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Moving to Portland? | Move to Portland

Moving to Portland?

If you’re moving to Portland, Oregon it seems you’re not alone.  Some estimates say there are 50,000 people moving here a week.

Moving to Portland | Portland Moves
Moving to Portland?

Why are so many Moving to Portland?

As a busy Psychic in Portland I talk to people about moves all the time. Here are reasons people say they are moving to Portland:

  • they are coming from San Francisco and say the prices are too high
  • they are also coming from the Midwest
  • they are starting a family and want a gentler place
  • they have a digital tech type of job, with anyone from IBM to Intel

How to Move to Portland

First, be sure you want to deal with an airtight housing market, or shall we say “airbnb.” Rumors are that people are using airbnb alot here to get temporary housing in Portland or just for exotic things like “cannabis tours.” Either way, just expect housing to be pricy or almost non existent. Landlords have to give 90 days notice now because the market is so tight.

What is Portland, Oregon like?

There’s more counter culture than regular culture it seems. There are people walking around in bear costumes, kilts, riding 10 foot high bikes and much more. There’s also the Pearl District for high art and post-modern offices, and NW 23rd and Lake Oswego for the wealth “in-crowd” types.

Besides the fun culture that is “awake” and kind for the most part, there’s also the small size of the city, 1M people, and the short commutes, even 10 minutes in some cases. Don’t expect it to last as there are more traffic jams every week, but the place is still nice. There’s also a biodiesel bus system that’s air conditioned and not jam packed yet.
Ready to let your freak flag fly and move to Portland? Even if you have to live out of your car for a while? It’s still fun. There’s some of the most group activities in the whole country, like “Kaleidoscope Yoga” where people make a mandala together practicing yoga. There’s all sorts of meetups on, more than the rest of the country.

Where in Portland to live?

Where in Portland do you want to live? Just think of it as there are yuppies on the westside, hippies on the eastside of Portland. Simplistic but gets to the point, right?  ;O)

There’s also suburbia, which is otherwise known as Southwest, Beaverton or Hillsboro. Lake Oswego has some elegant shops and some “old money” type of people so the rumors go.

Whatever your flavor, you are sure to have a lot of fun when you move to Portland.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Grateful Psychic that talks to many moving to Portland, Oregon – Phone 503-967-7018 for more info.


The Inimitable Julie A. Fast

Julie A. FastThe Inimitable Julie A. Fast

Portland is a way to meet some incredible businesspeople, especially Eastside Portland, where people are casual, surrounded by vegan restaurants and bicycle enthusiasts. Most businesspeople here have left behind the big city grind for the forest trees and holistic living here, and for that reason they are usually approachable.

I happened on Julie A. Fast when I first saw her car near Zupan’s, a gourmet store in Eastside Portland where everyone knows the owner, and where you can get fine chocolates and lattes and still buy local.

Julie’s red car sported a bumpersticker that read I thought the phrase bipolar happens was quite clever, and being a sympathizer with all forms of mental health issues, I didn’t register a stigma as much as thinking that there was a cool chick entrepreneur that owned the car. I waited for her to come out but she didn’t, but after mentioning the sticker to a friend, he confirmed that the bumper sticker did indeed belong to a cool chick and good businesswoman.

A few weeks later I saw the car, and Julie came out so I asked for a business lunch meeting.

We found ourselves sitting at a cafe where we had occasion to stop and look at each other for a moment in surprise, once and  then again 10 years later. The first time was when we found out we both sold ebooks for a living. That was incredulous to us because back in 2004 noone else was selling ebooks full time. I remember that pregnant moment of surprise, us both looking at each other for a moment.

10 years later we were doing it again, in a cafe looking at each other. This time it was because we found out that we are both are doing intuitive readings (although her intuition is folded into a prestigious coaching practice).

Julie A. Fast always seems to walk in a warm wave of industry and connection. She’s well loved by her partners and clients that have done many things like TED Talks. What Julie had done the past 10 years I found out was astonishing. She has the four top books on Amazon for bipolar disorder in the world, a top book on Kindle in the depression category “Get it Done While You’re Depressed.” She’s a columnist on Dr. Oz and Oprah’s ShareCare websites, and has been interviewed by Self and Intouch Magazine as well as People.

