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Wellness Retreats, Big Island Hawaii

Occasionally I blog about travel when it is worth it–when there’s a really hot, affordable wellness retreat, it’s really worth it.

Wellness Retreats, Big Island







With just my luck I happened on a true find, a place that excites spiritual travelers that love to flock to the Big Island. Here is what is exciting about Banyan Tree Sanctuary:

  • Ocean View – Not any ocean view, but a luscious panoramic view from every spot on the property, to put you in a dream sequence of joy
  • Saltwater / Chlorine Free Pool and Jacuzzi – Bathing in salt water is even more grounding and clearing than epsom salt, and the detoxifying effects of the water are amazing.
  • Affordability – Tents that are beautiful, with carpet and bed start from $33 a night. There are tiki style rooms and temples at affordable prices.
  • Infrared Sauna – My new fave, it is like a brilliant dose of “psychic healing” energy, but more than that, the infrared technology has won Nobel Prize in Science for reversing cancer and inflammation related conditions like diabetes.
  • Organic Fruit and Vegetables – There’s nothing like free food, and the chance to be one with nature, picking a papaya, or a fig from a fig tree.
  • Detox Retreat – You can definitely create your own “cleanse” or detox retreat. Just create a few smoothie from fruit off the land, and enjoy the sauna and saltwater jacuzzi for detox pleasure.
  • Gorgeous Yurt Facility – With plush carpets, furniture and pillows this is a great place to enjoy celebrations (I enjoyed a surprise costume party), classes like Yoga, Tibetan Meditation and Tantra, and Streaming TV.
  • Fun, friendly staff – there’s nothing like some like minded companions to enjoy the grounds and kick it in the clubhouse with. There’s frisbee golf every day at 5pm.

The Banyan Tree is a definite paradise, a great resting place on your way to ascension. Enjoy the ocean view from the pool, just minutes from swimming with dolphins at the bottom of the hill.

It’s a joy to blog about an affordable fun place near Kailua-Kona, Big Island, one of my favorite places for health, transformation and fun.

The Banyan Tree Sanctuary can be reached by calling Raybo at 808-217-5915 or giving them a Facebook Like here. Enjoy a fun wellness retreat, and tell the staff “Aloha” for me.

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