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How to Self Love

How to Self Love
How to Self Love | How do you Self Love anyway?

How to Self Love

Everyone says to have more self love, but how?

Benefits of self love are numerous including finding more success and more intuition.

Here are some tips for enhancing self love:

Self love exercise:

  • find an emotion or physical feeling in your body and treat it like an old family member.
  • ask it for information and for how you can love it more.
  • treating parts of ourselves like “part of the family” is a great exercise for “ninja self love” that helps us feel strong and highly intuitive.
  • being in the body – wiggle those toes, remember your spirit lives in a body. You can even say “I request my spirit to be in my body!”

See if you can sense the feeling of centeredness and strength. Focus on what you can do – Ah that’s better.

Just a slight re-focus on what you can do to help yourself and your family is life giving. Why focus on what we can’t control right? ;o)

Noelani Rodriguez is a Love Psychic and Business Intuitive known for finding inspiring words – see her reviews here.

The Power of your Aura

What is a Psychic Healer? A Psychic's Best PracticesThe ancients thought of the Aura as your shield of protection and glory!

Here’s some other things they teach about the aura:

  • that you can harmonize it with sound, including humming a note
  • that you can make a “shower” of love and affection towards your aura
  • that you can clean harmful emotions like fear or malice from your aura
  • that you can know how to wash and cleanse toxins away
  • that you can have the best protection ever, the “fire of the heart” to banish dark forces entirely, and even get stronger
  • create spiritual virtue

Here are some quick exercises for your aura. Ready?

Blue light – this is a Tibetan exercise that is as old as the hills. Relax and imagine a blue light in the center of your head in midnight blue. Visualize it getting bigger and bigger and cleansing your etheric body (an inch around your physical body, there for your health). Picture your etheric body regenerating itself. Then picture the blue light filling your emotional body (a few inches to a few feet beyond your body). Picture your emotional body letting go of glamors, illusions and emotions and being replaced with joy. Repeat with your mental body just beyond your emotional body. Say “I am the blue light” and repeat three times.

Energy shower – picture yourself near a waterfall, bathe the physical, emotional and mental bodies one at a time. Picture the waterfall becoming love and affection. See how physical, emotional and mental bodies benefit from this waterfall of love and affection. See emotions like jealousy or sadness, anger, get replaced with contentment. Any sticky substances that are stubborn can be entities, but will also be removed, both by the water and by any other removal you want to imagine. If you imagine “cutting away” a stubborn entity from your emotional body it will fill in like new in that area. In this way you are doing “spiritual surgery” on your aura.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader that’s been featured on global Para-x Radio. She conducts spiritual training in Portland and globally about subjects like the aura.

How to Marry Yourself | Inner Marriage

Did you know that you can “marry yourself” for self love, and even to attract somebody else?

In my Psychic practice,  I talk to women about how the Universe always rewards self care.

I knew a teacher in Hawaii that ran dolphin retreats with her life partner for 20 years, a great life!

She told me that she found her partner after she went into a cave in Harbin Hot Springs with her teacher,  and married herself with a ceremony!

She said that once she got very clear about what she wanted, including a life partner, and she got clear that she wanted to take care of herself, she did this “self wedding” ceremony and her partner appeared four months later.

I heard this kind of story more than once — Katalin Koda, the Author of “Fire of the Goddess” and a resident of Portland, has created ceremonies for women to work on the “divine marriage” with themselves (video). She also corroborates the story that she and other women felt better in life and love after they did their ceremony.

Why does inner marriage work?

According to Tibetan Bon and Buddhism teachings, the inner marriage is where you learn to become aware of your Soul on the higher planes. This is the part of you that has been around for eons, like “your own ancestor.” (Hawaiians have a similar teaching about this part of you; they call it the Aumakua). In this teaching your Soul sits on the upper planes, available to talk with you and guide you.

I love this perspective because:

. When you become aware of your Soul, you have an inner guardian.
. It is easy and powerful to talk to your Soul in the morning a few minutes a day, with cumulative effects.
. You start to feel more: independent.
. You start to have an ongoing conversation with your Soul about what your life is about and what to do next.
. You feel more calm, and positive about life.
. You feel like your own best friend.

So I’m enjoying other women’s stories about what “self marriage” is about along with ceremonies you can do, but also Tibetan / Eastern perspectives that talk about your inner marriage as a daily practice, saying that your inner marriage is your marriage to your own Soul, as well as your romance with it through the inner voice.

The inner marriage can fund success for a love search as the love seeker can be stronger, and in a more focused perspective about love to attract good love. In terms of lightwork, the inner marriage can provide a better foundation for attracting helpful guidance for bring a more loving and divine presence to the planet, the purpose of lightwork.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Harvard-educated Psychic and Author. She is known for predicting marriages and has been featured on shows like global Para-x radio. Check out her reading specials at

Friends with Benefits | Is It A Good Idea?

Psychic Healing - What is it?
Friends with Benefits – Is it a Good Idea?

Friends with Benefits

“Friends with benefits” might be a good idea before the age of 25. Research shows that women are most promiscuous under the age of 25. Men are most promiscous before the age of 20.

