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Every business is a mission to help people and therefore is something that Spirit is interested in. Spirit is interested in:

  • you being happy and getting soul fulfillment
  • the people you help being happy and getting soul fulfillment
  • the needs of the planet being met.

In this sense you will find that Spirit is available to help your business succeed and has been there all along. You will be very successful in your spiritual business when you do one thing:

  • make your inner spiritual voice the “CEO” of your business.

Alot of times, you will find that your inner “CEO” has been talking to you about your business a long time, and that it’s not only telling you you’re going to be successful, but it’s even told you the business plan! To see this, try this exercise:

Exercise: Listening to the spiritual “CEO” of your business, your spiritual inner voice:

  1. Give yourself a peaceful moment
  2. Find a notebook and pen to write with
  3. Write things that Spirit has been telling you about your business and your finances for the past year. Give yourself about 10 minutes — you might be surprised to see all the things Spirit has told you about your business over the past year.

You will usually find that Spirit has been talking to you a long time, and usually in positive ways. If you have been concerned about your business, it could be you just need to remember Spirit’s encouraging words. Here are examples of things that Spirit has been telling me a long time:

  • “You will do Psychic Readings all the time”
  • “You will do this mostly on the phone, worldwide”
  • “You will do phone conferences”
  • “You’ll do well with Facebook…”, etc.

The main point here is that if you choose to approach your business in a spiritual way, you will have more joy and less concern when you listen to your “inner CEO”, the inner spiritual voice that is the real CEO for your business.

Everything else is just polishing your faith and learning to relax.

Noelani Rodriguez is Psychic that’s been featured on Luscious Life Radio. She is a Business Psychic and also a lecturer on the topic of “Intuition for Business.”


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  1. Laura Ann Crawford says:


    I have always had good intuition, but ever since my father passed on, I have been getting messages about things that are going to happen, especially when I first wake up sometimes the knowledge is very specific, other times I know something is about to happen. Through a psychic at my dad’s funeral she grabbed me and told me things she could not have known. My dad said that I was his special child, and he would always be with me and protect me. I was filled with an enormous rush of energy for about ten minutes and I asked everybody to be quiet so I could enjoy this amazing feeling. I feel a bond now with my father that I never had with him when he was alive. do u think its possible he is passing on the messages to me. I would like to think so. Everybody keeps telling me to be quiet because people will think I am a nut case. But I know what I have told them and than it happens really unnerves them. will this teach me to tap into my dad further, we never had a father/daughter relationship when he was aslive and i would like to think that we are closer now, even though he has passeed on. ps. i am catholic and it says to stay away from fortunetellers etc. I dont believe for one minute that it is evil as I am a spiritual person, but sometimes I have doubts how do I deal with this?

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