Intuition – Your Inner Guru

“Genius is developed through the Sixth Sense.” -Napoleon Hill

The word intuition literally means to “teach from within.”

Working with our intuition means working with our “inner guru”.

When we work with the more spiritual facets of our intuition, we “receive.” What types of knowledge have been gotten this way?

Napoleon Hill received some of his book “Think and Grow Rich” this way. Albert Einstein received his vision of his famous formula e=mc2 this way, imagining himself going at the speed of light. Michael Jackson said he received his music this way, often between 2 and 4am. (Some people think the angelic realms are most open for business at this time).

Genius is not always “thought” as much as it is “received.”

The creativity for your business may be in store when you sit and meditate rather than when you are busy at meetings or making your to-do list.

I highly recommend people to come to my Intuition for Business class Wednesday and engage their inner knowing at hyperspeed. Your intuition links you with the Divine, what some consider the source of true genius.

By learning how to listen to your intuition there are many payloads. There is not only abundance available (abundance can be as simple as being happy), there is simplicity and peace when you follow your intuition. You become more available for love and money and all the rest of life.

My inner guru, my intuition, told me that “Abundance is attracted by a naked heart.” It feels true, that following your true joy is a way to abundance, the most direct way. My intuition tells me loads, and often I will share it on Facebook. It is a growing dance, dancing with intuition.

The thing I said earlier, that abundance can be as simple as being happy, comes from the Hicks. The Hicks channel Abraham, a group of celestial beings that answer questions for people about life. Without intuition and “receiving” this knowledge would never be spread.

What is your inner guru, your intuition telling you today about your business? Your intuition is like a channel. When it is cleansed and cleared and practiced with, it will be a divine channel indeed.

Noelani Rodriguez is author of “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days,” and the author of the upcoming book “Intuition for Business.” She is teaching an Intuition for Business class in Portland, found here.

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