Intuitive FAQ: Questions and Answers about Intuitives, Clairvoyants

Intuitive FAQ

Q: What is a Psychic, Intuitive or Clairvoyant?
Q: Am I Intuitive?
Q: Why can’t you just win the lottery and make a million dollars?
Q: Why be Intuitive or Intuitive?
Q: Can I learn to be Intuitive and give myself Psychic Readings?
Q: Why do people say such bad things about Intuitives, like they are a “fraud” or a “scam?”
Q: How do I start giving myself Psychic Readings?

Q: What is a Psychic, Intuitive or Clairvoyant?

Intuitives and Clairvoyants: Questions and AnswersA: A Intuitive is someone who uses the 6th sense to feel spiritual messages about a person’s soul calling. The word Intuitive originally translates into Soul in Greek. While Intuitives are maligned sometimes in the media, Intuitives are actually more popular than imagined. The Reagans and many world leaders have used Intuitives. Most Intuitives are women. Intuitive work can be a humble and noble calling. Most spiritual texts speak of psychic gifts that result from following a spiritual path.

The word Intuitive has become popular as an alternative for Intuitive. This word seems to have been discovered as a way of avoiding the “stigma” of the word Intuitive. Some people think, a Psychic is like a wandering “gypsy” while a Psychic has an office!

People type the word Intuitive into the search engines 2 million times a month, and they type the word Intuitive 135K times a month. They type the word Clairvoyant 635,000 a month. The word Clairvoyant is more popular than the word Intuitive in Australia and Europe. The word Clairvoyant in this context means roughly the same thing as a Intuitive.

Q: Am I Intuitive?

A: Yes! Everyone has Intuitive Abilities. Even Celebrity Intuitives like Sylvia Browne or Intuitive Medium James Van Praagh all say that everyone has innate Intuitive Abilities.

Writer Margo Adair talks about how the US and USSR military did numerous studies (ESP Studies) in the 70s, and they found that most people could guess a medical condition of a stranger living thousands of miles away, when given just a few key facts like name, birthdate and location.

Ms. Adair has personally taught thousands of business workshops where she gave students intuition exercises, and found that they could be highly intuitive with very little coaching.

My own similar experience has led me to create a psychic program that people can download as a psychic book, but more on that later.

Dogs, cats, dolphins, and even trees and plants have exhibited psychic phenomena in different studies.

Q: Why can’t you just win the lottery and make a million dollars?

A: Many Intuitives feel they are connecting with spiritual guidance, and that their gifts work better when helping others, usually with identifying their soul directions.

Q: Can I learn to become Intuitive and give myself Psychic Readings?

A: Yes, even right now.

Noelani Rodriguez, the Publisher of this website, after 6 years of psychic training, found that she could get students “reading” in just a few minutes, by asking them to journey together, sitting in groups. She has created a quick start psychic course that is a fast track for learning to read for yourself quickly. But you can learn to do psychic readings quickly.

Q: Why be Intuitive or Intuitive?

A: There is something called the Happiness Triad, with three things that make most human beings happy: wealth, health and love. So most of us want to know where we are going with our wealth, health and our love.

Intuitive information can put you at ease, as it relates to your soul contentment. While it is natural to be fearful sometimes about life, our soul is the more powerful part of us that wants us to live our best life.

So for instance, your personality or ego might be afraid you’re not going to meet your soul mate. However, your soul might know you are going to meet one, and may want to go to school first or get connected with yourself better so you can win a better relationship. Your soul knows a better direction; Psychic Readings help connect with this direction, eliminating fear and creating resolution with your soul’s highest calling.

Also, your intuition is your way to talk to the Divine, so it is good to practice it.  Most people want to work with the Divine in three ways: 1) readings or getting information 2) healing for yourself or others and 3) manifesting/prayer. You want intuition for all three of these pursuits with the Divine. When you work on improving intuition you are opening up possibilities to get good at all three things: 1) readings 2)healing 3) manifesting/prayer.

Why do people say such bad things about Intuitives, like they are a “fraud” or a “scam?”

A: Strong governments and strong churches have wanted to discourage belief in psychic ability. While governments privately use Intuitives, they publicly act in a skeptical manner. There is one gentleman that has come out and created a $1M challenge, claiming he challenges a Psychic to be accurate and guess certain things to win the million dollars. Search the Internet and you will find information that this gentleman is linked to intelligence agencies.

Most strong, controlling governments don’t want people to believe they are psychic. Perhaps they are afraid people will know their next move. In Russia, 80% of the people have used Intuitives. They even vote them into public office. However the government outlawed Intuitives from advertising in public newspapers, and regards Intuitive phenomena with “skepticism.”

A church or government telling people that they are not psychic is like telling them they have no ears. Both the Chinese and US Government have done a study where they can measure a Psychic reading characters or letters on a piece of paper inside a lead cage. When the Intuitive is doing a reading a photon meter goes off in the cage every time.

So governments not only believe in Intuitives, they are studying them to see how psychic phenomena works! I wouldn’t take too seriously these stories about Intuitives being “frauds.” The stories imply people are not psychic and they are.

I will say that some Intuitives can fit the stereotype of someone that wants money without giving you an ethical reading. But this is found in any profession. Use your own intuition in a reading with someone. Most people have Intuitives they enjoy and use for a long time. Sometimes you just have to find someone you’re comfortable with.

Of course if you are doing a Psychic Reading for yourself, you can enjoy the benefit of reading for yourself, without any cost, for fun and piece of mind.

Q: How do I start giving myself Psychic Readings?

A: This is a handbook on “fast psychic training”: “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days” | Intuitive Handbook.

If you have any more questions and we can add them to this FAQ. ūüėČ

Thank you.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Popular Intuitive Reader that has been featured on Women’s Radio. She does Psychic Readings by Phone for happy clients all over the world. She is the Author of “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days. and How to Read the Akashic Records.

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