Divine Mother is an ancient archetype, Jesus is quoted in Gnostic Bible and Traditional kind, talking about the Divine Mother and Father combined. Picture the energy that embraces the whole world, warts and all. That’s Divine Mother.
  3. Arcturus – Starpeople like Arcturians love Divine Feminine energy. Channelers report beautiful purple and gold and pink love energy that is underneath all things, the feeling of Divine Feminine.
  4. Delta Wave – Delta Wave is the wavelength of little babies (and how we love them), old people when they are dying, and all the fullness of the love that is underneath all our struggles and strife, with ourselves or each other. This is Divine Mother, Divine Feminine, the Love Underneath Everything.
  5. Love letter to yourself – write a love letter to yourself! See yourself the way Divine Mother sees you. Then do it for somebody else.

Use the lovely painting of Divine Mother depicted above from artist Jashmuheen as a visual aid to sense Divine Feminine energy.


Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader that does phone readings to great reviews. She also sees people live as a Portland, Oregon Psychic and also on the Big Island of Hawaii.

How To Be In The Present Moment

Be in the Present MomentHave you ever wanted to get into the Present Moment?

Presence is our birthright. It is where we feel great, and our body feels great.

When we are in the space of being fully present we are in our full power, and we are fully available to the sights, sounds and all available around us.

“If you go to the future or the past, we don’t feel as good” says Rikka Zimmerman, Access Consciousness lecturer who has radical ideas about ways we can get to the present moment. She talks about how we get frantic, or preoccupied, but we miss out on the whole rest of our life. We can miss out on 95% of our life!

In the past or future you can’t fully exist. So of course it is not as powerful a feeling.

Being in the Present Moment

Try these exercises for being in the present moment:

1) Try getting in touch with all the past, including all memories that make you who you are today. Then ask yourself, are you willing to let go of these memories, and step into the present without an old definition of who you are?

2) Imagine that once you let go of old definitions of you from the past, then you are free to run your life instead of the past running you. Imagine the power of being able to manifest, stream full healing power, travel through dimensions when you’re in the present moment. Can you commit to the present moment now?

3) Remember a resentment with a friend, and how when you saw them, the resentment “hijacked” your sense of being in the present. Now imagine all the resentments and value judgments that have your energy locked up in them. Now agree to release all resentments and move into harmony.

4) Get in touch with love out in the Universe before incarnating into separation and realms of fear. Imagine pulling love from the Universe into your energy field. Feel into yourself as being an energetic being full of energy and presence.

Choosing a new feeling of Space and Timelessness is a really good way to take a step towards the present moment. Knowing yourself as Divine Love also bring you into the present moment.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Akashic Records Reader that’s been featured on Para-X and Luscious Life Radio.

10 Ways To Know You’re In Your Heart | Heart Awakening

Psychic Healing - What is it?
10 Ways To Know You’re In Your Heart

Want to know when you’re in your heart? Here are some tips:

  1. You’re feeling good. When you’re in your heart your heart makes a calm “sine wave,” generating a pleasant feeling.
  2. You’re feeling appreciative. Studies show the heart puts out the highest amounts of energy when appreciative.
  3. You’re feeling intuitive. The Heartmath Institute says you can use the heart to see the “essence” of people and what they are saying.
  4. You’re affecting other people. Our hearts are the biggest energy center in our body. Once we are calm and appreciative, others are too.
  5. You’re relaxed. Once you’re in your heart it is very satisfying,  it is so relaxing you want to do it more and more.
  6. You feel equal to others. The mind might feel superior, but the heart feels equal to others.
  7. You feel in resonance with others. Just like Hawaiians say Aloha, and watch each other’s breath to measure resonance, the heart creates resonance.
  8. You feel more empathy. In the heart you talk less, and feel more, feeling more empathy for others.
  9. You’re in touch with the Universe. Ancient teachings say we can connect with all the knowing in the Universe directly through our hearts.
  10. You’re super psychic. Shaman teach you’re more medically intuitive through the heart. Aborigines teach you’re more telepathic through the heart. Taoists teach you have access to all the knowledge of the Universe, where?. Through the heart!

