How Not To Feel Guilty About Being in Paradise

Let’s suppose you found yourself in a place like Kalani, an oceanside retreat village on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Perhaps you might find yourself lazing in a hammock, melting into the tropical view from the pool, or enjoying basil limeade and raw ahi tuna from the lunch buffet.

Sometimes you might be surprised at a passing moment of guilt. Perhaps your friends are at home, slaving away at work, eating foods that aren’t as colorful or tasty. What do you do about it?

You might tell yourself you don’t want to be eating this yummy food, and taking in this beautiful view, but that wouldn’t help your friends.

Huna, a teaching based on Hawaiian Spirituality, would encourage you to enjoy yourself, and share the vibration of enjoyment with your friends.

Huna teaches that joy is central to feeling empowerment, and ultimately enlightenment. When you are “feeling good,” you are probably close to your soul’s best wishes, and you are usually able to share that gift of joy with the friends you have, near and far.

So I’m working on enjoying myself, guilt free. I’ll be sending you good vibrations from my hammock.

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2 Responses to How Not To Feel Guilty About Being in Paradise

  1. Glad to hear you’re somewhere beautiful, Lani. Enjoy!

  2. Kelly Rees says:

    You Go, Lani! More basil limeade and raw ahi! Take lots of pictures! Be brilliant, O Succulent One! Mwah!

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