When I was 24, I remember having a new haircut like Cindy Lauper that boys liked. Men invited me into their convertibles in Los Angeles, I even had a male model that looked like a cowboy, sweet talking me.

I remember the feeling of variety for  variety’s sake at that age, flirting with all the boys, being free to discover new options. This is probably what men feel before they want to settle down.

Friends with benefits is great when you don’t want to settle down. You can tell everyone you’re not interested in committing. You don’t have to hurt their feelings.

There are different categories relationships can be in: one night stand, friends with benefits, friend zone, girlfriend, wife. Hollywood actor and relationship pundit Chazz discusses these categories. He posits that “friends with benefits” rarely makes it to wife.

Lately I have to agree. Now in my 50s, I recently had the “friends with benefits” conversation with someone I considered a partner. She was excited about the idea of being friends with benefits, when she had just pronounced that we were “together” weeks earlier on a vacation. I much rather be in the friend zone. Chazz says you have a better chance of becoming someone’s wife if you are in the friend zone. I like his philosophies and he has a point — a friend has a better chance for respect than a friends with benefits. That is because friends with benefits often means that you fall short of a person’s romantic expectations, while friends means you are valued for who you are, and meet expectations.

I say this after noticing that my partner’s true romance was with her cell phone. Every Saturday night she would dance with the phone like it was the real source of excitement in the room. Although she let peek across her shoulder at times while she checked her phone, she would sometimes grow a “spaghetti arm” so long that I cannot see the phone’s contents.

While I don’t think this behavior was deliberate, I think that there’s times when a woman can feel “gaslighting,” a subtle and ambient form of abuse from her partner. So for example, not only was my partner’s fascination with her phone a bit rude, previous conversations about her checking her phone often during our dates definitely highlighted that at the very least, putting her phone away would have pleased me. And that she had fair warning about.  She continued the behavior and this created some subtle sabotage for my self-esteem and for our connection.

This brings me to my next point which is that friends with benefits is often a category you are in because you do not fit your partners physical or emotional requirements. There is often not much that you can do about this.

Everyone is the perfect match for someone, but not being the perfect match can cause problems because in some cases, the man (or person) that wants to be friends with benefits also has a tendency to place a low value on you because you are not meeting their requirements long-term. They will demonstrate this low value they place on you with their behavior — in my case, my gal checking her phone on our dates, or “looking tres bored” at times.

I have a theory that a man (or woman) that wants to place a high value on you, can want to do so just because they want to do so when they tend to do so. So you can be treated like a goddess no matter whether you are that person’s match for a long-term partner or not. In this society, we don’t tend to teach how to treat women like a goddess. And also, those that place low value on you because you are not their match, can eventually show it through their behavior or speech.

I had hopes my friend with benefits would treat me well or honor me. Eventually, a friends with benefits will behave like they are doing you a favor. And if they are a person of quality, they may know how to provide an environment of honoring for you. But then, if they are a person of quality, they might find occasion to honor themselves by finding a perfect match.

Not everyone wants to be married, and I sometimes wonder myself if relationships suit me. But as I grow older, I find that I can enjoy someone’s company enough to commit, and this person that I liked was my favorite.

Nowadays, my conclusion is, friends with benefits must include honoring. (For me that means putting your phone away). Honoring can’t be defined easily, but you will know if you feel honored are not. And you can probably tell if a man or woman knows how to honor a woman. You’ll know it from the way you feel. And chances are, a person that knows how to honor will find a commitment. Otherwise the benefits in friends with benefits is just B.S.– it’s a man’s or woman’s self-loathing turned outward, where they are procrastinating their life and you are paying the price. You’re the one they don’t need, so now you both get to suffer. Perhaps they haven’t learned how to do anything else except subconsciously prey on the weak, substituting playboy glory for actual self-esteem.

How about let’s make a rule: no friends with benefits after the age of 25, except for that rare exception — a man that loves a woman, that makes her feel like the only one, unless your compersion (permission for a person to love other people) is so high that you can let him be free. So high honoring for the man and high conpersion for the woman, otherwise no friends with benefits, capiche? It’s back to finding a monogamous commitment, and probably the less benefits the better for a little while!

Oh and there’s just one other thing about friends with benefits: usually when someone asks you to be friends with benefits after you’ve been dating, it means that they have someone else in the wings. Otherwise why would they let you go free?

Listen to your spirit — my spirit told me I couldn’t trust this person I was with even though I loved her dearly. A few days later, and a lot of “phone checking” later, she said she wanted friends with benefits.

She’s a darling as a friend, with a whole lot of reasons I haven’t gone into here, so let’s just say I chose the friend zone.

Enjoy mating season this year.


Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Author featured on Women’s Radio and global Para-X Radio, discussing “friends with benefits” and relationships with clients around the world.

What’s wrong with Mr. Right Now? | Soulmates and Twin Flames

Soulmates, Twin Flames and Mr. Right Now
Twin flames

What’s wrong with Mr. Right Now?

From a more spiritual point of view, everyone is a Mr. Right Now or Ms. Right Now. Why is that?

Look at Tibetan Bon Tradition that has been around for 17,000 years. They say that a soulmate is a friend or lover that you have a “feeling” is meant to be in your life. Why? For spiritual growth (!).

