Online Marketing – How to Make Money All The Time

Did you know you can make money all the time online?
It’s really not that hard.

1) Answer this question – is your website converting visitors into sales?
When you look at statistics for your website, it will only take you a few days to know if you are making sales.

Let’s suppose you have a product like “Dana’s Nut Loaves”. If every time 100 people visit your website, 2 people buy, then that should stay constant everytime! It’s true! I love that about Online Marketing. Usually the amount of people that buy your stuff compared to the amount of people that visit stays pretty constant. So, if every time 100 people click on your site, 2 people buy, that usually stays pretty much the same, if your website stays the same. If what’s happening is profitable for you great.

Getting 100 visitors to your website is pretty cheap, and in this example if you are making 2 sales that is considered good results. In marketing geek speak, we call this a 2% “conversion rate”, which means you “converted” 2% of the 100 people to a sale. This is considered excellent for most industries selling online.

So whether you sell services like massage, or retail products like “Nut Loaves”, your website is either hot or its not, yes? You’ll know in a few days of testing. Ask yourself, what happens when I get 100 visitors to my site? Do I get sales?

2) Next step – answer this question – what’s next for me and my business?
If you know that every time you get 100 visitors, you get 2 sales of your “nut loaves”, great! This is probably profitable for you, as new visitors come cheaply. The next step if your website is turning a profit is do it over and over again! Get visitors (clicks) to your web site! Have teleseminars! Promote events on Facebook! Write articles like I’m doing now! If your website is profitable, and 100 clicks always turn into a couple of sales, you just need more clicks!

If, however, you are not converting your visitors into sales (hey 97% of the websites out there don’t make money), then your next step is to make your website sparkle more! The marketing geekspeak for this is “make your website convert”. Convert! Convert! It is the word that is music to my ears. It means that “Ka-Ching” is happening and your website’s visitors are “converting” to buyers.

Whether you sell “nut loaves” or services like massage, healing, psychic readings, retail products, (I sell electronic books), your website either goes Ka-Ching or it doesn’t, yes?

How do you get your website to create more sales? Easy, you use all the marketing tricks in the book. Here are some:

.Have a bold proposition – I was working with Psychic Sarah Lambert recently, and her website said she was an LMT but nothing about the amazing psychic readings she does. We came up with a proposition “Psychic Body Readings for your Next Direction”. She reads her clients on a massage table, and has a unique service. We wanted to get what she does across with some sparkle. You can do it people! Come up with a unique proposition about what your business can offer. Want to know an example of a company that made it to #1 with their proposition? Domino’s Pizza – “We deliver in 30 minutes or less, or the pizza’s free.” Separate yourself out from the pack with a sparkling proposition.

.Use marketing colors – When I work with clients I sound like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. If I see that electric blue color for a website background I shriek as loud as any of the queer guy designers–“oh uggh!” Blue is not a marketing color. Neither is green. Look at your bookshelf at home, most of the books are red or orange, not blue. There is a reason for that. Reds and oranges sell. McDonald’s knows it, Burger King, just about any large corporate logo has red or orange. Sorry but it’s true, just sayin’…

.Say it in 9 seconds or less – The average web visit is 9 seconds or less. What you do in that 9 seconds could make you millions, or your website could just stay lonely and underappreciated. Alot of that is your “9 second factor”, are you making a bold proposition in 9 seconds or not.

Hey, it’s easy to make money all the time with Online Marketing. By the way that nut loaf is starting to sound pretty tasty…

Noelani Rodriguez is an Online Marketing Consultant and the Organizer for the Portland Online Marketing Meetup group. She is an eBook Publisher with over $1M in online sales.

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  1. W*bke says:

    Yes that nut loaf is sold! Really enjoy your yummy tips, Noelani! I just started my own blog how exciting! Just gotta bake some of this “loaf” now … I am pregnant with a juicy program in the works. So happy I met you at Kalani. Let’S serenate again some time soon 😉

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