Noelani is a Psychic that does phone and email readings to great reviews for people around the world. She has been featured on Para-X and Women’s Radio.

33 Ways to Manifest Something | Manifesting

33 Ways to Manifest Something – A List

Manifesting with the Flower of Life1) Ask – Known as “Yin manifesting”, this is where you ask for Divine Guidance about what to accomplish next. The divine has great ideas for everybody’s highest and best good. Good guidance comes when you ask.

2) Talk to what you want — if you are manifesting money, talk to the money. Ask what it wants. Tell it what you want. Take a $100 bill out and talk to it. Many are surprised with this exercise — they find that talking to money is like talking to the community.

Ask what services you can provide.

3) Forgive — Karma fills the mind with fear. Try the “one minute forgiveness exercise” and forgive everyone in your life, past, present, future, for everything! You can actually forgive everyone at once. Try forgiveness and free your mind.

4) Virtue — When you create virtue in the world by being kind and generous, you open up the channels for prosperity and grace to come to you and those to whom you are in service.

5) Voice — Shout it out! When you use your voice to manifest it does wonders. I know  a woman that manifested a husband by shouting to the ocean that she wanted one — she found one within minutes after doing this, and they’ve been together seven years.

6) Visual — Have you ever seen someone manifest with a vision board? I know someone who manifested a husband in 4 months this way. I manifested a beautiful place on the beach to stay. Having a visual reminder of what you want to manifest works wonders.

7)  Writing — Write an affirmation and put it up in your house. Famous actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $5 million and put it on his bathroom mirror when he was a new actor. Four years later he got his first advance for a lead role in a movie and guess the amount — 5 million.

8) Put Your Soul in It — Your soul can cause the universe to “glow” with your intention. When you’re conscious of your soul you can manifest in amazing ways. In Hindu tradition it is believed that when you’re conscious of your Soul and Soul desires you can cause the ethers (the universe) to glow.

9) Breath — you may know about how Wayne Dyer taught a manifestation technique he learned from Maher Baba. In this technique you breathe out from your root chakra to your third eye, chanting “Aaaah.” I find that you can picture what you want while you breathe out. I know somebody that manifested a film job in Hollywood with this technique.

10) Angels — I have a teacher that loves to use Archangels for help in her life. She even sends Runner Angels out into the future to find her new financial abundance. She always does well financially.

11) Rainbow — Hawaiians see rainbows as the bridge between heaven and earth. You can use a rainbow and “point it” to your best future. If you want to meeting to go well, or a job interview, try pointing a rainbow to it. In Hawaii rainbows are seen as sacred and symbolize great hope and optimism.

12) Excitement — Excitement is seen as a way to reach a high-frequency. Channel Esther Hicks talks about a way to manifest things quickly as in a “vortex.” Channel Bashar talks about high excitement and low expectation being the highest frequency a human can achieve.

13) Focused Attention — in the book “Bowl of Light” Hawaiian elder Makua talks about how when you use your mind to focus attention on what you want, that you are using your personal power or “mana” and joining it with universal source or “aka.” This can be seen as the Hawaiian way to manifest, but it starts with learning to focus the attention.

14) Emotional energy — need can create strong emotional energy, and brought together with focused attention can be a great way to manifest. Hawaiian tradition talks about dense emotional energies being power to add to your manifesting pursuits.

15) Practice — manifesting takes practice. Start with little goals and work up to the big ones.

16) Ask for a miracle — I asked for a miracle and I received a cure to a 30 year chronic health complaint five months later. Since then I haven’t stopped asking for miracles and find that they are commonplace. You just have to know that you can ask and receive.

17) Ask like a child — in many traditions including Hawaiian and Taoist traditions, it is believed that the inner child connects with the divine directly. It is when we are in our innocence that we can see it and hear the divine most clearly. Know that you can ask like a child, humbly but authoritatively, for what you want and need.

18) First chakra — Your first chakra is believed to be your willingness to live fully, your basic life force. The more life force you have the more you can manifest.

