Manifesting with the Akashic Records

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic featured on Women’s Radio. She is the author of the book “How to Read Your Akashic Records.

What is Manifesting With The Akashic Records?

How to Read the Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Lots of people are acquainted with the concept of Manifesting, the idea that we can ask and receive from the Universe. Movies like The Secret have made this concept of manifesting more popular.

People interested in the spiritual path are constantly upgrading their relationship with manifesting. I feel that manifesting comes from aligning all the parts of yourself:



.soul and


and asking the Universe (and your Higher Power) for something that is in the highest good of all. Often I find you receive a confirmation back that what you are manifesting is coming.

Well, everybody seems to have their own way of manifesting things in their life.

What are the Akashic Records and what do they have to do with manifesting?

The Akashic Records come from the old Hindu concept that the universe is filled with energy or “ether”. 19th century Scottish physicist Maxwell talked about how the universe was filled with “ether,” and that all of the physical universe was manifested from upper dimensions. While he was ridiculed in his day, physicists like Tesla actually confirmed this concept of ether and actually manifested energy from higher dimensions, making free energy possible.

The ancients thought that our universe was filled with energy this “ether” or Akasha. They thought our emotions, our ideas, and our intentions inscript themselves on the ether. It was believed that when we were actually conscious of this, and conscious of our own soul’s intentions, that the Universe and ether would actually “glow.” Akasha means “glowing ether.”

So, the ether in the universe can be compared to a records book. This is where the idea of the Akashic Records comes from. In fact in many sacred texts, there is a similar idea – the Bible says there is a book were all our deeds are recorded.

So how do you manifest with the Akashic Records?

I like to think of the Akasha or ether as a Divine “Web” that not only records but resonates and reverberates our wishes into the universe. It is like the universe as a “divine telephone” and we can call helpful divine guidance.

When the soul is pure, and the emotions are pure, the thoughts have clarity, the universe can really deliver. I have received miracles in health, wealth, and love. I know folks that have manifested husbands, I’ve manifested health after 30 years of a chronic condition, I’ve seen manifesting just grows.

Once you learn to reverberate the universe with your soul and write on the “Akashic Records” I think you find that this is something you can do over and over again, more and more, faster and faster — more powerful each time.

What are you waiting to manifest? The universe is listening.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic featured on Women’s Radio. She is the author of the book “How to Read Your Akashic Records.

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