That is because we all have a soul purpose and a spiritual path we are on. We even have an amount of time we are supposed to be on the spiritual path with someone else.

Here’s an example. Say someone is really great at putting vitality and fun in your life. Maybe you’re really great at putting contemplation and meaning into their life. Not a bad trade eh? You might do very well with this person for a while.

What about when things are meant to end or just change? The Tibetans talk about this too, they say that we have a “feeling” of how long our closeness is supposed to last with somebody.

What if there are certain ways they refuse to grow? It might be time to learn all you can from then and then go to your highest calling from there.

There’s also times when we have different intentions long term. One might like to marry, one stay single, one date a few or have an open relationship, one more closed relationship.

With friends, one might need to travel, one stay put, one concentrate on their marriage, one concentrate on their business.

Hopefully, it is all part of our soul journey, what we decide to do with others. In this way, just about everyone is a Mr. Right Now or Mrs. Right Now (although a few last forever). Not a disappointment, but a very sacred fellow soul traveller!

Noelani Rodriguez is a well loved Psychic that talks about Soulmates and Twin Flames.

How to Ground: Why It Is Important to Ground

In my work as a Psychic Reader I talk to a lot of healers and intuitives. The subject of “grounding” comes up because healers and intuitives are taught to ground before they do energy work for a client.

Sometimes we just need to “ground” in general like after a breakup, a layoff, an argument or some other shock.

What is grounding? Well, just like an electrical outlet has a “ground” we can run more electrical voltage by running our “grounding wire” into the earth.

Also many people know their emotional memories are stored in their body and they naturally tend sometimes to run their energy up and outside their body. Moving back into your power center in your belly and into your body means you’re taking your power back in your life. You can run energy for healings or readings with confidence when you ground–staying in your power for effectiveness and for protection.

What’s your favorite grounding technique? I’ll list some of mine…

  • Knowing what grounds: tell yourself you are happy to be in your body, in your life and responsible for your needs and wants getting met.
  • Quickest way to ground: exhale through the perineum, you can also say exhale through your hips.
  • Fun way to ground: Breath 30 times into your dan tien power center.
  • Oldest way to ground: Shake like a Shaman!
  • Sexy way to ground: Tune into your senses.
  • Yin way to ground: Ask Earth to ground you, ask Nature Spirits to help ground you.
  • Most childlike way to ground: Imagining you have a monkey tail and burying it deep into the ground.
  • Most royal way to ground: pretending you have a huge dinosaur tail, or that you have a Queen’s dress with a long trail.

What’s your favorite way to ground? 😉

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic that has been featured on global Para-X radio and Women’s Radio shows.

How To Be In The Present Moment

Be in the Present MomentHave you ever wanted to get into the Present Moment?

Presence is our birthright. It is where we feel great, and our body feels great.

When we are in the space of being fully present we are in our full power, and we are fully available to the sights, sounds and all available around us.

“If you go to the future or the past, we don’t feel as good” says Rikka Zimmerman, Access Consciousness lecturer who has radical ideas about ways we can get to the present moment. She talks about how we get frantic, or preoccupied, but we miss out on the whole rest of our life. We can miss out on 95% of our life!

In the past or future you can’t fully exist. So of course it is not as powerful a feeling.

Being in the Present Moment

Try these exercises for being in the present moment:

1) Try getting in touch with all the past, including all memories that make you who you are today. Then ask yourself, are you willing to let go of these memories, and step into the present without an old definition of who you are?

2) Imagine that once you let go of old definitions of you from the past, then you are free to run your life instead of the past running you. Imagine the power of being able to manifest, stream full healing power, travel through dimensions when you’re in the present moment. Can you commit to the present moment now?

3) Remember a resentment with a friend, and how when you saw them, the resentment “hijacked” your sense of being in the present. Now imagine all the resentments and value judgments that have your energy locked up in them. Now agree to release all resentments and move into harmony.

4) Get in touch with love out in the Universe before incarnating into separation and realms of fear. Imagine pulling love from the Universe into your energy field. Feel into yourself as being an energetic being full of energy and presence.

Choosing a new feeling of Space and Timelessness is a really good way to take a step towards the present moment. Knowing yourself as Divine Love also bring you into the present moment.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic and Akashic Records Reader that’s been featured on Para-X and Luscious Life Radio.

10 Ways To Know You’re In Your Heart | Heart Awakening

Psychic Healing - What is it?
10 Ways To Know You’re In Your Heart

Want to know when you’re in your heart? Here are some tips:

  1. You’re feeling good. When you’re in your heart your heart makes a calm “sine wave,” generating a pleasant feeling.
  2. You’re feeling appreciative. Studies show the heart puts out the highest amounts of energy when appreciative.
  3. You’re feeling intuitive. The Heartmath Institute says you can use the heart to see the “essence” of people and what they are saying.
  4. You’re affecting other people. Our hearts are the biggest energy center in our body. Once we are calm and appreciative, others are too.
  5. You’re relaxed. Once you’re in your heart it is very satisfying,  it is so relaxing you want to do it more and more.
  6. You feel equal to others. The mind might feel superior, but the heart feels equal to others.
  7. You feel in resonance with others. Just like Hawaiians say Aloha, and watch each other’s breath to measure resonance, the heart creates resonance.
  8. You feel more empathy. In the heart you talk less, and feel more, feeling more empathy for others.
  9. You’re in touch with the Universe. Ancient teachings say we can connect with all the knowing in the Universe directly through our hearts.
  10. You’re super psychic. Shaman teach you’re more medically intuitive through the heart. Aborigines teach you’re more telepathic through the heart. Taoists teach you have access to all the knowledge of the Universe, where?. Through the heart!

