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  • Latest Ebook: Secrets of Positive Thinking and Clear States. HOT! (Groundbreaking Trauma Clearing Exercises)
  • How to Read the Akashic Records eBook + Audio
  • Marketing for Healers and Intuitives eBook
  • How to Stop Love Addiction
  • How to Be an Akashic Records Reader

Secrets of Positive Thinking and Clear States


Little Known Secret to Happiness

Trauma makes you overreact, underreact, overparticipate, underparticipate, fight flight or freeze, be victim, perpetrator or rescuer, make excuses, hide, lie, isolate. Endlessly contemplate. Find the wrong date. Support system dwindles. Ready for something new?

Latest Ebook: Secrets of Positive Thinking and Clear States. HOT! (Groundbreaking Trauma Clearing Exercises) Call me if you want help with these exercises they are life changing. Aloha

How to Read the Akashic Records

Download eBook + MP3

Download Akashic Records eBook plus CD!

Save money on training –this ebook and mp3 set will give you everything you need to know to start accessing your Akashic Records.

Your soul is on a mission here on Earth. The Akashic Records are the records of your soul’s journey that you can access along with your soul’s light to find out more about your life purpose and mission. Your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones help guide you to find the answers you are seeking.

When you learn this Akashic Records Process you will:

  • Know where your soul is going, and what mission you are on
  • Learn the process that hundreds of people are doing successfully to quickly access the Akashic Records and know their Soul’s calling
  • Know how to manifest with the Akashic Records – you are always using the Akashic Records or “ether” when you manifest
  • Enjoy living life with less fear and more power, accessing your soul power to see a brighter future
  • Learn to read yourself and others also.

Sign up now and get the ebook and one hour MP3 audio! Download now for just $29.95.

Call with any questions to 503-967-7018.

Marketing for Healers and Intuitives

The Internet’s best kept secret! A complete step by step marketing plan for Healers and Intuitives from online $1M seller and Author Noelani Rodriguez.

This is a must-read for anyone that wants a complete online marketing plan that is proven for becoming a full time healing practitioner.


Download now!






How to Stop Love Addiction Dead in its Tracks

Love Addiction? Want to Stop?

It is so much fun to stop love addictions dead in their tracks. Did you know you can stop love addictions almost instantly?

So much of it is becoming conscious of what love addictions are. They are merely your subconscious showing you that it has fear that you won’t find love. Why would your subconscious fear that? Good reasons such as:

  • Childhood with abuse
  • Childhood with sexual abuse
  • Childhood with ritual sexual abuse
  • Childhood with unavailable, unreliable parents like alcoholics

The list goes on and on. Look familiar? Don’t beat yourself up! There are many ways to beat love addiction and I have compiled some of my favorites in a little report for you. Some ways are:

  • Deciding the new woman you want to become
  • A two-minute visualization technique that helped many women change their body image forever
  • A powerful explanation of why your body gets addicted to bad emotions
  • Special exercises to pass the responsibility from your parents on to yourself, and the power of your own soul, for greater success.

You don’t have to be love addicted, isolated in your own emotion. With practice you can stop love addiction dead in its tracks, even within days. Want to try it? Download my report —
How To Stop Love Addiction” for more information. Start today!


Noelani Rodriguez
Psychic Readings, Speaker, Author
Website: http://www.NoelaniRodriguez.com





How to Be an Akashic Records Reader – eBook and Audio

What is an Akashic Records Reading?Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Records Readings

Download eBook and Audio

Wow! This is a great program that is rarely taught, that shows you How to Be an Akashic Records Reader.

Get an eBook “How to Read the Akashic Records” with the same process Edgar Cayce used to read the Akashic Records!

Get an mp3 audio called “How to Be an Akashic Records Reader” (1 hr. 50 min. ) including:

• Akashic Records Reader techniques – you will learn two techniques to read the Akashic Records accurately every time. Learn your purpose on Earth and how to read this for others. Plus a bonus technique of how to talk to your own Soul.

• Get valuable practice.

• Learn to Market – the top two techniques to market and be successful. Learn from a successful Reader with a practice for 7 years.

• Ethics – how they get you better guides and readings

• Bonus  exercise to “Mock Up” or Manifest with the Akashic Records

Ready for a full program on How to Be an Akashic Records Reader  and heal other people?

Download eBook and Audio “How To Be an Akashic Reader”  now – just $33.

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