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My friend Carol Sue has always had a special knack: she can listen to person’s story and find a healing solution for that person. Like an angel that makes appearances during a dark night of the soul, she has made several appearances at just the right time for me.

This time I couldn’t breathe. I explained that I felt that some spraying planes in the middle of the country had left my lungs somewhat compromised. I went to Hawaii for six months to alleviate my symptoms but after returning for a while I felt like my lungs were blocked again, sometimes in an “emergency room” type of way.

Carol Sue is not only a great listener and contact person for other healers, she and her husband are great healers in their own right. This time she had a solution right in her own home; her husband Robin and her are effective healers at “NMT”, a neuro-modulation technique taught by a Dr. Feinberg in Hermiston, Oregon. This technique is based on the idea that there are 30 or more pathways in the body that can lead to good health, or to imbalance. The idea is that the nervous system and autonomic control system in the brain can become “out of sync” with the needs of a certain pathway, causing disruption.

As it turned out, my “disruption” had to do with the “morphic field” pathway, something that can become “out of tune” just in the field of consciousness itself. This healing technique is not only heady, it is very much energy medicine and “outside the box.” However, the effects are spectacular. My friends Carol Sue and Robin have helped:

  • heal an autistic child right in front of her mother
  • helped a woman that needed a kidney transplant no longer need one
  • helped a woman’s lupus to vanish
  • helped many others get miraculous healings,
  • helped me to breathe!

This is just a short blog, but everyone wants a miracle healing don’t they? If you are interested in sharing this with someone that needs healing at a modest donation price, please contact me for more info on the Contact Us section of my blog, most healings are remote so don’t worry if you live far away.

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  1. Darlene says:

    I would love to hear more about Carol Sue and her healings.
    It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve felt out of wack, wires disconnected somewhere. Sounds like a great answer to my prayers! Thank you.


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