Moving to Portland? | Move to Portland

Moving to Portland?

If you’re moving to Portland, Oregon it seems you’re not alone.  Some estimates say there are 50,000 people moving here a week.

Moving to Portland | Portland Moves

Moving to Portland?

Why are so many Moving to Portland?

As a busy Psychic in Portland I talk to people about moves all the time. Here are reasons people say they are moving to Portland:

  • they are coming from San Francisco and say the prices are too high
  • they are also coming from the Midwest
  • they are starting a family and want a gentler place
  • they have a digital tech type of job, with anyone from IBM to Intel

How to Move to Portland

First, be sure you want to deal with an airtight housing market, or shall we say “airbnb.” Rumors are that people are using airbnb alot here to get temporary housing in Portland or just for exotic things like “cannabis tours.” Either way, just expect housing to be pricy or almost non existent. Landlords have to give 90 days notice now because the market is so tight.

What is Portland, Oregon like?

There’s more counter culture than regular culture it seems. There are people walking around in bear costumes, kilts, riding 10 foot high bikes and much more. There’s also the Pearl District for high art and post-modern offices, and NW 23rd and Lake Oswego for the wealth “in-crowd” types.

Besides the fun culture that is “awake” and kind for the most part, there’s also the small size of the city, 1M people, and the short commutes, even 10 minutes in some cases. Don’t expect it to last as there are more traffic jams every week, but the place is still nice. There’s also a biodiesel bus system that’s air conditioned and not jam packed yet.
Ready to let your freak flag fly and move to Portland? Even if you have to live out of your car for a while? It’s still fun. There’s some of the most group activities in the whole country, like “Kaleidoscope Yoga” where people make a mandala together practicing yoga. There’s all sorts of meetups on, more than the rest of the country.

Where in Portland to live?

Where in Portland do you want to live? Just think of it as there are yuppies on the westside, hippies on the eastside of Portland. Simplistic but gets to the point, right?  ;O)

There’s also suburbia, which is otherwise known as Southwest, Beaverton or Hillsboro. Lake Oswego has some elegant shops and some “old money” type of people so the rumors go.

Whatever your flavor, you are sure to have a lot of fun when you move to Portland.

Noelani Rodriguez is a Grateful Psychic that talks to many moving to Portland, Oregon – Phone 503-967-7018 for more info.


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