If you saw the Secret, this is “Top Secret”

Are you ready for a change?

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction featured in the movie “The Secret”.

But here’s something that’s “Top Secret”.

Have you ever tried using the Law of Attraction with your intuition?

Your intuition knows the Highest and Best Good at all times. With a few intuition practice exercises you can know the answers to your own questions. Then you will always know the best things to attract, and how to attract them. The Divine knows what’s best, so this is the best way to attract things to you.

I have been trying out a technique called “Psychic Manifestation”. I have found people enjoy it and I am very passionate about it. You don’t have to be psychic to use it, maybe just a bit intuitive.

I have a circle getting together Wednesday at Healing Waters, 6:30pm to practice this technique.

In the group everyone gets into a circle, and we take turns going around the circle and asking a question to ourselves and the group about what we want to manifest. We use exercises to access our intuition to come up with answers to questions about our lives. Everyone uses their own intuition to do the exercises and help also. It’s by far the best way to use the Law of Attraction I’ve come across. Why? Because you ask the Divine what your big next step is. Walking in step with the Divine will accelerate your life path.

I do Psychic Readings and I’ll be journeying with people also. It’s addictive and great fun to do “Psychic Manifestation”. I am hosting the Psychic Manifestation Circle event Wednesday at Healing Waters, 6:30pm, along with the Wise Women’s Circle of Healers and Intuitives, who enjoy psychic practice. It’s a win win situation for people that want intuitive practice and those that want intuitive help about their questions. Everyone is welcome, women and men, and even people that don’t think of themselves as psychic at all. We all have an intuition, and it’s a great thing to put to work for our best future.

Want the brightest future? Ask the Divine! Your intuition can help. So can helpful friends. ūüėČ

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