While Julie has published books, podcast and interviews in the public eye, the public actually knows little about the her other loads of genius.

She’s a great inventor, having created a CEO puzzle that helps inventors see if they’re ready for funding, as well as a relationship in the box puzzle that helps players learn about their style and patterns in relationships.

So what did she do this time?

As a tribute to her and I, as well as a mutual friend Laureli Shimayo, an Eye Reader,  she invented an amazing thing, a Love Night PDX night, where all three of us get to do readings and mini-sessions with women about relationships.

Julie has a warm hearted bustle that leads people to follow her, she walks around the world like the world is one big clique and everyone belongs. It is not unusual for strangers to walk up and introduce themselves, sensing the invisible welcome to come join the fun.

Our animated coffeeship meetings for this Love Night PDX are making more and more friends from the stirrings Julie creates with her lively ideas. I have suggested to Julie in private that she seems to walk into an empty room and walk out with friends.

It’s been a remarkable blessing knowing Julie A. Fast in this remarkable place, this forested little town, Eastside Portland.

When you play with Julie’s “Relationship in a Box” puzzle, it will spark a smile for you. Seeing how your last relationship went visibly, what was right and what went wrong, is a great learning visual that will spark new creativity for your love life.

Thank you Julie for sparking creativity and fun with your magnanimity in my life as well.

There’s some great businesspeople and characters to meet in Portland, but with her “Pied Piper” way of attracting and inspiring others, there’s no one like the inimitable Julie A. Fast.

What They Don’t Tell You About Water | Dr. Masuro Emoto Water

Dr. Masuro Emoto's Water Crystal | Dr. Masuro Emoto Water
Dr. Masuro Emoto's Water Crystal | Dr. Masuro Emoto Water

Dr. Masuro Emoto on Water

What a pleasure it has been to see Dr. Masuro Emoto live on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the 2nd anniversary of the Fukishima disaster.

Here are highlights of why I think this is the most important presentation I ever saw:

  • Water, the Visual Representation of Consciousness – The more Dr. Emoto has studied water, the more water seems to be the visual representation of consciousness. Why? Because beautiful water crystals form when water is exposed to 1) words 2) photos 3) music 4) sound.
  • Sweet Songs (and feelings) Heal Water – We sang “Edelweiss” and saw a movie of the water crystals forming as we sang.
  • Words like “Power” Hurt Water – Words like “power” made the water look angry and acidic.
  • Tap Water Doesn’t Form Crystals – Tap water looked chaotic, except for Vancouver BC with pure tap water
  • Prayer Heals Water – Prayer reforms water crystals back again, there were beautiful water crystals in the Ganges where the public prays over the river every day.
  • Water is like God Particle – Water crystals have a hexagon core made up of two 3 dimensional pyramids, similar to the “god particle” theorized in ether/space in physics, the latter even found in a vacuum.
  • Water Responds to “God’s Will – The more you watch water, the more it seems like “God’s will,” like love and kindness, makes the water happy. Humans taking care of the planet and the animal kingdom is a good vibration.
  • Rice Experiments – hundreds of thousands have started “rice experiments,” saying “you fool” to a cup of refrigerated rice and saying “I love you” to another cup. After a month, one is putrid and dark and one is fragrant. See thousands of views on Youtube about this home experiment that’s gone viral.
  • Love and Thanks, Complimentary Healing Energies – Love and Gratitude (Thanks) make complimentary pyramid-like shapes in the water, causing Dr. Emoto to theorize that Love and Thanks are complimentary healling energies for the water and ourselves. Love is the active principle and Thanks is the receptive principle of love.

Give Love and Thanks to the water Sun. March 10th at 7pm HST or just anytime you like! Our water needs healing since Fukishima and the Gulf incidences.

Love and Thanks! Thank you Dr. Masuro Emoto for your miraculous work on water that has reached over 75 countries.


Noelani is a Psychic Reader and Teacher.


Wellness Retreats, Big Island | Banyan Tree Sanctuary

Wellness Retreats, Big Island Hawaii

Occasionally I blog about travel when it is worth it–when there’s a really hot, affordable wellness retreat, it’s really worth it.

