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Intuition – Your Inner Guru

“Genius is developed through the Sixth Sense.” -Napoleon Hill

The word intuition literally means to “teach from within.”

Working with our intuition means working with our “inner guru”.

When we work with the more spiritual facets of our intuition, we “receive.” What types of knowledge have been gotten this way?

Napoleon Hill received some of his book “Think and Grow Rich” this way. Albert Einstein received his vision of his famous formula e=mc2 this way, imagining himself going at the speed of light. Michael Jackson said he received his music this way, often between 2 and 4am. (Some people think the angelic realms are most open for business at this time).

Genius is not always “thought” as much as it is “received.”

The creativity for your business may be in store when you sit and meditate rather than when you are busy at meetings or making your to-do list.

I highly recommend people to come to my Intuition for Business class Wednesday and engage their inner knowing at hyperspeed. Your intuition links you with the Divine, what some consider the source of true genius.

By learning how to listen to your intuition there are many payloads. There is not only abundance available (abundance can be as simple as being happy), there is simplicity and peace when you follow your intuition. You become more available for love and money and all the rest of life.

My inner guru, my intuition, told me that “Abundance is attracted by a naked heart.” It feels true, that following your true joy is a way to abundance, the most direct way. My intuition tells me loads, and often I will share it on Facebook. It is a growing dance, dancing with intuition.

The thing I said earlier, that abundance can be as simple as being happy, comes from the Hicks. The Hicks channel Abraham, a group of celestial beings that answer questions for people about life. Without intuition and “receiving” this knowledge would never be spread.

What is your inner guru, your intuition telling you today about your business? Your intuition is like a channel. When it is cleansed and cleared and practiced with, it will be a divine channel indeed.

Noelani Rodriguez is author of “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days,” and the author of the upcoming book “Intuition for Business.” She is teaching an Intuition for Business class in Portland, found here.

The 3 Steps of Intuition

Step one: you’re not exactly an intuition “wuss.” You intuitively know what your family wants for dinner, and you call on the Mother Mary statuette in your car and get a good parking space. But there’s another level.

Step two: you’re able to journey and get detailed info about what direction to take in life; what boyfriend or girlfriend to choose, what business move to make, what to say to a relative you need to talk to.

Step three: you love how your life is going when you listen to your intuition, and you hate how it goes when you don’t. You decide to commit to your intuitive direction. That means picking up and moving to Maui at a moment’s notice, or writing a new book of channeled material. Guess what? Your intuition starts flooding more information than ever, and you’ve never been so prosperous, focused, and happy in your life. The people that love you notice the difference and your relationships shine. Other people committed to their intuition appear to you, and together you help the planet. You feel more satisfied than ever before.

The difference between these steps? Some faith in the power of intuition.

Let me know what you think!

Noelani Rodriguez is Author of the book “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings.” She also does Psychic and Medical Intuitive Readings. To see testimonials, click here. To book readings text/call 503-330-6963.

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Intuition – Why it’s good for Businesspeople

Intuition might be the most underused resource in a businessperson’s life. You might get that intuitive gut feeling once in a while when you’re making a business decision, but how many times do you access your intuition a day when working with your business life? What if you could know exactly what the best course of action is for your business?

Intuition has two parts to it: the mundane part and the Divine part. The mundane part is your “survival instinct;” it’s that feeling in your gut when you don’t like a certain customer or business partner. On the other hand, your Divine intuition is from…well, somewhere else. Many people think they are accessing a Higher Power, when they work with this latter form of intuition–we may get an overwhelming feeling, that something is the “right” thing to do.

When we use our Divine Intuition, the same thing that Psychic Readers, Shaman, Christians doing Prayer Work, and other Spiritual Practitioners use, we get answers, and with practice, we can hone this type of intuition.

Different from the active imagination artists use to paint, it’s the kind imagination we get when we sit and “wait” for answers, especially the kind that feel Divinely or spiritually inspired. We need our imagination, the stuff our intuition is made of, to talk to “God” or our Higher Power. The same skill it takes to talk to our Higher Power is the same skill that will put us in our best spiritual direction. Is this good for businesspeople? You bet it is!

How are you going to access your soul and spiritual “knowing” for the best business life ever? It is through intuitive development. I put businesspeople in my classes together and we just start using our intuition together–no psychic development course, no pre-requisites. I find that no matter who comes to class, anyone can close their eyes and get a word or symbol on how to help someone else’s career. Yes that’s right, people right off the street are doing intuitive readings for each other. Anyone can close their eyes, “intuit” a little bit, and come up with a word or symbol for someone else. It warms my heart to see a group of people “journey” intuitively on someone’s business goals. Anyone can do this.

So I took six years of psychic development, including 2 years of Berkeley Psychic Institute training, but that doesn’t mean you have to. You just have to be open to how much your business can grow into a happy, soulful, spiritual enterprise. All it takes is a little more intuitive practice.

Noelani Rodriguez is an Author and Professional Psychic. She is the Author of “How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.”