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Spiritual Counselor in Portland, Oregon | Phone Sessions, SkypeAloha, my name is Noelani Rodriguez, I am a Psychic and Spiritual Counselor in Portland, Oregon for many years. Here are some of the reviews people have written about my work:

Psychic in Portland | Best Psychic PortlandHow you flowed with everything you picked up.. Thank you so much.. I am speechless. I really am.. you ROCKED!!!!!

Psychic in Portland | Best Psychic PortlandI was given accurate and validating information.  I will definitely use her again.  Affordable and worth every penny!” –

Psychic in Portland | Best Psychic Portland I was truly amazed at the in depth reading I received! You can tell by Noelani’s accuracy and clarity that she is a very competent and genuine psychic with much insight. Thank you!

Contact info: Noelani Rodriguez, 503-967-7018

What is a Spiritual Counselor? Spiritual Counselor FAQ

I am a Psychic and Spiritual Counselor. I believe these are slightly different things. But first, what is a Spiritual Counselor? There are many definitions including:

  • People that are Psychics, read auras, see life purpose, spiritual and soul direction, love Angels, love Akashic Records  (for Soul Direction), love New Age view of life, multi-dimensional view of life, etc.
  • People that are Therapists that love spirituality. They can love Buddhist Psychology, Hindu Chakra Systems, Meditation and Mindfulness and much more
  • People that are Spiritually Trained such as those that have gone to Seminary school, Divinity School or have been Chaplains in hospitals.

Why I love my method of Spiritual Counseling is because Spirit is the Counselor! I use my training to do Psychic and Intuitive work to bring in spiritual information into the session that is just for you. It is compassionate and sacred. I say a few words asking for a good session before any session. And the info isn’t coming from me! I think of it as Divine Guidance connected to you through Unconditional Love, the Guidance you feel most safe and comfortable with. So I love when “Spirit” is the Counselor, not me.

What’s the Difference, Psychic or Spiritual Counselor?

I believe that these are slightly similar but a bit different. A good Psychic gives an objective opinion, and tells you what they see for your soul choices. They don’t get their personal opinion in the way and they don’t try and make choices for you. There is compassion and uplifting influence and you usually feel seen, heard and more hopeful after a Psychic Reading. Hurray!

Now with a Spiritual Counseling session, it is not too different, you are just usually taking on a goal. So here are some goals people can have:

  • Transforming addiction like love addiction into more personal joy and self honoring
  • Creating a love search for yourself if you are single and feeling shy
  • Transforming trauma and any side effects like fear into more intuition and power, self honoring and playfulness
  • Coming to terms with grief and death of a loved one
  • Starting a new business or rejuvenating your business. Self validation brings courage to take new risks in business.

With being a Spiritual Counselor, I find that having been a Psychic and Intuitive doing sessions for 10 years has helped because I have channeled over 50 classes from Spirit directly including:

  • Spiritual Power
  • How to Feel Like a Queen and Get Your Partner To Treat You Like One
  • Intuition for Business and many others
  • Akashic Records Processes (know your Soul Direction)

As a Spiritual Counselor I work with you with many tools like visualizations and such as:

  • know your Soul Signature for life direction and growth
  • find your Limitless Self with fast meditation techniques
  • read your Akashic Records for Soul Purpose
  • use Soul Communications for difficult relationships for peace and joy
  • how to create sacred space and presence for manifesting miracles
  • how to use your intuition more fully

I let you and Spirit be the guide so you can get the “program” you need for achieving your goal.

Feel like getting started with your new life now? Try a Spiritual Counselor session and get 20 bonus minutes. Your first time session with me is 65 minutes. The cost is only $65.

Book a session by paying here and then calling 503-967-7018. Same day sessions are typical. Feel amazing when you spend some time talking to Spirit, the best Spiritual Counselor!


3 Responses to Spiritual Counselor

  1. Janis says:

    May I ask, how are readings done over the phone and by email? Isn’t it better to be sitting face to face with the person??

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Great question! I believe we talked but maybe we can share a bit of our conversation here, that Psychic Readings are often done on the phone, that’s why you’ve probably heard of “hotlines.”

      Half of my readings are done by email, often for people far away as Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Ireland and more! I’ve done more than 500 email readings.

      If you’re in Portland it sure is fun to meet live, we can meet at a convenient place and “take tea,” usually in the Southeast or Northeast of Portland.

  2. Lauren Hodges says:

    I am very interested in your work as a spiritual counselor. I am in a place in my lif that I could use extra support and intuition. I am trying to decide if I should book a meeting in person or over the phone. What are the differences ?


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