Wellness Retreats, Big Island







With just my luck I happened on a true find, a place that excites spiritual travelers that love to flock to the Big Island. Here is what is exciting about Banyan Tree Sanctuary:

  • Ocean View – Not any ocean view, but a luscious panoramic view from every spot on the property, to put you in a dream sequence of joy
  • Saltwater / Chlorine Free Pool and Jacuzzi – Bathing in salt water is even more grounding and clearing than epsom salt, and the detoxifying effects of the water are amazing.
  • Affordability – Tents that are beautiful, with carpet and bed start from $33 a night. There are tiki style rooms and temples at affordable prices.
  • Infrared Sauna – My new fave, it is like a brilliant dose of “psychic healing” energy, but more than that, the infrared technology has won Nobel Prize in Science for reversing cancer and inflammation related conditions like diabetes.
  • Organic Fruit and Vegetables – There’s nothing like free food, and the chance to be one with nature, picking a papaya, or a fig from a fig tree.
  • Detox Retreat – You can definitely create your own “cleanse” or detox retreat. Just create a few smoothie from fruit off the land, and enjoy the sauna and saltwater jacuzzi for detox pleasure.
  • Gorgeous Yurt Facility – With plush carpets, furniture and pillows this is a great place to enjoy celebrations (I enjoyed a surprise costume party), classes like Yoga, Tibetan Meditation and Tantra, and Streaming TV.
  • Fun, friendly staff – there’s nothing like some like minded companions to enjoy the grounds and kick it in the clubhouse with. There’s frisbee golf every day at 5pm.

The Banyan Tree is a definite paradise, a great resting place on your way to ascension. Enjoy the ocean view from the pool, just minutes from swimming with dolphins at the bottom of the hill.

It’s a joy to blog about an affordable fun place near Kailua-Kona, Big Island, one of my favorite places for health, transformation and fun.

The Banyan Tree Sanctuary can be reached by calling Raybo at 808-217-5915 or giving them a Facebook Like here. Enjoy a fun wellness retreat, and tell the staff “Aloha” for me.

Psychic Readings with a Crystal Ball | How to Do One

Free Psychic Readings by Noelani Rodriguez on her Facebook PagePsychic Readings

Ever wonder how to get a psychic reading?

Psychic readers usually have to go into a trance states and also be lucid at the same time to talk about the reading.

There’s also a requirement we take care of our health and balance grounding activities with being in our “wind body” for psychic readings.

While I don’t offer free psychic readings, I can show you how to do one for yourself; all you need is a crystal ball. You can get one at the local metaphysical gift shop.

With your crystal ball (you can also gaze into any crystal you like), imagine a “gift from the Divine” that comes to you in the form of a word or symbol. Look inside the crystal for words or images to come to you, like a “gift from the Divine.”

Use a notebook and pen to make notes.

Happy crystal ball gazing!

Noelani Rodriguez is a successful Psychic that has been on Luscious Life Radio, Women’s Radio and global favorite Para-X Radio. She offers psychic phone readings globally and has a phone special.

Living in the Present Moment: Why’s it so Important?

Once I vacationed at the educational village Kalani Honua, a non-profit spiritual center on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I ran into Kathy Elder, senior yoga faculty member, who decided to teach a little chakra class in the oceanfront building called the EMAX. You could hear coqui frogs chirping and the ocean roiling in the background as she talked about the meaning of yoga. I felt honored to be in her class, as she oversaw all the yoga training at Kalani at the time. Kalani is a yoga retreat center with many world famous trainers like Baron Baptiste teaching here. Plus, I thought she was cool because she had been to India six times.

Teachers in Hawaii know how to make things simple for all the traveler’s with short term stays–Kathy said to us, “what yoga says basically is to be kind and to be present.”

“How fun!” I thought. “She just reduced a huge spiritual teaching like yoga into just one sentence.” It seemed to work. I thought about it some. “Be kind…” certainly a spiritual master was kind, and for a spiritual seeker being kind is hard work. It felt like there was some homework on that one.

But be present? I understood being present was important to some people. After all the Yoga Sutras talk about how it can take decades to achieve an advanced level of meditation. I worried that all that devotion to sitting still and meditating was unattainable.

I put this little bit of wisdom into my file of things to reconsider over time, and learn about.

