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Spiritual Business | How It Works

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A Prosperity Symbol in the Runes

Every business is a mission to help people and therefore is something that Spirit is interested in. Spirit is interested in:

  • you being happy and getting soul fulfillment
  • the people you help being happy and getting soul fulfillment
  • the needs of the planet being met.

In this sense you will find that Spirit is available to help your business succeed and has been there all along. You will be very successful in your spiritual business when you do one thing:

  • make your inner spiritual voice the “CEO” of your business.

Alot of times, you will find that your inner “CEO” has been talking to you about your business a long time, and that it’s not only telling you you’re going to be successful, but it’s even told you the business plan! To see this, try this exercise:

Exercise: Listening to the spiritual “CEO” of your business, your spiritual inner voice:

  1. Give yourself a peaceful moment
  2. Find a notebook and pen to write with
  3. Write things that Spirit has been telling you about your business and your finances for the past year. Give yourself about 10 minutes — you might be surprised to see all the things Spirit has told you about your business over the past year.

You will usually find that Spirit has been talking to you a long time, and usually in positive ways. If you have been concerned about your business, it could be you just need to remember Spirit’s encouraging words. Here are examples of things that Spirit has been telling me a long time:

  • “You will do Psychic Readings all the time”
  • “You will do this mostly on the phone, worldwide”
  • “You will do phone conferences”
  • “You’ll do well with Facebook…”, etc.

The main point here is that if you choose to approach your business in a spiritual way, you will have more joy and less concern when you listen to your “inner CEO”, the inner spiritual voice that is the real CEO for your business.

Everything else is just polishing your faith and learning to relax.

Noelani Rodriguez is Psychic that’s been featured on Luscious Life Radio. She is a Business Psychic and also a lecturer on the topic of “Intuition for Business.”


How to Create Business Miracles

“I coulds if I wants to.” – Popeye

As you experience Spiritual Evolution, your business will reap the benefits.

Here are some things that happen when you engage the higher spiritual realms in your success, including your business success:

  • Spirit will tell you what to do next in your business, what class to teach, what book to write etc. You will feel “called” to create something new.
  • People will feel “called” to call you, attend your classes, etc., and you will have customers.

Right now I have felt “called” to teach classes the past 2 years, where I actually “receive ” what to teach about. My latest project is to have student groups on Skype, doing intensive and fun “Psychic Development” training. My motto is you can “Learn to Become Psychic in Minutes, not Years.”

According to past experience, when you feel a “call” to do something in your business, the clients always come. How cool is that!

The only trick left then is to turn fear into faith. In the higher dimensions, your thoughts turn into things quite quickly! There’s also spiritual help, your helpful spirit guides that are really happy when you offer something to the public that is for everybody’s highest good.

As you accumulate experiences where you are getting blessed with positive outcomes, because you followed your calling, you will accumulate more faith.

Example: I felt “called” or pulled to do an event called “Juice,” a Tantric Celebration for women near the beginning of last year. 34 people showed up. They signed up within 2 days. The event led to lots of other women’s events and lots of connections, plus I built confidence in my abilities–I had been working on a new “mystery school” and a new career teaching metaphysical topics.

Another example: I felt “called” to teach an “Intuition Workout” at Root and Rise Women’s Fair. This started when I visited the leader of Root and Rise, and she left the room briefly–I told her I would take the time to access my intuition and decide what I wanted to teach about. I heard two words, “intuition” and “self care,” and wrote them down as cues. From the other room, I heard the leader of Root and Rise call out “I”m hearing intuition and self care.” We both heard the same exact words!

I ended up running an event with 75 women, “Intuition Workout.” 75 women attended and it went very well.

Summary: If you follow your calling, the clients will come, and you end up pretty prosperous as well. 😉