Half Hour Readings | Same Day Readings

Half Hour Readings | Same Day Readings

Aloha, my name is Noelani Rodriguez, I am a Psychic in Portland, Oregon that also does email and phone readings around the globe for many years. Here are some of the reviews people have written about my work:

Yelp: “I was given accurate and validating information… I will definitely use her again.  An email reading is affordable and worth every penny!”

Google Places: I was truly amazed at the in depth reading I received! You can tell by Noelani’s accuracy and clarity of her readings that she is a very competent and genuine psychic with much insight. Thank you!

Yahoo: “Noelani – Thanks so much for your readings and assistance over the years. Your psychic readings have been quite accurate and are amazing! ”

Contact info: Noelani Rodriguez, cell/text: 503-967-7018

I have found that alot of my clients have asked for half hour readings.

Half Hour Readings | Same Day Readings - Portland Oregon

Half Hour Readings | Same Day Readings – Portland Oregon

So I notice it is nice to give people an option of a half an hour psychic reading. The reasons for this are numerous:

  • It allows you to focus in on one question or just a few questions. (By the way, most people have even more questions once they hear the answer to their first question).
  • It frees up your time. Half hour readings are great for single mothers and people that are busy.
  • It is great for your budget.
  • You are already intuitive, it is just fun to get a second opinion on things.

People also like same day readings, which I specialize in. That’s because most people want a reading the same day, or even the same moment that they call!

I usually have people just text me to see that I’m around, I usually am, and then they pay online and we do a reading and have some fun.

Sample reasons for half hour psychic readings are:

  • Wondering which business plan will make the most money
  • Wondering how to get along better with a partner
  • Wondering how to reconcile with someone
  • Wondering how someone is feeling now
  • Wondering what to know before a date about somebody

It’s good to put out there that are same day and even instant psychic readings available.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader that has been featured on Women’s Radio and many other programs.


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