How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days

Many people go to a Psychic Reader when they want to know about their love life, or their life purpose. But did you know you can give these type of readings to yourself?

As a Psychic Reader, some might think I “shouldn’t be telling you this” but everyone can do Psychic Readings. I hold classes where people just close their eyes, start journeying and come back with “lots of info!”

So, what if you could know what to do about your love life, or how to find your life purpose? Wouldn’t you want to give yourself a “Psychic Reading?”

Here’s something even better than asking yourself about the “future.” Being a “Psychic Reader” for yourself is actually being a Mystic. That’s right! A Mystic is someone that has a direct connection with The Divine, and who learns from it daily. The Psychic Development or Intuition path is actually the “Mystical Path.”

The word Mystic probably has less stigma attached to it than Psychic, but they are pretty much the same. Want to know why people make fun of the word Psychic, or feel afraid of it sometimes? It is because throughout history, religions that like to dominate and control the world don’t like the Mystical Path! Controlling religions like to make the Mystical path taboo. They basically want you to be powerless so they can have all the power. It’s not an accident that Psychics, as well as Shaman, Witches and other intuitive type of people have been ostracized.

Will you let these people shame you out of your intuition and Mystical path? No! Just say no! See how easy that is?

You have an intuition, and you use it all the time. You might say, “I have a feeling to check my messages,” or “I have a feeling I should attend this event.” Follow that intuition and it is a whole path.

I have a Psychic Development eBook for people, you can think of it as a Mystical Path ebook. I love showing people intuition! I studied for six years, including 2 years of Berkeley Psychic Institute Psychic Development training, and come to find out, you only need a few good exercises, and you can be doing intuition readings for yourself within days, or even hours.

The meaning of the word “Intuition” is teacher within. Get ready for that guru inside you to pop out when you develop your intuition. On that Mystical, Divine, Intuitive path, not only will your love life and life purpose fall into place, you’ll be surprised at all the miracles that happen. Prosperity, abundance, synchronicities, even miracles. There will be plenty of great surprises. Ready to get started? ūüėČ

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