19) Fourth chakra — Your fourth chakra is your heart chakra. Asking what it wants and you will stay true to your core inner being. This will make you stronger and more and balance in your life. Ask your heart what it wants often.

20) Fifth chakra — Fifth chakra Your fifth chakra is your throat chakra. It connects you with the etheric plane, where the universe is “flat.” Your will merges with Divine will and you will find that in this realm your thoughts “boomerang” and become things. When I’ve used my voice in this way to manifest, often I will get an instant recognition that my request has been “heard.”

21) Sixth chakra — Often called the “third eye,” this chakra merges Divine vision with your vision. It’s a great way to see the future the way the Divine sees it where everything is possible and “everything is auspicious.”

22) Future self — in the book “Change Your Future Through Time Openings,” there is award-winning physics theories that there is that we can send a  version of ourselves into different portals of possibility to find the best possible future outcome for ourselves.

23) Call Your Future Self — Writer Tom Kenyon has an exercise where you call your future self to you, after you visualize a successful version of your future self. You can actually pull it towards you using a “handcrank” or fishing pole in your visualization. You then merge with your future self.

24) Flower of Life — Symbols like the Flower of Life or the Merkaba are powerful because we recognize them with our intuition is building blocks of the universe. While Physicist Nassim Haramein has finally collected research to support that these shapes are the building blocks of all life, ancient civilizations have known for many years. That’s why the flower of life symbol is on every pyramid. Meditate inside a Flower of Life or Merkaba, and you can in training to unconditional love frequencies that are useful for manifesting.

25) Divine Mother — When you entrain to the unconditional love for the world symbolized by Divine Mother, you can entrain to feelings of joy and optimism that are very empowering for manifesting. Visit a little bit with Divine Mother each day.

26) Tell (Don’t Ask) — I enjoy how world peace emissary and breatharian Jasmuheen manifests — she has a violet light cocoon meditation and she envisions programming her energy field or cocoon with a “code,” much like a programmer would program a computer. Make the universe your computer and program it! Tell it, don’t ask it, what you want.

27) Light — Imagine what you want surrounded in light and blessing. Think that’s spacey? Author Sonaya Roman published her first book this way “manifesting with the light.” She just invited the light to her book and her friend called a publisher and it got published without her even lifting a finger.

28) Ancestors — your ancestors come blessed with many gifts and abilities. I had a friend that talked to his ancestors before a big lawsuit and they had plenty of strength for him. He also had healers in his lineage, and could call on a light that surrounded his families for 100 years. I experienced this light transmitted from him and it was spectacular. Ask your ancestors for courage and wisdom.

29) Ask the Land — in Hawaii they love to talk about the a’ina or land. The land is seen as a living breathing being that stores prayers and is full of wisdom about your mission. Go to sacred land, introduce yourself to it, and ask for any insights about your mission. The land can also provide physical healing and strength for your prayers.

30) Gratitude — when you receive grace in the world the natural response is gratitude. The more gratitude you have the more grace can come in. Become conscious of your gratitude by journaling or meditating on gratitude and you’ll be surprised at the results.

31) Surrender Dorothy — surrender is the term to mean surrender to the divine and the lifestyle that comes when you follow your intuition I need to know basis, and accept that you are part of a divine plan. In this state surrender is not something bad but something blissful. Manifesting becomes something you do amidst a “knowing” that you are part of a divine plan at work.

32) Give It to Dreamtime — manifesting before sleep is a great practice that is been with ancient civilizations for thousands of years, as well as being theorized as a great practice by award winning Physicist Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet. We can offer up our needs and wants for manifesting in dreamtime, with help from helpful spirit guides and our Higher self.

33) Theta — For the 14,000 practitioners of Vianna Stibal’s “Theta Healing” the Theta Wave is how you “talk to God.” Other systems like the Silva Mind Method use alpha wave, but the point is the same — trance clears the mind for manifesting. Learn to count down into Alpha and Theta wave. I do psychic training that will help you with this. Learn to use Theta frequencies for your benefit.

