Want to Write a Hit eBook? Think of a Good Title and the Work’s Half Done

Some of you know that I’ve been an eBook Publisher for the past 14 years, and have had over $1M in lifetime sales in ebooks.

The best is yet to come in eBooks, what with Kindle, Barnes and Noble Reader, Sony Reader, Google Reader, IPad, ITunes and Mobile Phones all waiting for your new ebook these days!

Here’s the juiciest news–did you know that when you think of a title for your ebook, the ebook is half sold! 50% of book sales in a bookstore are from the title alone. That means us buyers are often sold by just the title and concept of a book we buy.

In my manifesto about selling ebooks online, “Write a Best-Selling Ebook,” I talk about “5 Us” of choosing a good title–the first is Urgency.

I try to ask my clients and/or readers about urgency, since urgency sells books. Some topics are inherently urgent, i.e. preventing diabetes, fixing credit. However, there are ways to create more urgency in book titles since urgency sells books.

For example, I might tell you I have book on “Tips for Knitting a Cool Hat.” You might think that’s cool. But if I tell you I have a book called “How To Knit Your First Hat in One Night,” that might create a more vivid picture of your success, and it might create more demand for your book.

More than titles, people buy propositions. The proposition tells them that they are going to win if they buy your book. I love the title of the new Marci Shimoff book “Love for No Reason.” It is a book about how to find unconditional love in your life. If it was just called “Unconditional Love,” the title might not create as much urgency to go out and get the book. Marci creates a great proposition out of her title, and it’s a knockout.

Titles include topics, and you need a hot topic. Ebooks are a hotter topic than books, unconditional love (i.e. “Love for No Reason”) is a hotter topic than romantic love. What makes a topic hot? It is something current. I once sold 70,000 copies of a book “Improve your Credit Score in 24 Hours.” Why was this topic hot? It wasn’t because the topic of credit repair is new, but the book promises to show you how to do it in 24 hours. The trick is finding out that every major creditor has a computerized system now where they can delete poor credit marks in minutes.

Finally, your (e)book title has something else built in; search engine terms that people use to find a book like yours. For example, I have a book called “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.” I could have called it “Improve your Clairvoyance.” They both mean roughly the same thing.

However, 12K people type “Clairvoyance” into Google every month, but the term “Psychic Readings” gets 40,000 searches.

It pays to do your homework to come up with a good title. Find out more in my manifesto about selling ebooks online, “Write a Best-Selling Ebook–right now it comes with a video on how to get your book on Kindle.

Remember, come up with a hot title and your ebook is 50% sold!

Noelani Rodriguez is a lecturer and leading voice on the subject of selling ebooks online.

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