Noelani is a Psychic that does phone and email readings to great reviews for people around the world. She has been featured on Para-X and Women’s Radio.

What is a Soulmate? Tibetan View of Soulmates

What is a Soulmate? Tibetan View

What is a Soulmate
What is a Soulmate?

Tibetan Bon Shamanism has been around for 17,000 years or more. The Tibetans have a little something to say about “what is a soulmate?”

For one thing, they believe that a soulmate is someone, either a lover or a friend, that you are meant to walk down the spiritual path with.

In the Western world, some people don’t desire to walk the spiritual path much at all! It is curious then to contemplate having a soulmate that doesn’t want to walk the spiritual path at all, from this Tibetan point of view.

The next thing, is that most people ask “what is a soulmate?” because they want to find a meaningful partnership or know if they have one.

However, in Tibetan Bon, they teach that you already know whether you are meant to walk the spiritual path with someone, because you will get “feeling” that you have something to learn from them. So in other words, if you meet someone and you get a great “feeling” that you have something to learn from or with them on the spiritual path, then this is a soulmate.

The Tibetans also believe that you know how long you are meant to walk the spiritual path with someone even from the beginning. So if you do not try to fool yourself, you will know how long your relationship is meant to last and when it’s over.

If you try, you will find that you have a internal “destiny” meter, and you can check it to find out if a friend or lover is meant to stay in your life or if your lessons with them are “over”.

According to the Tibetans, this is the answer to the question “what is a soulmate?”

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Wellness Retreats, Big Island | Banyan Tree Sanctuary

Wellness Retreats, Big Island Hawaii

Occasionally I blog about travel when it is worth it–when there’s a really hot, affordable wellness retreat, it’s really worth it.

Wellness Retreats, Big Island







With just my luck I happened on a true find, a place that excites spiritual travelers that love to flock to the Big Island. Here is what is exciting about Banyan Tree Sanctuary:

  • Ocean View – Not any ocean view, but a luscious panoramic view from every spot on the property, to put you in a dream sequence of joy
  • Saltwater / Chlorine Free Pool and Jacuzzi – Bathing in salt water is even more grounding and clearing than epsom salt, and the detoxifying effects of the water are amazing.
  • Affordability – Tents that are beautiful, with carpet and bed start from $33 a night. There are tiki style rooms and temples at affordable prices.
  • Infrared Sauna – My new fave, it is like a brilliant dose of “psychic healing” energy, but more than that, the infrared technology has won Nobel Prize in Science for reversing cancer and inflammation related conditions like diabetes.
  • Organic Fruit and Vegetables – There’s nothing like free food, and the chance to be one with nature, picking a papaya, or a fig from a fig tree.
  • Detox Retreat – You can definitely create your own “cleanse” or detox retreat. Just create a few smoothie from fruit off the land, and enjoy the sauna and saltwater jacuzzi for detox pleasure.
  • Gorgeous Yurt Facility – With plush carpets, furniture and pillows this is a great place to enjoy celebrations (I enjoyed a surprise costume party), classes like Yoga, Tibetan Meditation and Tantra, and Streaming TV.
  • Fun, friendly staff – there’s nothing like some like minded companions to enjoy the grounds and kick it in the clubhouse with. There’s frisbee golf every day at 5pm.

The Banyan Tree is a definite paradise, a great resting place on your way to ascension. Enjoy the ocean view from the pool, just minutes from swimming with dolphins at the bottom of the hill.

It’s a joy to blog about an affordable fun place near Kailua-Kona, Big Island, one of my favorite places for health, transformation and fun.

The Banyan Tree Sanctuary can be reached by calling Raybo at 808-217-5915 or giving them a Facebook Like here. Enjoy a fun wellness retreat, and tell the staff “Aloha” for me.

How to Light Your Spiritual Fire | Psychic Blog

Spiritual Blogger | Psychic Reader | Noelani RodriguezLet’s face it: the spiritual path takes some willpower. Nowadays there’s studies that humans are on “autopilot” at least half the time. With a few more good habits, you’ll be lighting up your spiritual path in no time.

What is the spiritual path exactly? I love what Kathi Elder, a senior Yoga Teacher in Hawaii says about the path of Yoga. She says there are two goals, to be kind and to be present. I love the simplicity of this: 1) be kind 2) be present.

Of course it is not as easy as it looks. Crossing paths with a few Hawaiian Huna teachers recently like Stewart Blackburn, I came across his interpretation of Hawaiian spiritual principles–“be happy.” Joy is a great indicator of spiritual life for Hawaiians. So how about putting this all together? 1) be kind 2) be here 3) be happy. I can hear Stewart now, saying that if you take care of being happy, everything else will take care of itself. But for right now, let’s specify all three goals on the spiritual path: 1) be kind 2) be here 3) be happy.

