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Psychic Phone Reading | How to Find One


My name is Noelani Rodriguez, I am a Psychic that gives Psychic Phone Readings  and a Psychic Trainer for many years. My number is 503-967-7018. Here are some of the reviews people have written about my work:

Yelp: “I was given accurate and validating information.   I emailed Noelani a question and she sent me a long detailed reading that included aspects of my life that are not common knowledge.  I will definitely use her again.”

Google Places: “I was truly amazed at the in depth reading I receive! You can tell by Neolanis accuracy and clarity of her readings that she is a very competent and genuine psychic with much insight. Thank you!”

Yahoo: “Noelani – Thanks so much for your readings and assistance over the years. Your psychic readings have been quite accurate and are amazing! ”

Find a Phone Psychic | Psychic Phone Reading

What does it take to get a great psychic reading that leaves you soul satisfied? Here are some things:

Real Psychics: While the media loves to play up images of psychics as less than real, actually most psychics are of a spiritual nature. They feel a life calling to do their work. They are on a spiritual journey themselves and they love to help you identify your own soul’s power. The word Psychic actually means soul. While I don’t find most psychics to be “jokesters” or “tricksters,” if you are concerned about a “real psychic” you can look at reviews online to find psychics, ask your friends for a referral or try a psychic with a money back guarantee.

Psychic Predictions: A Psychic is there to point out your Soul’s more powerful direction. Your Soul doesn’t care about predictions so much. Your ego might, especially if it is frail. Let’s suppose you have a crush on “Steve.” Your ego wants to know if Steve will come around but your Soul knows that you want enough power so that you don’t get “crushes” anymore, but get “attractions with empowerment.” Your Soul can make a blueprint for the best type of guy to come in. Just asking for a prediction without getting the important information about how to advance your Soul is cheating yourself. A good Psychic has good news about your Soul and where it is heading next.

Psychic Prices: Some of the media images show Psychics as a “curiosity,” sort of like a circus trick, rather than a spiritual counselor. So some people think they are talking to a “human fortune cookie” for five minutes. They want to pay little and take a chance on a cheap reading.

However, in every society there are women that take a spiritual role and “talk to Spirit”. Think of it as more than a “fortune cookie.” You can get great comfort and direction from a good phone psychic reading, you’ll want to pay for it and not just get something cheap.

Psychic Lines: Prepare yourself to accept the idea of paying a bit for it. If you go for late night hotlines you get readers that are tired, underpaid often and they may not give their full attention. Find someone that does this for a living and pay them a decent amount.

Go with professional individuals that have a psychic website, psychic reviews, etc. Try to stay away from hotlines that pay little and tend to overwork their individuals, the psychic hotline readers will often be tired when they talk to you. They have to stay on call numerous hours just to get one call, sometimes staying up too late, or hanging by the phone too long.

Get someone that has a full night’s sleep and that has chosen to do this for a living.

I have read on everything from predicting someone’s fiancee coming in to career moves, missing persons, house purchases and sales, too many things to list. I love my work–most of my clients are almost all healers and intuitives themselves.

You Deserve A Good Psychic Phone Reading

What I will say in summary is know you are treating yourself very well with a good Psychic Phone Reading, visiting with your Soul–you deserve it.

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