As it turns out, Hawaiian culture and wisdom has a lot to say about how to be present. Being back in Hawaii over the years has helped me to understand more of the Hawaiian teachings.

Like another Eastern teaching, Vedanta, Hawaiians have always thought that connecting to God energy is connecting to bliss, perfection and literally “thundering grace.” There is a cross current of grace and gratitude, grace coming from above, gratitude coming from below.

Kahunas, sacred wisdom-keepers and healers, believed that a healer could open up to be witness of grace to their healing clients, holding onto gratitude, and knowing perfection. Hawaiians think of the God-state, knowing that everything is perfection, working backwards from the causal plane where perfection is, to the material world.

Moreover, Hawaiians invest their emotional energy into the God-realm. They “feel” their way to enlightenment. When tourists get Hawaiians putting a flower lei around their neck, it is not just to say hello, but to honor the vibratory frequency of the Divine. Aloha, the term of welcoming, is actually a gateway to the luminous Divine state.

So, in actuality, the present moment feels really good! Invest your feeling by just taking a moment to feel what “Thundering Grace” is there, and the gratitude that is the natural outcome of that grace.

While Aloha is thought to be a “hello” by most Westerners, they suspect there is more, and there is more. Alo is the presence of God, and Ha is breath. Aloha is like saying, “the breath of God is in our presence.” It also feels reaaly good, to be in connection–to be in touch with grace.

While Aloha is a term used in many contexts, it is used more sparingly by Hawaiians, it is more meaningful for them. Also, a lot of times they don’t have to use it at all. Aloha is in their ways. Hawaiian customs like accepting any stranger to the dinner table, or adopting one another’s children if another family is in need, calling other villagers “uncle” or “auntie,” this is Aloha. It is the “unity” that connotes mastery of the spiritual realm, living in unity and grace.

Of course we have connection to the material realm as well, and to linear time. But Hawaiians believe in linear and vertical time. They believe in knowing that things are perfect, that healing is possible, that noone is to blame. They don’t believe in blaming parents or anyone, just seeing causes of things without seeing them as mistakes, which requires judging. Without our belief systems, people would be pure light. In Hawaiian spirituality, Hawaiians see this light only, and the seeds of potential that the Higher Self brings forth.

If this is the present moment, what’s not the present moment? The answer is in your feelings and thoughts. Not feeling well? Thoughts racing about an upset? The faster your thoughts are going, the farther into the past or future you are. The feeling of the God-state is very still, blissful and perfect. The present moment is an invitation to shower yourself in gratitude and feel the bliss of knowing Divine Grace. Willing your will to compassionate detachment, you love and serve with the presence of Aloha, the breath of God in your presence.

Traveling to Hawaii means living lessons and coming back to Paradise, a place that the advanced spiritual teachers of Hawaii, the Kahuna, never leave.

Like This!

“I Lava You” – Happy Valentine’s Day from Big Island, Hawaii

Kalani - Yoga Retreat Center - Big Island, Hawaii
Photography: Jose Martinez

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a guest article I wrote for Kalani Retreat Center website today. Fun!

Kalani: Yoga Retreat Center  – Big Island, HI – Yoga Workshops

How Not To Feel Guilty About Being in Paradise

Let’s suppose you found yourself in a place like Kalani, an oceanside retreat village on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Perhaps you might find yourself lazing in a hammock, melting into the tropical view from the pool, or enjoying basil limeade and raw ahi tuna from the lunch buffet.

Sometimes you might be surprised at a passing moment of guilt. Perhaps your friends are at home, slaving away at work, eating foods that aren’t as colorful or tasty. What do you do about it?

You might tell yourself you don’t want to be eating this yummy food, and taking in this beautiful view, but that wouldn’t help your friends.

Huna, a teaching based on Hawaiian Spirituality, would encourage you to enjoy yourself, and share the vibration of enjoyment with your friends.

Huna teaches that joy is central to feeling empowerment, and ultimately enlightenment. When you are “feeling good,” you are probably close to your soul’s best wishes, and you are usually able to share that gift of joy with the friends you have, near and far.

So I’m working on enjoying myself, guilt free. I’ll be sending you good vibrations from my hammock.