The Inimitable Julie A. Fast

Julie A. FastThe Inimitable Julie A. Fast

Portland is a way to meet some incredible businesspeople, especially Eastside Portland, where people are casual, surrounded by vegan restaurants and bicycle enthusiasts. Most businesspeople here have left behind the big city grind for the forest trees and holistic living here, and for that reason they are usually approachable.

I happened on Julie A. Fast when I first saw her car near Zupan’s, a gourmet store in Eastside Portland where everyone knows the owner, and where you can get fine chocolates and lattes and still buy local.

Julie’s red car sported a bumpersticker that read I thought the phrase bipolar happens was quite clever, and being a sympathizer with all forms of mental health issues, I didn’t register a stigma as much as thinking that there was a cool chick entrepreneur that owned the car. I waited for her to come out but she didn’t, but after mentioning the sticker to a friend, he confirmed that the bumper sticker did indeed belong to a cool chick and good businesswoman.

A few weeks later I saw the car, and Julie came out so I asked for a business lunch meeting.

We found ourselves sitting at a cafe where we had occasion to stop and look at each other for a moment in surprise, once and  then again 10 years later. The first time was when we found out we both sold ebooks for a living. That was incredulous to us because back in 2004 noone else was selling ebooks full time. I remember that pregnant moment of surprise, us both looking at each other for a moment.

10 years later we were doing it again, in a cafe looking at each other. This time it was because we found out that we are both are doing intuitive readings (although her intuition is folded into a prestigious coaching practice).

Julie A. Fast always seems to walk in a warm wave of industry and connection. She’s well loved by her partners and clients that have done many things like TED Talks. What Julie had done the past 10 years I found out was astonishing. She has the four top books on Amazon for bipolar disorder in the world, a top book on Kindle in the depression category “Get it Done While You’re Depressed.” She’s a columnist on Dr. Oz and Oprah’s ShareCare websites, and has been interviewed by Self and Intouch Magazine as well as People.

While Julie has published books, podcast and interviews in the public eye, the public actually knows little about the her other loads of genius.

She’s a great inventor, having created a CEO puzzle that helps inventors see if they’re ready for funding, as well as a relationship in the box puzzle that helps players learn about their style and patterns in relationships.

So what did she do this time?

As a tribute to her and I, as well as a mutual friend Laureli Shimayo, an Eye Reader,  she invented an amazing thing, a Love Night PDX night, where all three of us get to do readings and mini-sessions with women about relationships.

Julie has a warm hearted bustle that leads people to follow her, she walks around the world like the world is one big clique and everyone belongs. It is not unusual for strangers to walk up and introduce themselves, sensing the invisible welcome to come join the fun.

Our animated coffeeship meetings for this Love Night PDX are making more and more friends from the stirrings Julie creates with her lively ideas. I have suggested to Julie in private that she seems to walk into an empty room and walk out with friends.

It’s been a remarkable blessing knowing Julie A. Fast in this remarkable place, this forested little town, Eastside Portland.

When you play with Julie’s “Relationship in a Box” puzzle, it will spark a smile for you. Seeing how your last relationship went visibly, what was right and what went wrong, is a great learning visual that will spark new creativity for your love life.

Thank you Julie for sparking creativity and fun with your magnanimity in my life as well.

There’s some great businesspeople and characters to meet in Portland, but with her “Pied Piper” way of attracting and inspiring others, there’s no one like the inimitable Julie A. Fast.

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