A Psychic’s Job: To Work Themselves Out of a Job

As a Psychic Reader, I always think it would be nice if the world called us “Priestesses” instead. (Bear with me, as I am using the female gender to describe all Psychics, but it is probably ok to use the female gender here).

Why use the term Priestess? In other traditions, modern and ancient, a Priestess is a woman who takes a spiritual role in the community. It could be she does prayer, journeying, channeling guidance, and healing work.

In this society, the term Psychic has been ridiculed a lot for the wrong reason in my opinion: religious bias.

However, a Psychic is a friendly neighborhood Priestess. She consults the Divine with you, and your Soul often recognizes her guidance as the kind you’ve been hearing yourself.

However, I think the paradigm of this friendly neighborhood Psychic evolves as you evolve. Look at this way, our path of evolution is this:

Ego -> Soul -> Spirit

Ego. Have an ego? Good! Psychologists like Carl Jung think you’d crack up without one. However your ego tends to live in survival mode sometimes asking repetitive questions: “Will I get a Soul mate?” “Will I get a new job?”

Psychics get these questions the most. However, with some skill building and exercises, you can learn to live and think at the next level: the level of Soul.

Soul. What is a Soul anyway, and where is it? Think of it this way. The Soul is the part of you that wants to evolve. In Hindu tradition it is Kundalini power. In Christianity it might be the Holy Ghost. The Soul is our power, tucked away, until such time that we decide we can’t live the other way anymore, and we decide to start living for our Soul. How do you access the Soul? Going to a Psychic helps point it out, but really it is when you start using your own intuition in an advanced way, through journeying techniques, meditation, watching everyday “coincidences and the symbology of things, that is how you talk to the Soul. Psychics love to do this and can show you how.

Spirit. Interested in Spirit? Good. It’s interested in you, but like they say, take one step towards God/Goddess and she will take 10 steps towards you. Ask any Psychic and once they decided to devote themselves more to an intuitive life, or go to any Psychic school, wow the intuition starts flowing more than ever. Catholic Saint and teacher Teresa De Avila talked about the Soul being a castle in the sky, but there was a center room where God came in. So the Soul ultimately consults with Spirit, however you experience that. Trust me, if I am doing a reading and I get information like “this person is going to get a girlfriend in 2 months” and then I get the phone call 2 months later that it came to pass, that’s not coming from me or my Soul alone. It is coming from Spirit. So with Psychics they all know, no Spirit, no reading. Capiche? Spirit and talking to Spirit is innumerably valuable in all of our lives. Rather than leaving it up to Psychics, we can develop our intuition for ourselves also.

Want to learn to talk to Soul and Spirit more? I specialize in teaching you how to do this. Download my ebook “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days” to give you a head start. Like many other Psychic Readers I can read, but I love to teach.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Psychic Reader, and Publisher of the book “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” She does Psychic and Medical Intuitive Readings and has great reviews. To book readings call 503-967-7018.

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