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Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks

Are you searching the internet for “Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks?” Several hundred people search for this phrase every month, so I thought I would explain…

Noelani Rodriguez (that would be me, I’m the president and the janitor around here) is a Harvard Graduate and Published Author that started writing ebooks 15 years ago. Since then she has over $1M lifetime ebook sales, and she gives lectures and consults on how to sell ebooks.

Although Ms. Rodriguez has written many books for MacMillan and IDG including high tech classics “ASP Unleashed,” “Microsoft Site Server Bible” and others (I know, these titles can put most folks to sleep– my mom uses my high tech books as a plant holder) her ebooks include general topics like Finance, Relationships and most recently Spirituality.

Noelani Rodriguez  Ebooks |Case Studies

How does one sell ebooks online? One ebook, “Improve Your Credit Score in 24 Hours” has sold 70,000 copies online and still sells daily. Noelani has given lectures where she explains that 1/2 the sale of an ebook is in choosing a good title. See this best-selling credit ebook here.

Noelani has consulted for other winning ebooks and their authors including “Unstoppable Confidence”, “Bipolar Happens” and many others.

Write a Best-Selling eBook | Noelani Rodriguez

One of her most sought after books right now is “Write a Best Selling eBook.” This ebook is her 90 page 8-1/2″ x 11″ magnus opus on “How to Sell Ebooks.” In it, she talks about million selling ebook tactics including 6 things that start with the letter U, Urgency (for instance choosing a topic for your ebook that buyers want urgently, such as how to stop problem behavior in children), Upper income demographic, (for instance choosing a topic for your ebook that appeals to buyers with highest income).

Noelani Rodriguez | Ebooks | Resources

Noelani offers lots of resources for the public regarding how to buy ebooks.  Here are some listed below:

4 Ways to Know that your Ebook is a Best Seller: Video

Sell Ebooks In Your Sleep | Facebook Page on Ebooks

Website: Write A Best Selling Ebook

Noelani Rodriguez also loves being a Psychic Reader the past 7 years, and so some people search online for “Noelani Rodriguez ebooks” and find her page about Psychic Readings and Spirituality instead. Some businesspeople have actually ended up doing a psychic reading on their ebook business. 😉

Although there is one ebook about psychic abilities on her site, she wants people searching for “Noelani Rodriguez Ebooks” online to see a full picture of her offerings on “selling ebooks online.”


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