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Psychic Healing - What is it?

Psychic Healing – What is it?

Psychic Healing

Someone recently asked, do you do “Psychic Healing?” I want to clarify for folks, what the term Psychic Healing means.

What happens when you call spiritual energy for anything, including:

  • doing healings
  • doing readings
  • manifesting or prayer

This is what usually happens:

  • you call on your Higher  Self or your Higher Power
  • you ask for something to happen like a reading or healing
  • you open up to receive spiritual readings or healings

So a Psychic Healer is going to be able to call for both Psychic Reading and a Psychic Healing to take place.

I have clients that just want a psychic reading. For instance, one client asked about why she had more anxiety than usual lately, and we talked about some old patterns she had in her relationships. This is a psychic reading, where we get spiritual messages and insights to a situation.

I had another client that had a hysterectomy recently. There we want both psychic reading and psychic healing. You can ask for, and receive both a psychic reading and a healing! Sometime the healings are miraculous!

Psychic Healing that Heals with Insight

One woman told me she wanted a psychic healing – she had a distended ovary that might burst. She had it for four years.

I told her I saw a “wedding ring” in her ovary.  She made the connection that both her mother and grandmother had married for stability instead of love. She was afraid she was going to do the same thing. Both her grandmother and mother had  had a distended ovary that burst. In energy physiology, the right ovary is symbolic about love matters and choices she is making about that. The right ovary is where my client had the trouble.

Once she made the connection she could marry an old flame, and marry for love instead, we both felt a giant “whoosh” going from her right to left ovary. Her right ovary was healed! She never had the problem again, and she flew off to with her sweetheart in Hawaii.

Psychic healing, sometimes called Psychic Energy Healing, can have profound effects of bringing insight to a situation but also physical healing as well!

Noelani Rodriguez does Psychic Healing in Portland and on Skype.

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