Self Care and Intuition: How They Go Together

Intuition is a vital part of our lives, and even more so when we are living through times of rapid change.

Many people don’t know that your intuition can be your seat of ultimate power. More than just an occasional “hunch” or “feeling,” it can be your seat of Higher Consciousness. If you believe in a Higher Power, it is the way you talk to your Higher Power, aligning with the source of power in your life, and getting inspiration that guides and strengthens you on your way. Like any “muscle,” your intuition can grow in strength, and you life becomes more easy and assured. You make better decisions, and reap the rewards.

Everyone is talking about intuition these days. It is widely acknowledged that there is a “psychic awakening” going on in the world today. Oprah has featured intuitive guests like Psychic Medium James Van Praagh, and Faith Healer John of God.

I teach classes regularly on the subject of intuition, and have also written a book on the subject: “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.” You may have heard that there are exercises you can do to teach yourself more intuition, and that everyone is intuitive.

However, there is one aspect of intuition that is rarely talked about: self care. Your body is your divining rod, and your mind (including your emotions) can be an empty vessel in which to receive intuitions. But guess what? Few people have a clear body and mind: their body might be an afterthought, with high stress, low exercise, etc. The mind often times goes “neglected” too, with too little self esteem, and too many repetitive thoughts about resentments, regrets and rejections. Vianna Stibal, famous Medical Intuitive and Author of “Theta Healing,” says that if we only got rid of the three Rs, resentment, regrets and rejection, we’d have minds that could bend spoons!

Well how do we get our body and mind ready for better intuition? Well, here is the good news: you can use your intuition to tell you everything you need to know. Sitting with your intuition each day and doing little “journeys”; sessions where you receive words or pictures about your questions, might be a great start to find out what you need to know. Some people find their intuition tells them to drink more water, or have a Master Cleanser fast, or drink a bit of Yerba Mate tea. Self care creates more intuition, and intuition creates more self care. You’ll almost always find that you get better inspiration than you would have had without using your intuition in your day.

Try sitting with your intuition each day as a start. As long as you start using your intuition, you’re on to something. ūüėČ


Noelani Rodriguez was the recent Speaker at the Root and Rise Women’s Fair with “Intuition Workout.” She is a Professional Psychic and Author of How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.

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