Although my main focus is on doing Readings and being a Publisher lately, I offer a variety of marketing services as a successful Advanced Search Engine Consultant (SEM/SEO). That means I can show you how to double your sales traffic online like this: Success Stories for clients: #1, 2 for “Chiropractor Portland” #2 for “Portland Psychic” #1 for “Volunteer Hawaii” #1 for “Hawaii Retreat” Here are some companies I’ve consulted for:

  • Portland Trailblazers
  • HotJobs.Com
  • Frito Lay
  • Xerox.Com

SEO Tuneup Special I have an SEO Tuneup Special where I make sure the top earning keywords are on your website.  This Tuneup has earned thousands of dollars for my clients. Call 503-967-7018 or book now. This service is available via telecommute or in person, ask for details. In regards to SEO, I recently got to #1 for their most popular phrase “Hawaii Retreat.” I also raised their traffic to their volunteer page 25% in one weekend. Ask me more. I have other success stories. I have done SEO for a million selling production websites for 7 years as well as freelance SEO. I have advanced certification in SEO. Find out more. 503-967-7018. Adwords Expert Setup Special Want your Google Adwords set up by a Professional with a Track Record?

  • My ads have been running on Google Search Engine for over 7 years, with over one million dollars in sales! I also have over 2% conversion rate (ratio of successful sales to visits, considered tops in the e-commerce world).  I have a history of being fun and compelling on the Internet. Ask me more.
  • I’ve been a Google Adwords Professional (Certified) for 5 years and I have been a Google Adwords Manager for 10 years.

Facebook / Social Media Help I have consulted here in Portland on advanced Facebook and Social Media competencies in each including:

  • Master level Facebook Ad Creation with split testing, keywords, demographics, even advanced ads like importing spreadsheets through Open Graph to retarget existing leads.
  • Creating Facebook Pages with Customized Landing Pages, Email Signup and Custom HTML, Paypal Buttons, Advertising for Fans, Contest Creation for Fans.
  • Creating great Facebook conversation for quality and quantity of prospective customers.
  • Linking Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.
  • Adding lots of relevant friends to Twitter and Facebook through 3rd party tools.
  • Forwarding a domain to Facebook Page for enhanced SEO possibilities.

I am also well versed with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Piwik Open Source Analytics
  • Many others, too many to list!

Facebook Ads/Training

This service is available by remote or in person, ask for details. I have done Facebook Training at SW Office Supply-#1 Independent Office Supply in Portland, AdGooRoo, #1 Retreat Center in Hawaii and many other places like Online Marketing Meetup. I train you like the million-selling Marketer that I am so you get a Facebook “Marketing Plan” while I teach. I am presently doing Consulting and Education about general Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Pages, Custom Pages as well as Twitter and Posterous for SEO purposes. Ebook Consultant I am an Ebook Publisher with over $1M in lifetime sales. I do phone consulting for Ebook Authors that are ready to publish their ebook online. I also have an ebook that summarizes my Ebook Consulting called “Write a Best Selling eBook.” You can download this book as it has my detailed and proprietary plan on how to launch and market your ebook business, or you can contact me at the number above. Thanks!

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  1. Coach Keya says:

    Aloha Lani:
    earn a living.
    You have done a few readings for me. I know you know I know. I need help too, to be visible outside of Ventura Santa Barbara. Right now I am building the business of foot, busy like a peddler, talking to people, shaking hands, handing cards, having meaningful conversations and so I go.

    I also realize the power of the internet. Just like you enjoy being a psychic more than an SEO/Marketing service provider, so do I enjoy empowering people to overcome emotional blocks and be prosperous. Help me bridge the gap.

    After I pay rent for home & new office space, I must go dumpster diving for food. It is a fascinating reality. How do I create the shift of having an abundance of clients who avail of my services over the phone & skype? People in my neighborhood have begun appreciating me, but there is still a resistance in availing of my services for a fee. Hence I need to tap into the global population to earn a living.

    What are your fees & schedule?

    • admin says:

      Just saw this, Keya, nice to hear from you. I have an SEO Tune Up Special for $99, text or phone 808-339-4426 to chat and arrange meetup. Life is good when SEO is tuned up! Thank you…

  2. Rick Slater says:

    Hi, I couldn’t get off work to go listen to you, what would you charge help upgrade our SEO? thanks Rick

    • admin says:

      Rick, nice to hear from you. I have an SEO Tune Up Special for $99, text or phone 808-339-4426 to chat and arrange meetup. Life is good when SEO is tuned up! Thank you…

    • admin says:

      Right now I have:
      . SEO Tune Up $99
      . Adwords Set Up $99

      Great deals! My phone is 503-867-8439.

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