What practices do we adopt for making progress on the spiritual path?

1) Get music that raises your frequency. Try Hemi-sync Music, which you can sample on Youtube, for “raising the frequency” around you. Try getting a CD to play around the house. If you have headphones, try binaural beats that put you into theta wave, a wave that is refreshing and has spiritual clarity for the mind. These are available to sample on Youtube as well, along with Solfeggio music, a pre-modern musical scale used by monks that is thought to “raise your frequency.”

2) Make a Mind Movie. My friend and manifesting queen Omnia Halhoul told me about this technique–you can make a musical slide show of your very own affirmations, accelerating positive results in your life. You have probably heard of Bob Proctor from “The Secret,” the movie about Law of Attraction. Bob and other associates created — they’ve created free software and tutorials so you can get started making movies about your dreams before they come true. Remember actor Jim Carrey taped a 5 million dollar check to his bathroom mirror 4 years before his first film earned him a salary of 5 million. Daily reminders of your deepest desires work. Try creating a Mind Movie or a slideshow of your dreams. You can even put some slides into your PC screen saver.

3) Do an Invocation everyday. You have to have Spirit to have the best spiritual path. Invite the Higher Power that works for you into an invocation space, with a humble and grateful heart. Ask for any messages to come to you about your next steps in life. Ask for more faith, more patience, more peace inside your heart. The old adage “ask and ye shall receive” is simple yet effective–having a spiritual path is less about doing and more about being. Be with Great Spirit a little more each day, not just on those special occasions when you need something special.

4) Meditating works. The way to learn meditation is to collect tips that work for others, and then go for it. For me, some of the Hemi-Sync music and some Taoist or Kundalini Yoga poses that put you in a receptive state work really powerfully. Here’s a really simple Kundalini Yoga pose from Yogi Bhajan: put your head in your hands. When you imagine your head (and therefore your ego and habitual thoughts) out of the way, you have a clearer path to Consciousness.

Noelani Rodriguez does Psychic Readings in Portland as well as globally on the phone and through email…she is also a traveling  Spiritual Blogger.

Intuition Tutor | Watching Students Read Is Like Watching Miracles Happen

Noelani Rodriguez | Intuition Tutor | Learn to Be PsychicI am a Psychic Reader today, and I’m really happy with my craft. I couldn’t be happier in fact, it is the first time I feel like my career is really a “soul purpose.” What a dream. I’m happy doing psychic readings for the past 7 years.

What I realized recently was, that I couldn’t be where I am now without an “Intuition Tutor.”

I remember having older friends that were psychic when I was in my twenties. One would always say “you are sooo psychic, you are going to be reading a crystal ball when you get old, and have a line halfway around the block.” She was responding to my mantra back then “I can’t do it!” I was interested in psychic phenomena way back then but had no idea I had “the gift” myself. I say “the gift” in quotes because back then I thought, like many people, that to be psychic you had to be born with a special gift.

Now of course I teach Intuition classes where we routinely discuss that everyone is psychic and you don’t need any special gifts to read.

I had no idea in my twenties though that I could do psychic readings, and when I was 42 I met a reader that invited me to her office after hearing my mantra “I can’t do it (I can’t do psychic readings).” Boy was I wrong. She set up a reading space in her office for us, handed me a piece of paper with some names of her friends on it, handed it to me and said “Here. Go!” I was so shocked at the gall of this woman, I thought she was going to warm me up by taking out her Tarot cards or her Runes or something, but she just handed me a white piece of paper with blue ink names on it.

The shock of the experience worked. I felt a subtle current in the names. The first name felt like a person with a stomach ache. That’s the first thing that came to my head. It also felt like an old boyfriend of the teacher. I didn’t want to say anything, it seemed so dumb to tell the teacher her old boyfriend had a stomach ache. Being the mind reader that she was, she told me “don’t hold back.” I told her about the guy’s stomach hurting, and not wanting to say anything negative. She told me that when people come to you for psychic readings, they are sometimes in crisis. “80 to 90 percent of what you read for people is about their current situation which can be stressful. Don’t worry about saying just the good news.”

The second name was a woman’s. I immediately saw and told the teacher that this woman had red hair, had moved 2 hours out of town for a while, sat by a computer a lot. I had developed an eerie confidence to just keep “reading.” I told my teacher that she was mad at my teacher, but would get over the anger in a few months.

I found so much information in the names. It turned out that the man with the stomach ache was this lady’s first boyfriend in high school, he was now a gay man with AIDS that had 2 months to live. He had stomach cancer, sorry to say. My teacher was best friends with him and knew his condition. The other woman was a friend of my teacher’s who had developed a resentment about her. It was comforting for her to hear that I felt she wouldn’t be angry much longer. I had read on six names, and with all of them there was plenty of “info.”

This reading experience was one that “taught” me that I had this ability, although I didn’t fully get comfortable with doing readings for a little while longer. Every time I did get more comfortable with my psychic awareness, it was with a teacher.

Often it wasn’t being in class that helped me, but the questions I had for teachers on the breaks. See, having a Psychic for a teacher is a big advantage. They were able to “read” what I needed to open the floodgates of my intuition.