Thank you! Happy Manifesting!

Noelani is a Psychic Reader on numerous radio shows–she reads to excellent reviews as a phone psychic.

Heart Awakening? Ask a Dog

Heart Awakening? Ask your Dog

Awakening The Illuminated Heart

I noticed one day that it is easy to be “serious” as a Psychic, Author and spiritual enthusiast, until I started talking to a friend about dogs.

Basically, heart awakening can be so simple as your dog trying to get your attention.

Dogs are already in a state of “heart awakening.” And it is not so “serious” either. :O)

Something as simple as tossing your dog a ball can mean you have found heart awakening, and have “the answer.”

Often we learn to close our hearts as children when we are not getting “met” in our hearts. We might learn to use our intellect to get love, or our talent, or our good deeds.

But turning our consciousness to our beginnings and learning to go back into the heart again, we can see that nothing more needs to happen.

You don’t have to be smart, or talented or do good deeds. In fact, you don’t need to do anything and you might sense a sense of heart contentment start to rise. It is even more than contentment, it is the awakening of loving appreciation for everything surrounding us. It can start with a nearby dog.

Like letting your dog lead on a leash, you can let your heart lead. Let simplicity lead.

How to Awaken the Heart

Here’s an exercise I learned for heart awakening (besides the dog walking):

1. Swallow your head into the heart
2. Swallow your heart into the womb (for men it can be lower belly)
3. Swallow your womb into the earth.

Here are some other exercises to increase awakening of the heart:

1. Listen to Crystal Bowl Heart Sounds on Youtube videos
2. Practice drawing with crayons–draw things that evoke a good feeling state
3. Take a meandering walk or car drive
4. Imagine your mind has an off switch (like a stove) and that you can turn on your heart switch.

Most of all, play with the dog!

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic featured on Women’s Radio. She gives phone and Skype readings about love, life and heart awakening.

1-Minute Compassion Exercise

1-Minute Compassion Exercise

Getting more Compassion | 1 Minute Compassion ExerciseLooking for more compassion? Try this compassion exercise…

1. Think any thought, just like you usually do. It could be how you’d like to lose weight, how you have to call somebody you’ve been meaning to call…any thought.
2. Let the thought drop into your heart, enfolding your thought with a wide field of compassion. Let more thoughts flow into your heart, like a steady stream.
3. Do this often enough, and you will find a sense of spaciousness, mindfulness, and even compassion, that spreads around the world! Practice makes perfect…

What is a Soulmate? Tibetan View of Soulmates

What is a Soulmate? Tibetan View

What is a Soulmate
What is a Soulmate?

Tibetan Bon Shamanism has been around for 17,000 years or more. The Tibetans have a little something to say about “what is a soulmate?”

For one thing, they believe that a soulmate is someone, either a lover or a friend, that you are meant to walk down the spiritual path with.

In the Western world, some people don’t desire to walk the spiritual path much at all! It is curious then to contemplate having a soulmate that doesn’t want to walk the spiritual path at all, from this Tibetan point of view.

The next thing, is that most people ask “what is a soulmate?” because they want to find a meaningful partnership or know if they have one.

However, in Tibetan Bon, they teach that you already know whether you are meant to walk the spiritual path with someone, because you will get “feeling” that you have something to learn from them. So in other words, if you meet someone and you get a great “feeling” that you have something to learn from or with them on the spiritual path, then this is a soulmate.

The Tibetans also believe that you know how long you are meant to walk the spiritual path with someone even from the beginning. So if you do not try to fool yourself, you will know how long your relationship is meant to last and when it’s over.

If you try, you will find that you have a internal “destiny” meter, and you can check it to find out if a friend or lover is meant to stay in your life or if your lessons with them are “over”.

According to the Tibetans, this is the answer to the question “what is a soulmate?”

