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The term “Psychic” gets typed into Google 1,500,000 times a month (!)

While the term Psychic conjures up caricatures of gypsies and Psychic hotline operators like “Cleo” in the United States, in Russia an estimated 80% of the people use Psychics–they even elect them to public office. It’s considered a problem for the Russian government as the people rather listen to tea leaf readers than the government officials.

To me, the church and other elements like capitalism have created some biases against Psychics, however this bias is being lifted. To start over again with constructing the idea of Psychics in this society, perhaps Psychics are just showing us what is possible with our own intuition.

Love Psychic

The term “love psychic” is typed into Google 18,000 times a month globally. That term is the most common term that people type to get to my site, NoelaniRodriguez.Com, a site about being a Professional Psychic.

I love all aspects of using my intuition to help inspire others. The love aspect is richly rewarding. In recent months I have seen the following good news:

* One woman moved in with a partner in eight months as I described
* One woman is getting married to someone after I told her she’d meet someone within a week (!)
* I told someone she would meet someone in four months and she couldn’t believe it. Now she has met someone.

The funny part is, I’ve always felt that doing these readings is something anyone can learn to do, I even sometimes entice the person I am reading for to “feel into” a love situation with me. Alot of times they can!

For example, it is often possible for my clients to “feel” their friend’s or lover’s energy that is not in the room, especially when we are posing a question about them. I once had a client who had a stalking ex-boyfriend. We started to “talk” to him together, and “feel into” his responses to our questions even though he wasn’t in the room. Two days later, he came to her and told her he was sorry for stalking her and wanted to be friends!

Sensing other’s energy is key in relationship readings, and it is something that comes really naturally to me. Sometimes it feels good to know why a person does something, why they leave, why they stay, or what it is they need the most. I love the 6th sense, it is a totally different perspective on understanding.

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