A big joy now is realizing that with just a few exercises, people that come to me as an Intuition Tutor can start reading quickly.

I feel like there is another player in the theatre of intuition, not just the student and the Intuition Tutor but guess who, the Divine. Your intuition shows up when the Divine shows up. And guess what? The Divine makes a date with you by invisibly tapping you on the shoulder. Soon you will find yourself insatiable for new information on how to increase your intuition power. Often, the teacher will appear soon after.

Here’s the fun part: I as an Intuition Teacher don’t have to do any work! I had two students “appear” this week. They have that gnawing feeling that they just have to increase their intuition quickly. Isn’t that fun?

I want to share with you some miracles I’ve seen as an Intuition Tutor:

  • your Intuition Tutor can see “light” around your crown, wanting to “come in.” I recently saw a man that I could “see” and “feel” as having the light of intuition wanting to come to him. He was an artist and recently sober, an amazing man that had singlehandedly raised his only son. I told him that I sensed that he could read. Within an hour or two he was doing amazing, accurate psychic readings. Not at first, but with a bit of guidance to the right exercises. He is still doing accurate readings.
  • I had a woman come to me and she had to walk quite a distance to get to me. I sensed that she had enormous amounts of intuition available, although her one and only obstacle was fear that her intuition wouldn’t tell her what she wanted to hear, particularly about men. We did exercises that cleared her emotional energy and she gave readings for the next 90 minutes that I was flabbergasted by they were so accurate. We did chakra readings, medical readings, she was phenomenal.

Some of the most amazing “readers” are people that are quietest in class, or that feel that they can’t do it, but then feel empowered from the personal work we do.

I also have a fun time recruiting people I’ve met in class to do a reading for me on a question I want an answer to. It is hilariously fun for me to see students from my classes do accurate readings. They are surprised they can do it and I get a free reading! 😉

When you feel the calling, call me for an intuition training session. The Divine might want a little date with you!

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader, an Intuition Tutor and the Author of the book “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” She can be reached for tutoring sessions at 503-TOP-VIEW.

4 Signs you’re on the Tantric Path

Have you been going to Tantric workshops for a while? Feel a mysterious calling to the Tantric Path?

Many of us are part of an international Tantra tribe, learning about awakening of the heart and Third Eye, as well as the physical/sexual path to awakening.

Here are some signs you’re making progress on the Tantric Path:

1. You’re engaging in meditation. According to Osho, Ramakrishna would ask his wife to sit on a high stool, naked, while he was in advanced stages of meditation. At the end he would touch her feet and thank her–he was able to transcend his sexual urges in meditation with her help. In other words, though the primal sexual urges that are usually the fast track to go to an “unconscious” state, he was able to transcend through meditation.

Also, Osho talks about how the statues in sexual postures like the ones seen at the temple in Khajuraho were meant for a similar purpose. Upon gazing on the statues, making a round around the temple before entering it, one could get “right” with oneself and be ready for what was inside the temple, “emptiness.” In other words, the statues got one ready for meditation.

Lao Tzu spoke about the evolution of sexuality as refining gross energies, sublimating them and sending them up the body’s energy centers. He spoke of evolved sex as a kind of “dual cultivation”; in it he says “spirit unites with spirit, mind with mind, and every cell of one body with every cell of the other body. It is the spirit, not the sexual organs, which directs such intercourse.” So, both of these masters are talking about cultivating energy and awareness, with the beginning and the end of the path as meditation.

2. You’re seeing the other, and the world, as Divine.  According to writer Ramesh Bjonnes, “When we are attracted to the Divine, it is called prema, or spiritual love. When we are attracted to money, land, fame, sex, it is called kama, or desire. In Tantra, the yogi is advised to turn kama into prema—to see everything as sacred, as Divine.”

Tantric seekers often attend Tantra Pujas, where attendees “eye gaze” with different people in rapid succession; eliminating the “clouds of the mind” that keep us separate. Attendees often report getting glimpses of the Divine love that transcends sexual attraction and ego based thought processes. Seeing everyone as beautiful–this is a glimpse of Prema.

Just like through the eyes of a child, there is an ecstatic feeling that comes with humility and wonder. The world turns soft, and your cells become soft, experiencing the beauty in everything, beautiful and “ugly.” You experience what Abhinava Gutpta called “Jagadananda, or world bliss,” attaining a “realization of the Self [that] includes everything, within and without.”

3. You feel Bhakti, or Devotion. At the heart of Tantric love is Bhakti, or devotion. You alchemize the passionate love that can keep you apart from spiritual liberation, to a passion for love itself.

American poet Robert Bly describes Bhakti Yoga as the path where “the bee of the heart stays deep inside the flower, and cares for no other thing.”

Writer Bjonnes talks about driving Bly to the airport and asking him a question “Do you know what this country needs?” Without much hesitation Bly said: “Praise!”

A simple mantra for Bhakti love is “Love is God, and God is Love.”  Considered the “Religion of Love,” Bhakti finds love of your lover and everything in your path as love for the Divine–alchemizing passion into praise.

4. Tantra is Cosmic Union.  The Tantrics body is joined with the cosmic body. The Tantric couple is joined in cosmic union. The Cosmos has an infinite supply of power to draw from. Breath, awareness and dual cultivation bring “liberation” for the limited sense of the finite self. One of the translations of Tantra is “liberation”.