Continue reading What is a Soulmate? Tibetan View of Soulmates

What They Don’t Tell You About Water | Dr. Masuro Emoto Water

Dr. Masuro Emoto's Water Crystal | Dr. Masuro Emoto Water
Dr. Masuro Emoto's Water Crystal | Dr. Masuro Emoto Water

Dr. Masuro Emoto on Water

What a pleasure it has been to see Dr. Masuro Emoto live on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the 2nd anniversary of the Fukishima disaster.

Here are highlights of why I think this is the most important presentation I ever saw:

  • Water, the Visual Representation of Consciousness – The more Dr. Emoto has studied water, the more water seems to be the visual representation of consciousness. Why? Because beautiful water crystals form when water is exposed to 1) words 2) photos 3) music 4) sound.
  • Sweet Songs (and feelings) Heal Water – We sang “Edelweiss” and saw a movie of the water crystals forming as we sang.
  • Words like “Power” Hurt Water – Words like “power” made the water look angry and acidic.
  • Tap Water Doesn’t Form Crystals – Tap water looked chaotic, except for Vancouver BC with pure tap water
  • Prayer Heals Water – Prayer reforms water crystals back again, there were beautiful water crystals in the Ganges where the public prays over the river every day.
  • Water is like God Particle – Water crystals have a hexagon core made up of two 3 dimensional pyramids, similar to the “god particle” theorized in ether/space in physics, the latter even found in a vacuum.
  • Water Responds to “God’s Will – The more you watch water, the more it seems like “God’s will,” like love and kindness, makes the water happy. Humans taking care of the planet and the animal kingdom is a good vibration.
  • Rice Experiments – hundreds of thousands have started “rice experiments,” saying “you fool” to a cup of refrigerated rice and saying “I love you” to another cup. After a month, one is putrid and dark and one is fragrant. See thousands of views on Youtube about this home experiment that’s gone viral.
  • Love and Thanks, Complimentary Healing Energies – Love and Gratitude (Thanks) make complimentary pyramid-like shapes in the water, causing Dr. Emoto to theorize that Love and Thanks are complimentary healling energies for the water and ourselves. Love is the active principle and Thanks is the receptive principle of love.

Give Love and Thanks to the water Sun. March 10th at 7pm HST or just anytime you like! Our water needs healing since Fukishima and the Gulf incidences.

Love and Thanks! Thank you Dr. Masuro Emoto for your miraculous work on water that has reached over 75 countries.


Noelani is a Psychic Reader and Teacher.


Master Cleanse Revisited | How to do Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse | Master Cleanse DietThis is a tribute to Stanley Burroughs, the Creator of the Master Cleanse–the cleanse often called the “Maple Syrup-Lemon-Cayenne Pepper” diet.

Mr. Burroughs passed away recently but I was lucky to know his friend and neighbor, a healer friend of mine named Carol Sue that interviewed him numerous times and took his classes. I want to honor their work today. Here are some things most don’t know about the Master Cleanse diet:

  • While Stanley made lemonade, life gave him lemons. Stanley Burroughs was actually a ‘martyr’ for this diet you could say. He actually went to jail for 3 years in his 80s, for ‘practicing medicine without a license.’ He had a healing modality called Vitaflex that combined color therapy with reflexology and he was thrown in jail for it, right in Oregon. He was beat up his first night in jail. He’s not the first person to be “punished” for practicing alternative medicine and being a threat to traditional medicine.
  • It’s Nutritious. Many have lived off of the Master Cleanser tea, I just recently met someone that drank it for 10 months. Stanley Burroughs would go on it months at a time. Apparently both the maple syrup grade B suggested in the diet and the fresh lemons are highly nutritious for you. The instructions are to take it for 7-10 days.
  • It’s not the Master Cleanse unless you use the salt water. While the diet is known for the Master Cleanser tea made of maple syrup grade B, fresh lemon or lime, distilled water and cayenne pepper, it is not the full “Master Cleanse” unless you drink 2 liters of distilled water with sea salt as well. The salt water is thought to have a “scrubbing” effect inside the colon.
  • It’s best if you fast. The Master Cleanse tea is better when you fast, not just to wash down a burger. It is believed that your body reaches a “fasting cycle” after 3-4 days and then really starts to release toxins and clean out your digestive system.
  • There’s lots of benefits. Expect a better immune system. Your immune system usually “fights” the residue inside your colon all day long. This will give your immune system a boost. Expect surprises too. One gentleman observed a watermelon seed coming out of him and realized he hadn’t eaten watermelon in 20 years. It can be good for your insides to clean out plaque, toxins and old residue from the past, both energetically and literally.

