Heart Awakening? Ask a Dog

Heart Awakening? Ask your Dog

Awakening The Illuminated Heart

I noticed one day that it is easy to be “serious” as a Psychic, Author and spiritual enthusiast, until I started talking to a friend about dogs.

Basically, heart awakening can be so simple as your dog trying to get your attention.

Dogs are already in a state of “heart awakening.” And it is not so “serious” either. :O)

Something as simple as tossing your dog a ball can mean you have found heart awakening, and have “the answer.”

Often we learn to close our hearts as children when we are not getting “met” in our hearts. We might learn to use our intellect to get love, or our talent, or our good deeds.

But turning our consciousness to our beginnings and learning to go back into the heart again, we can see that nothing more needs to happen.

You don’t have to be smart, or talented or do good deeds. In fact, you don’t need to do anything and you might sense a sense of heart contentment start to rise. It is even more than contentment, it is the awakening of loving appreciation for everything surrounding us. It can start with a nearby dog.

Like letting your dog lead on a leash, you can let your heart lead. Let simplicity lead.

How to Awaken the Heart

Here’s an exercise I learned for heart awakening (besides the dog walking):

1. Swallow your head into the heart
2. Swallow your heart into the womb (for men it can be lower belly)
3. Swallow your womb into the earth.

Here are some other exercises to increase awakening of the heart:

1. Listen to Crystal Bowl Heart Sounds on Youtube videos
2. Practice drawing with crayons–draw things that evoke a good feeling state
3. Take a meandering walk or car drive
4. Imagine your mind has an off switch (like a stove) and that you can turn on your heart switch.

Most of all, play with the dog!

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic featured on Women’s Radio. She gives phone and Skype readings about love, life and heart awakening.

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