I once heard a wise man say, “The trouble with the spiritual path is the spiritual path!” In other words, trying to be spiritual and on the right path can be tossed away, in favor of some simple practices–awareness, relaxation, meditation and a double dose of devotion. <3


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Living in the Present Moment: Why’s it so Important?

Once I vacationed at the educational village Kalani Honua, a non-profit spiritual center on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I ran into Kathy Elder, senior yoga faculty member, who decided to teach a little chakra class in the oceanfront building called the EMAX. You could hear coqui frogs chirping and the ocean roiling in the background as she talked about the meaning of yoga. I felt honored to be in her class, as she oversaw all the yoga training at Kalani at the time. Kalani is a yoga retreat center with many world famous trainers like Baron Baptiste teaching here. Plus, I thought she was cool because she had been to India six times.

Teachers in Hawaii know how to make things simple for all the traveler’s with short term stays–Kathy said to us, “what yoga says basically is to be kind and to be present.”

“How fun!” I thought. “She just reduced a huge spiritual teaching like yoga into just one sentence.” It seemed to work. I thought about it some. “Be kind…” certainly a spiritual master was kind, and for a spiritual seeker being kind is hard work. It felt like there was some homework on that one.

But be present? I understood being present was important to some people. After all the Yoga Sutras talk about how it can take decades to achieve an advanced level of meditation. I worried that all that devotion to sitting still and meditating was unattainable.

I put this little bit of wisdom into my file of things to reconsider over time, and learn about.

As it turns out, Hawaiian culture and wisdom has a lot to say about how to be present. Being back in Hawaii over the years has helped me to understand more of the Hawaiian teachings.

Like another Eastern teaching, Vedanta, Hawaiians have always thought that connecting to God energy is connecting to bliss, perfection and literally “thundering grace.” There is a cross current of grace and gratitude, grace coming from above, gratitude coming from below.

Kahunas, sacred wisdom-keepers and healers, believed that a healer could open up to be witness of grace to their healing clients, holding onto gratitude, and knowing perfection. Hawaiians think of the God-state, knowing that everything is perfection, working backwards from the causal plane where perfection is, to the material world.

Moreover, Hawaiians invest their emotional energy into the God-realm. They “feel” their way to enlightenment. When tourists get Hawaiians putting a flower lei around their neck, it is not just to say hello, but to honor the vibratory frequency of the Divine. Aloha, the term of welcoming, is actually a gateway to the luminous Divine state.

So, in actuality, the present moment feels really good! Invest your feeling by just taking a moment to feel what “Thundering Grace” is there, and the gratitude that is the natural outcome of that grace.

While Aloha is thought to be a “hello” by most Westerners, they suspect there is more, and there is more. Alo is the presence of God, and Ha is breath. Aloha is like saying, “the breath of God is in our presence.” It also feels reaaly good, to be in connection–to be in touch with grace.

While Aloha is a term used in many contexts, it is used more sparingly by Hawaiians, it is more meaningful for them. Also, a lot of times they don’t have to use it at all. Aloha is in their ways. Hawaiian customs like accepting any stranger to the dinner table, or adopting one another’s children if another family is in need, calling other villagers “uncle” or “auntie,” this is Aloha. It is the “unity” that connotes mastery of the spiritual realm, living in unity and grace.

Of course we have connection to the material realm as well, and to linear time. But Hawaiians believe in linear and vertical time. They believe in knowing that things are perfect, that healing is possible, that noone is to blame. They don’t believe in blaming parents or anyone, just seeing causes of things without seeing them as mistakes, which requires judging. Without our belief systems, people would be pure light. In Hawaiian spirituality, Hawaiians see this light only, and the seeds of potential that the Higher Self brings forth.

If this is the present moment, what’s not the present moment? The answer is in your feelings and thoughts. Not feeling well? Thoughts racing about an upset? The faster your thoughts are going, the farther into the past or future you are. The feeling of the God-state is very still, blissful and perfect. The present moment is an invitation to shower yourself in gratitude and feel the bliss of knowing Divine Grace. Willing your will to compassionate detachment, you love and serve with the presence of Aloha, the breath of God in your presence.

Traveling to Hawaii means living lessons and coming back to Paradise, a place that the advanced spiritual teachers of Hawaii, the Kahuna, never leave.

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The Tantra of Lao Tzu

Tantra in the West is described as among other things, a Western teaching with Eastern roots, originating in the Indus Valley region, espousing basic spiritual principles like non-duality and the dual cultivation of energy between loving partners. This description can also be applied to Taoism. Taoism has origins in a similar area, the banks of the Yellow River in China, in what used to be the Tibetan plains. Like Tantra, Taoism talks about non-duality and dual cultivation of energy between partners. It, like Tantra, has foundations in Shamanism in the same region that is thousands of years old, too many years to count.

Lao Tzu is considered the sage founder of Taoism. He was a Historian–in those days this term meant not only a Historian but an intuitive reader and reader of celestial bodies. It is well known that Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching, one of the most well loved and translated works in the world, a founding text of Taoism.