I’m about to start the Master Cleanse again, hope some of you join me!

Noelani Rodriguez is a Phone Psychic and Author. Check out her latest special “Try a Reading and get 20 bonus minutes” here.

Manifesting comes from Peak Experience

ManifestingManifesting | How to Do It

Manifesting, just like the rest of life, gets easier with experience.

Here I type from a tropical travel opportunity that I ‘manifested’ in my life, noticing that manifesting does get easier with time.

Manifesting and Peak Experience

One of the things important to manifesting is peak experience. It is one thing to want something, and another thing to want it with ‘fervor.’ Some people have heard the story that Canadian Actor Jim Carrey put a check for $5M on his bathroom mirror when he was an unknown actor in Hollywood, and 4 years later he got his first lead movie role. His advance amount? $5M.

I would imagine that Jim Carrey wanted this to happen with some emotion, after all it takes some passion to keep your acting career going. I am calling this emotion “peak experience,” because you only have to experience it once and many times you will get results.

Famed lecturer Esther Hicks talks about how your life is a co-creation with the Universe and that you manifest with emotion. She specializes in creating joy and elation for people to demonstrate being in a peak state of gratefulness and receiving. People in her speaking audiences are trying to manifest health, wealth, love, ascension, all the basic human needs and desires.

While I’ve manifested from a state of joy, lots of times I’ve manifested from a state of frustration too. Recently I did this with dating, where I manifested some dates. I could tell I was manifested the way I stated that I wanted some dates. I was frustrated about a relationship that didn’t work out, and I stated my desire with some fury, even talking aloud.

What’s funny about manifesting is that when you get it right, you can actually “feel” the Universe move. It is like our souls have that power, to light up the Universe with our desire when our desire is really pure, and part of the Divine plan. I have found that there is feedback from the Universe as well, as if there is a voice saying “request granted.”

Manifesting can be Quick

Gregg Braden has a story about visiting with a Native American Rainmaker, and how this man was entrusted by his tribe to pray for rain for the crops. Braden was flabbergasted when the man walked into a sacred space, alone, closed his eyes for four seconds, and then was done. The way Braden tells the story the man said “let’s go get a cheeseburger.” The man indeed did conjure up rain for the tribe within a few hours.

When Braden asked him how did he do it, the man said “I visualized the rain on my face, and the smell of the rain on the ground.”

So manifesting can take a few seconds, it can be quick. And if you have some emotion to it, even a peak state, that’s great. The Ancient Hawaiians talked about “mana,” a spiritual power of prayer that each person cultivated. Mana is among other things, manifesting power. It is sometimes described as emotional power, again, the peak state that can create results for manifesting.

Try this exercise:

  • Give yourself a peaceful moment
  • Close your eyes and let a Divine image come to you of manifesting something you need or desire
  • Ask the Divine for a word or phrase to remind you of this image
  • Use this word or phrase to remember the feeling you get when you envision manifesting this need or desire.

To give you an example, I was doing energy healing work on an elderly person and saw the ancient Runic symbol for partnership in gold. In the exercise the phrase came “gold partnership,”in other words that the gold color is a color for Divine healing and partnership means there is partnership with the Divine to stay healthy.

So this exercise can help you conjure words and images of your best results for manifesting.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader and Bestselling Author. She has been a guest blogger for many websites about Manifesting Techniques.

Spiritual Business | How It Works

Business Psychic | Business Intuitive | Business and Intuition
A Prosperity Symbol in the Runes

Every business is a mission to help people and therefore is something that Spirit is interested in. Spirit is interested in:

  • you being happy and getting soul fulfillment
  • the people you help being happy and getting soul fulfillment
  • the needs of the planet being met.

