Noelani Rodriguez is a graduate of Harvard University, a million selling eBook Author and a Psychic passionate about Intuitive Arts.

Here are what clients are saying about her intuitive readings:

“I’d say this is spot on.”
“Very impressive.”
“You ROCKED!!!!!”
“Awesome bloody reading!”

Noelani has been featured live on several radio shows including popular global radio show Para-X radio, with 10,000 listeners per show. She has been recently featured as recommended Intuitive on Thumbtack, and has received the “People Love Your Business” award from Yelp 2 years in a row, 2016 and 2017.

After over 4000 readings, done by phone, Skype, email or live in Portland, Oregon, Noelani has delivered guided wisdom about how to live life more fully and creatively, with an honest and loving style.

She also has spent lots of time on the Big Island of Hawaii and as a Lomi enthusiast she offers a bi-cultural point of view for Hawaii residents and lovers of Hawaii.

Note: Noelani has also occasionally worked as a marketing professional, for people searching for this go here.

Noelani also enjoys music, enjoying an award winning rock n’ roll career at Harvard as a musician. She was also the inspiration for a lead “woman pirate” character in the movie Waterworld, which was later changed to a little girl.

Feel free to browse Noelani’s blog about intuition, or join her intuition training here.

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  1. LUIS PEREZ says:

    Nohelani Rodriguez, un cordial saludo desde Coatzacoalcos, Ver.., me intereza mucho este tema de la psiquis y la intución, por este medio seguire sus temas que creo tienen una buena cantidad de seguidores de estos temas tan controversiales muchas felicidades y gracias por existir besos.

  2. tamara yapp says:

    Love to have a reading. I would like to know the future and the best directions for my
    Lets connect

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