Many people do not know that after Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching, he traveled and taught to those who sincerely wanted to learn his more advanced teachings. In the process of this, he created the Hua Hu Ching, a manuscript that influenced Ch’an Buddhism (Zen), Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism and yes, Tantra.

You might recognize Lao Tzu’s words today, almost as if they are deceptively modern rather than ancient. They might even sound surprisingly familiar, like something you’ve heard might hear from a Yoga or Tantra teacher today, as if Lao Tzu might be a founding father of Tantra. Here are some quotes from Lao Tzu.

Virtue – “Virtue is developed by highly evolved people that embrace all people and things and dispel the darkness which isolates them. Although innumerable lives are illuminated, highly evolved people do not think they have helped anyone, because to them the world is synonymous with oneself and one’s self is the world.”

Selflessness – “Following the Way (or the Tao) means practicing selflessness and extending virtue to the world unconditionally. In this way one not only eliminates heavy contamination accumulated through many lifetimes, but may also bring the possibility of restoring one’s own original divine nature…”

Non-duality – “Good people who are motivated to attain the correct awareness of a universal being should dissolve all conceptions of duality. With integral awareness of their moral responsibility, they will be able to help all people to eliminate the darkness of the dichotomous mind and the delusions stemming from the concepts of existence and non-existence so that they can finally attain the essence of integral subtle transcendence.”

The concepts of virtue, selflessness, and non-duality sure seem stated in a fresh new way here to those of us familiar with modern day Tantra workshops, yet they are actually thousands of years old, spoken by the author of the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu.

In most sacred texts, spiritual development can be reduced to a few concepts, eliminating illusion that creates turbulence, being generous to return to the divine nature, and finding a spirit body that connects with the cosmic force, transcending time, duality and the need for anything but compassion and love.

Lao Tzu puts these words together succinctly and perhaps many of the words we’ve gleaned from sacred texts from religions around the world are summarized here, incredibly simply and eloquently.

Did Lao Tzu say anything about gender and sexuality? As a Tantra enthusiast and coach I feel unapologetic about the Westerner’s interest and hand in reforming Tantra. I’ve seen too many modern teachers with white-hot spiritual devotion, past life remembrances, that seem to just learn and teach these timeless concepts all over again, just in a different way of going about it. No matter what epoch or location, we all seem to be looking for ideas about how to create a more sacred space between couples, perhaps with ritual, communion or just energy cultivation. As the saying goes “Tantra is the original religion,” we just seem to recreate it.

Lao Tzu seems to know how to describe what’s at the heart of Tantra. Here are some beautiful quotes from Lao Tzu on gender and sex, unmatched in their brevity and eloquency:

Single Cultivation of Energy – “The relationship of the universal soul and the individual soul is just like the relationship between the moon and the lake. Spiritual security is always present, but the clouds of the mind create the phenomena of apparent separation.”

Yin and Yang – “The subtle essence of the universe is eternal…it is called the primal female, the Mysterious Origin. The operation of the opening and closing of the Gate of Origin performs the Mystical Intercourse of the universe. The Mystical Intercourse of yin and yang is the root of universal life.” Note: The yin and yang are phases of the “accomplished”, a still, rigid state that is “yin” and the phase of the “unaccomplished”, a phase of dynamics and flexibility that is yang. The integration of yin and yang is called T’ai Chi, something that exists in all things big and small. Nothing is fully accomplished, and nothing is fully unaccomplished.

Inner Marriage of Yin and Yang – “Unless an individual is born into the immortal realm, a[n] …integration of the yin and yang cannot happen…[it] is a gradual process of practicing pure diet, energy conducting exercises, and the cultivation and refinement of one’s own being.”

Sexuality – “An individual’s approach to sexuality is an indication of his level of evolution. There is a vast difference between ordinary human sexual activity and the dual cultivation of a practitioner of natural harmony…the purpose of angelic intercourse is the union and completion of an individual’s yin and yang energy. It is a process of refinement and sublimation of energy. Once the energy is refined, it is directed upward to the higher centers of one’s being. In angelic intercourse [as opposed to ordinary intercourse] spirit unites with spirit, mind with mind, and every cell of one body with every cell of the other body. It is the spirit, not the sexual organs, which directs such intercourse.”

Dual Cultivation – “Another difference is that ordinary intercourse seeks a substantial manifestation as its culmination, while angelic intercourse seeks the intangible union of yin and yang. Angelic intercourse is not completed by a substantial discharge, but rather the integration of each partner’s subtle energy…in angelic intercourse the love union is achieved spontaneously through the male’s non action. When one remains calm and relaxed, the gross sexual impulse diminishes and subtle energy becomes more developed. The great, subtle transformation takes place naturally and in silence. The whole universe is developed in this way. It happens naturally, not through making it happen.”

Lao Tzu is thought to come from a clan with Shamanic roots, at a time when the Chinese Emperors enlisted the services of Shaman. His teachings now seem relevant as ever, as part of a “universal tantra,” spiritual practices that seem to recreate themselves, generation after generation, epoch after epoch. However, few texts show the simplicity and precision of Lao Tzu’s words.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader, and Tantric Coach. She is the Author of the book “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” She does Psychic, Medical and Chakra Readings. Here are reviews: To book readings email Noelani_Rodriguez [at]

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