In this sense you will find that Spirit is available to help your business succeed and has been there all along. You will be very successful in your spiritual business when you do one thing:

  • make your inner spiritual voice the “CEO” of your business.

Alot of times, you will find that your inner “CEO” has been talking to you about your business a long time, and that it’s not only telling you you’re going to be successful, but it’s even told you the business plan! To see this, try this exercise:

Exercise: Listening to the spiritual “CEO” of your business, your spiritual inner voice:

  1. Give yourself a peaceful moment
  2. Find a notebook and pen to write with
  3. Write things that Spirit has been telling you about your business and your finances for the past year. Give yourself about 10 minutes — you might be surprised to see all the things Spirit has told you about your business over the past year.

You will usually find that Spirit has been talking to you a long time, and usually in positive ways. If you have been concerned about your business, it could be you just need to remember Spirit’s encouraging words. Here are examples of things that Spirit has been telling me a long time:

  • “You will do Psychic Readings all the time”
  • “You will do this mostly on the phone, worldwide”
  • “You will do phone conferences”
  • “You’ll do well with Facebook…”, etc.

The main point here is that if you choose to approach your business in a spiritual way, you will have more joy and less concern when you listen to your “inner CEO”, the inner spiritual voice that is the real CEO for your business.

Everything else is just polishing your faith and learning to relax.

Noelani Rodriguez is Psychic that’s been featured on Luscious Life Radio. She is a Business Psychic and also a lecturer on the topic of “Intuition for Business.”


Enlightenment is an Emotion

Enlightenment is an Emotion | Law of AttractionMost people don’t think about emotional clearing and inner work when they think about finding Enlightenment. They just want the Enlightenment!

People can want Enlightenment, including the goodies that come with it like more love, kindness, Law of Attraction skills, etc., however, all spiritual experience really has emotional work at its foundation, because Enlightenment is an emotion.

Every spiritual rock star we want to emulate like Buddha, Jesus, all of these, the trick is to emulate their emotion. Jesus said the “Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you.” The Kingdom of Heaven is emotional!

Emotions are the handle to spiritual Enlightenment, even elation, on a grand scale.

For example, when a skilled healer puts a client on a table for a hands on healing, they heal with the emotion of the client being fully well. In other words, they heal with emotion! They heal with the emotions of “Heaven,” bliss, joy, love, elation, etc.

What about Law of Attraction? You may be familiar with Esther Hicks channeling Abraham to so many fans. Her message is to move up the emotional scale and “manifest your dreams” with emotion.

So the deepest, most permeating skills of spirituality are emotional. And if we have the gunk in our emotional body that us humans get like “nobody loves me” (that’s a big one), or “I’ll never find a mate” (that’s another big one) then that’s the filter through which we perceive our reality.

If we remove that filter, we get a profound shift. You are in a profound shift right now. Do you know what happens when filters are removed? Possibilities. Everything is possible all of a sudden. Joy is possible. Love is possible. Independence is possible. (This is big, especially for women. Subconsciously, fear makes us crave dependence). Healing and Manifesting are possible.

Want a good relationship? Feel the emotion of a dynamite relationship. Want an abundant business? Feel the emotion of an enjoyable, fruitful business.

One thing Esther Hicks doesn’t talk about so much, but you can ask for those emotions. Isn’t that easy? One of the ways to do inner work and clear emotions is to ask Divine Help for a profound change, a miracle even. In the spiritual world, our strongest power is to ask–ask for miraculous, stupendous, amazing emotions.

Everything, including Enlightenment, will flow from there.

Noelani is a Psychic that’s been featured on Luscious Life Radio. She offers free Psychic Training on Mondays (by email). Check it out!

How to Manifest With Light | Psychic Training

You have the power to send light at any moment; you can direct light to a healing situation, a business situation, to a lover or a friend. You can send yourself light at any time.

What do I mean by light? If you have any Higher Power, you might experience that power as “light.” The light can heal, cause you to have intuitive flashes, help you to manifest and much more.

