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Email Psychic Readings

Are you ready for a rockin’ email psychic reading?

Noelani Rodriguez does email psychic readings for people around the world to great reviews. She has been featured on Luscious Life, Para-X and Women’s Radio programs.

Here are some reviews about Noelani Rodriguez’ Email Readings below:

Email Psychic Readings | Reviews

Psychic Readings by Email | Email Psychic Readings

What a wonderful reading.. how you flowed with everything you picked up.. Thank you so much.. I am speechless. I really am.. you ROCKED!!!!! -C. B.

Psychic Readings by Phone, Email | Psychic Email Readings Reviews“Very impressive. I’ve never had a psychic reading before and you are right on. Amazing!” -S. L.

Psychic Readings by Phone, Email | Psychic Email Readings Reviews“I’d say this is spot on.” -F. V.

Psychic Readings by Phone, Email | Psychic Email Readings Reviews“Awesome bloody reading!” -T. S.

Psychic Readings by Phone, Email | Psychic Email Readings Reviews“Lani, You are amazing. Still dwelling in the blessings of your reading…!” – K. G.

Psychic Readings by Phone, Email | Psychic Email Readings Reviews“I have never seen anyone provide a psychic reading with healing work like that before.” -T. B.

Psychic Readings by Phone, Email | Psychic Email Readings Reviews“Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for you…your connection to Spirit is truly amazing.” -B. A.

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I offer psychic readings by email, and by phone (for phone psychic readings info click here)

For an email psychic reading:

1. paypal $65 to start the reading (no paypal membership necessary, and it’s risk free!): paypal link

2. email Noelani with a question

3. I’ll reply with your email psychic reading, usually within  24 hours! I email back and forth until you are completely satisfied with your answer.

Here is a sample psychic reading by email:


Now that I have left California and seeing Dave for 3 weeks, what shall I expect now that we have parted? How is he really affected by me leaving and what will become of the 2 of us now?


Hey___! It feels like your energy is very bright, you have a good effect on him. You have a positive brilliance that shows me that you have optimism, and you are wondering about him.

Men integrate things differently and right now, he is using you to grow, feel good, I heard “using you to grow” and feel better about himself. I don’t want us to think of the word “using” like you are being used, far from it. Right now he needs to heal and he is able to do it with your touch and magical influence.

So let’s see about the coming weeks and months, right now an “easy does it” approach for the both of you, you are getting your energy clear because you feel attraction and have some questions still, it is a different feeling to part and you are integrating.

It is also feeling your needs wants and desires because a lot of energy is going towards him and his balance but it is going to change and grow.

Women usually want to build commitment (even before they figure out compatibility!) When a man is in the healing phase which he is, this is more about him feeling like himself and then building togetherness and commitment. He will. You will gently integrate yourself and then coax each other into partnership. You’re here to do something together! This love is intense and they express themselves in different ways, right now it feels like integration is important and then creating a space that coaxes each party into a partnership and container that is balanced with giving and receiving, commitment as it grows and all the fun stuff.

Let me know how this resonates and feel free to add more questions! ♥ Mahalo! Noelani


Thank you so much for the insight and concise reading. Your are very concise and accurate regarding the situation and yes, it resonates all too well…

He is healing & dealing with some pretty significant “demons” which he wants to conquer and move past. I feel pretty helpless because this is his path and I give him unconditional love and support. However my additional question is….a future with him depends on him transcending these “demons”…do I wait it out for him or shall I move on ….will he heal, will he get there?. He has already mentioned taking positive steps to help himself heal and get on the right path but one never knows..being with him feels so right and we have a fabulous very connected relationship. It feels wrong to not be with there I struggle.


I think his success is coming. Some people want time frames because they feel better about their relationship if they have one. There can be something healthy about timeframes if there is a urgent goal to achieve like kids, or having two options to choose from. Sometimes though, timeframes are more about self esteem and keeping up a certain kind of appearance of love. It feels to me like communication without a timeframe, like “I am enjoying this” “I am worried and triggered by this” but in a “looking at me” way vs. “looking at you” way of expressing yourself is best, because he can only hear so much without hurting and I think he is about to breakthrough. At the point he breaks through maybe 3 months to 6 months? He feels energized and worthy enough and the focus is less on his journey. Everyone needs to heal. Let’s have faith that this one has what it takes to get through.

Hugs, xo Noelani


Thank you so much! I pulled an angel card last night and received “Patience”…..enough said. I know what I need to do and that is really to do nothing and just let the universe take over. Much love and many hugs :)

Psychic Email Readings have 24 – 48 hours turnaround time. Get an Email Psychic Reading and start getting answers now! ♥ Noelani