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  • I’d love you to see some reviews about my fast psychic training:I would like to be a witness as someone who took this psychic training from Lani last month – it is awesome! Excellent information and really fun experiential exercises. Highly Recommended.—Traci

    I endorse Noelani very highly too. She is one of the most psychic people I’ve ever known and it is a very special blessing that she is willing to share her knowledge.


    “I was so glad that I attended this psychic training course. It was a very valuable experience for me. Great group of people and Lani was just wonderful in facilitating the meeting. Thanks for such a great experience!”

    — Jacky

    Yes that was a great night! I learned some very useful tools!


    Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you, Lani! It was wonderful learning with such an amazing group of women.

    — Traci

    There was a lot of love and light generated through the psychic exercises and and the interpersonal connections I made with the other members of my group. I feel the experience was a positive step in my journey.

    — Rod

    Why get Psychic Training? Q & A

    Your intuition is your “inner teacher”.  Psychic Training teaches you to strengthen your intuition so you can :

    • become a professional psychic reader
    • teach how to learn to be psychic
    • go farther on your spiritual path
    • find more happiness and soul direction
    • create more soulful, spiritual relationships.

    Q: What is Intuition?

    The word “intuition” translates to”the teacher within.” You have an inner guru inside you. It doesn’t take long to learn how to start using it — you can even know things about yourself and others that you never would have known before. You will have more instructions on how to live your life well, you will be amazed!

    As a Psychic Reader for the last seven years, I’ve enjoyed living by my intuition; my intuition is leading me to write this page!

    How long does it take to get Psychic Training?

    You can get long term training for 12 weeks at a time or more, or you can get fast psychic development training. I do that latter.

    As a Teacher for the last 25 years, I’m able to take lots of psychic development teachings and make them easy for people. I am probably the only teacher talking about “fast psychic development.” I’ve found ways to teach how to be psychic in days, not years.

    I am passionate about psychic training, and I specialize in helping you find your most powerful intuition — fast!

    You can get fast psychic training 2 ways:

    • get my fast psychic training book here (comes with a free email reading)
    • get personalized psychic training on phone or Skype. I have an introductory offer,  by donation psychic training!

    To book affordable by donation “psychic training” with me, I’ll include the instructions below. The students give great reviews –you’ll see results fast! I also talk with you for free so we can get acquainted and you can ask me questions about your  psychic training.

    I teach:

    • Akashic Records Process
    • How To Give Psychic Readings In 3 Days ( Fast Psychic Training System)
    • Medical Intuition
    • Emotional Clearing Process (Getting to the bottom of things!)
    • Intuition for Business

    and so much more.

    How to start psychic training with me:

    1. paypal $45-85 sliding scale donation for an hour tutoring session, $30-45 for a half hour session.
    2. email Noelani with a couple of times you can talk. Check her schedule here. If you prefer to call now, try 503-967-7018. If you get a voicemail, leave your available times. You’ll get a call back quickly.
    3. get ready to work out your intuition!

    Try a psychic training session right now and get a free gift, the ebook “How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days.” (47 pp – value $27).

4 Responses to Psychic Training

  1. Sheilagh says:

    Hi Noelsni. I rescued two horses. One is my spirit horse and I am asked to write how he called out to find me in an on line Magazine called
    I was keeping up to there board and extra feed myself since having them arrive December 9 th. then a life threatening time for Justin , and $2000 later. The farm let me use my board to pay the vet bills. Gas cost average $50 per day as I do not have stalls included in my board. I could give them that fund if I had it. Really wired as my husband will see I have gas in my car yet not pay outright for my board to included stalling. However I saw this as the universe having me ai 62 move around more. And reduce my weight and eat different plus EXERCISE . I know I have gifts as high functioning Autism. And finding out this is not a disease. I am an artist. And people love my work , yet how can I lift the blocks to havingeople purchase my art. On face book I am starting “friends for the forgotten Horses. ” I here them ask for help. Can I help them from afar too getting those horses to know they can manifest like my horse did. I I have very little funds and only Paypal as the charge cards are over their limit, and in over draft in my accounts. I know I can have a thriving business as an animal Communicator and medical Intuitive for people and Animals. In fact a wellness Center near me has invited me ther. The thing I’s Noelani, how can I market myself and have a thriving intuitive a business? I have ideas to help others be there own Mediacal Intuitive. And also when I graduate from a healing arts school I was very a rate picking vibrational medicines for others. I do not diagnose I steer people back to their primary care giver. Yet have piointed areas of concern because I can see into the body when asked to look for areas of concern and I do see this and I wish to help with psychic surgery I know works, because the body does not know the difference from a so called imaginary operation and a real one. I like very much to take your course on being intuitive so I can teach others to be that too in my area. Plus strengthen and clarify my own intuition. Do you have a suggestion how I can begin this , because I also feel we should value alternative healers . So my question is can I take this at a pace I can afford say once a month , paying you for a class. I can afford up to $50 per-month eventually as I have the vet bills down , they ironically been invited to join a wellness Center for the gifts I can use to help others, ( and myself health ) my intensional for writing is I like to Larsen how to present intuitive development classes and then do a form of that myself— I like to know how I might go about doing this. Well I can use more development and Learn ways how to present that. Do you have suggestions how I may start? Thanks and Blessings Sheilagh Margaret Mercer ( the one with the horse, Justin as mtvFK profile picture. Thanks for taking the time to read this , my horse fundraising group I just got going and realize it is better to sell my are, I feel better too give back something. . My group is calle Friends of the Forgotten Horse. ( and I like to rid the words. ” fund raising” Only do not know how yet,
    Love and Blessingd

  2. tabitha says:

    my name is Tabitha papineau and I now I am different in many ways and no I need guidance I was raised as a Christian my dads a preacher but those beliefs are keeping me stuck so I have been sifting threw and discarding what don’t feel right,but without a teacher its taking way to long and there are way to many”coincidences”so to speak. I see auras and have never lived in not one house or apartment where I knew that theres other energies around and now I am starting to see them with my naked eye instead of one cell camcorder and photos, although I still do those for fun !! I believe my family may be cursed or someone close to me is sending bad my way ive even been told this by a few online shamans and psychics that say I should be very lucky in life and well im not always. I live in Portland Oregon.

  3. I seem to possess some psychic gifts, but because of my “Christian” upbringing, have been afraid of pursuing their use. Have also made some bad choices along the way, and there seems to be negative energy around me. I’d like to understand how to dissolve the negative and bring more light and love to those around me. I’m a very kind, compassionate human being, who wants the very best for others. I would like to learn to use my gifts in a way that could help others.

  4. Connie Schroeder says:

    I am a compassionate, caring human being who genuinely wants what is best for others, and definitely have some psychic gifts. I’ve never learned to use them because of a conservative Christian upbringing that made me afraid of my gifts. Along the way I’ve made some bad choices and there seems to be a negative energy that clings to me. Not sure how to clear it, so I can be more useful.

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