As you imagine a gridwork of light that is higher and higher in frequency, closer and closer to the end of the Universe, you can come closer to the causal plane where “miracle energy” exists.

While you may have trouble picturing success in a business or personal situation, picturing your success in this gridwork of light is much easier.

Author Sanaya Roman channeled a being called Orin, who spoke about this higher frequency gridwork of light where miracles happen. Ms. Roman was told by Orin that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting her book published, but that she could just visualize her book “in light.” Eventually, she didn’t have to try to get her book published at all, because a friend sent it to a publisher without her knowledge and it was published.

There is a Buddhist manual written in the 3rd century about how to create miracles called Visuddhimagga. It describes creating a “void” where light can come in. There are three parts to the “how-to” instructions on how to create miracles here, 1) imagining what you want to create, 2) having a positive emotion on things working out, and 3) the inexplicable act of waiting for the “light” to appear.

As a Psychic Reader, I know that readers are used to “waiting” for light to appear, as this light is how I would describe Divine Energy that provides “light images” for me to read with my eyes closed, and then convey to the person I am reading for.

An energy worker might work with light, creating a space for a “miracle” to occur to create healing for a client. Hawaiian energy work is called Lomi Lomi, and practitioners are trained to create space for “light” to appear. This light is the light of the “ineffable,” or Heaven energy. In other words, this energy comes from another “realm” as in Sanaya Roman’s writing.

How do you manifest with light? The steps are simple:

1) picture what you want to create
2) raise that picture to the highest frequency gridwork of light you can imagine, up above your crown, until you see success
3) bring the energy of that success back and put it in your body.

The “high frequency gridwork of light” definitely symbolizes another, more causal realm. If you look at South American Shamanic traditions, they bring an image of a person’s energy body to the edge of the universe in their mind, seemingly where the material part of our universe, or mass, meets the edge of our universe which is energy.

For some reason, our minds can influence events at this mysterious edge between mass and energy, material plane and causal plane.

Imagining the causal plane boggles the mind, as if all potentials and all possibilities existed at once. Psychic Reader Edgar Cayce talked about the source of his readings being on the causal plane–the place where one’s soul “decides” to incarnate. We can think of the causal plane simply as a plane of “potential,” imagining it as a light grid that is a finer, higher, frequency where seeds of potential can be planted.

So if you like, try placing a possibility you want to manifest into this high gridwork of light, and let me know how it goes!

I’ve had some good success with “manifesting with light” lately–everything from relationship things to rides to the store, all kinds of things.

Since finding some research that talks about how psychic energy moves with photons (not electromagnetic wave energy), this idea of manifesting with light has new significance for me. Experiments with a lead walled Faraday Cage with a photon meter inside show that when psychics use their energy to read words inside the walls, the meter goes crazy!

This makes a case for a whole new Universe of light! ♥

Noelani Rodriguez is a Popular Psychic Reader that has been featured on Women’s Radio. She does Psychic Readings by Phone for happy clients all over the world. She is the Author of “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days. and How to Read the Akashic Records.

Psychic Readings with a Crystal Ball | How to Do One

Free Psychic Readings by Noelani Rodriguez on her Facebook PagePsychic Readings

Ever wonder how to get a psychic reading?

Psychic readers usually have to go into a trance states and also be lucid at the same time to talk about the reading.

There’s also a requirement we take care of our health and balance grounding activities with being in our “wind body” for psychic readings.

While I don’t offer free psychic readings, I can show you how to do one for yourself; all you need is a crystal ball. You can get one at the local metaphysical gift shop.

With your crystal ball (you can also gaze into any crystal you like), imagine a “gift from the Divine” that comes to you in the form of a word or symbol. Look inside the crystal for words or images to come to you, like a “gift from the Divine.”

Use a notebook and pen to make notes.

Happy crystal ball gazing!

Noelani Rodriguez is a successful Psychic that has been on Luscious Life Radio, Women’s Radio and global favorite Para-X Radio. She offers psychic phone readings globally and has a phone special.