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  • I’d love you to see some reviews about my fast psychic training:I would like to be a witness as someone who took this psychic training from Lani last month – it is awesome! Excellent information and really fun experiential exercises. Highly Recommended.—Traci

    I endorse Noelani very highly too. She is one of the most psychic people I’ve ever known and it is a very special blessing that she is willing to share her knowledge.


    “I was so glad that I attended this psychic training course. It was a very valuable experience for me. Great group of people and Lani was just wonderful in facilitating the meeting. Thanks for such a great experience!”

    — Jacky

    Yes that was a great night! I learned some very useful tools!


    Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you, Lani! It was wonderful learning with such an amazing group of women.

    — Traci

    There was a lot of love and light generated through the psychic exercises and and the interpersonal connections I made with the other members of my group. I feel the experience was a positive step in my journey.

    — Rod

    Why get Psychic Training? Q & A

    Your intuition is your “inner teacher”.  Psychic Training teaches you to strengthen your intuition so you can :

    • become a professional psychic reader
    • teach how to learn to be psychic
    • go farther on your spiritual path
    • find more happiness and soul direction
    • create more soulful, spiritual relationships.

    Q: What is Intuition?

    The word “intuition” translates to”the teacher within.” You have an inner guru inside you. It doesn’t take long to learn how to start using it — you can even know things about yourself and others that you never would have known before. You will have more instructions on how to live your life well, you will be amazed!

    As a Psychic Reader for the last seven years, I’ve enjoyed living by my intuition; my intuition is leading me to write this page!

    How long does it take to get Psychic Training?

    You can get long term training for 12 weeks at a time or more, or you can get fast psychic development training. I do that latter.

    As a Teacher for the last 25 years, I’m able to take lots of psychic development teachings and make them easy for people. I am probably the only teacher talking about “fast psychic development.” I’ve found ways to teach how to be psychic in days, not years.

    I am passionate about psychic training, and I specialize in helping you find your most powerful intuition — fast!

    You can get fast psychic training 2 ways:

    • get my fast psychic training book here (comes with a free email reading)
    • get personalized psychic training on phone or Skype. I have an introductory offer,  by donation psychic training!

    To book affordable by donation “psychic training” with me, I’ll include the instructions below. The students give great reviews –you’ll see results fast! I also talk with you for free so we can get acquainted and you can ask me questions about your  psychic training.

    I teach:

    • Akashic Records Process
    • How To Give Psychic Readings In 3 Days ( Fast Psychic Training System)
    • Medical Intuition
    • Emotional Clearing Process (Getting to the bottom of things!)
    • Intuition for Business

    and so much more.

    How to start psychic training with me:

    1. paypal $45-85 sliding scale donation for an hour tutoring session, $30-45 for a half hour session.
    2. email Noelani with a couple of times you can talk. Check her schedule here. If you prefer to call now, try 503-867-8439. If you get a voicemail, leave your available times. You’ll get a call back quickly.
    3. get ready to work out your intuition!

    Try a psychic training session right now and get a free gift, the ebook “How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.” (47 pp – value $27).

2 Responses to Psychic Training

  1. I seem to possess some psychic gifts, but because of my “Christian” upbringing, have been afraid of pursuing their use. Have also made some bad choices along the way, and there seems to be negative energy around me. I’d like to understand how to dissolve the negative and bring more light and love to those around me. I’m a very kind, compassionate human being, who wants the very best for others. I would like to learn to use my gifts in a way that could help others.

  2. Connie Schroeder says:

    I am a compassionate, caring human being who genuinely wants what is best for others, and definitely have some psychic gifts. I’ve never learned to use them because of a conservative Christian upbringing that made me afraid of my gifts. Along the way I’ve made some bad choices and there seems to be a negative energy that clings to me. Not sure how to clear it, so I can be more useful.

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